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  1. We’ve had nothing but silence since his dismissal when it comes to Guns apart from his lawsuit against Axl for money that was due to him. Pitman was a big part of Chinese and is all over the record. He contributed a great deal, but when he said, back in 2012 or so, that GN’R didn’t need to release a record, that soured him for me, as he was sat there with his arm around the interviewer. Fast forward 4 years and he’s calling it a cash grab/nostalgia act etc 😂😂😂
  2. Yeah you would have, I’m pretty sure we’re on about the same one, I just threw in my experience as it was slightly different to “did you play on Chinese stuff?” where he’d be allowed to shoot it down where as I was sort of angling for a positive reply.
  3. I tweeted him when he done that Q&A about ever hitting the studio with Axl, he liked the tweet but never replied. I also think he is unaware how far back the Chinese sessions date, so when people ask him if he played on Chinese Democracy material, he assumes they are talking about the album’s 14 tracks and not songs from the same sessions that at least to his knowledge are “new” songs. That’s my thoughts anyway.
  4. Keano was truly one of the greats. He set the standard for his peers and led by example. At the heart of every success United had during his time there and when they dominated English football for the most part. Even up here, some of the younger boys at Celtic used to get a hard time off of the veterans like Lennon, Thompson, Hartson etc during training - Keane went mental at them if they misplaced a pass and the fringe players were loving it. Man of the match display at Ibrox still sits in my mind, him and Lennon in the middle doing the graft. If none of you have seen it, I highly recom
  5. "Take me down... spin around" An infuriating addition that ginger ballix persists with. Another gripe for me is that they haven't split them up into individual songs and tagged accordingly, it would get them more revenue too! 100% on OTGM and My Michelle too. Axl killed it that night.
  6. DJ Ashba’s version of better has not aged well. It’s like a My Chemical Romance parody. May I also add I think the best is the Acoustic mix with the Rock Band stems thrown in for bass, drums etc
  7. That is obscene. I hope one of you guys are successful in getting it! Crazy to think if you pay $4000 more, you'd be able to get a personalized portrait of Paul Tobias signed by Matt Sorum
  8. Guns N’ Roses - Atlas Shrugged
  9. Rattled through it this morning man, really good job. You have an ear for catchy riffs
  10. Thank you! I better go track down an untampered one then!!
  11. Also recently picked up the Locked N' Loaded boxset, so finally having Live Like a Suicide on vinyl is immensely pleasing. I'm not too bothered about not having the original pressing, I've got a few other cool GN'R items that make up for something so small! Also bought the picture discs of Yesterdays and Live and Let Die.
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