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  1. "I am the lineman for the counteeeeeeeeee" It's up to yourselves what category this falls under
  2. Making my way through If You Want Blood, You've Got It. AC/DC - Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be. Bon and the boys in fine fucking form!
  3. I thought it was bad enough with all the Postecoglou compilations with Electric Avenue over the top of it, but that is just on a completely different level 😂😂😂
  4. Just found out Gerry Rafferty’s estate are releasing a new album in September. Two songs have been made available for streaming, this is one of them. Really catchy.
  5. I’m with you on that. ‘86-‘88, 2001, 2006 are probably my favorite vocal periods from the old red head, that said, I’m glad they’re finally beginning to open the vault regardless of personnel that may be in them. Hopefully a sign of things to come!
  6. I really can't believe that has been normal practice for them! That said, it's maybe came from the US as it was The Mats record I ordered which was pressed over there. Who knows?! Hopefully all will be grand!
  7. Amazon are normally great for their packaging, but I had an LP arrive in what I would say was similar to a paper bag with no protection for the LP inside it at all. Surprisingly, there is no dings but will need to find time to play it tomorrow and make sure it's grand in that regard too.
  8. Yeah, several people have mentioned Axl's vocal warmups/warm downs over the years. I think even Axl himself discussed it with Trunk on TMS. The one that sticks out for me was at one of the 2011 shows where one of the fellas that was with CM Punk mentioned that Axl disappeared when they were all gathered at the after party and they could hear him in the shower doing warmdowns.
  9. Some bands have done PPV's throughout this pandemic. I'd still love to see Guns do an all acoustic show that is released to the public/televised. It'll never happen, but it really would have been fucking sweet. Just look at L'ARC and Rose Bar when Axl was killing it? Phenomenal. Probably doing something like that, a one off, in 1995/6 maybe would have helped ease the tensions within the band. Just plugging in and doing their back catalogue in an intimate venue.
  10. I think it was before the press release about Slash visiting his house in October 2005 that Axl and Sorum were together. After Scott Weiland responded, Sorum then jumped to the defensive and I'm sure dished out more insults.
  11. Edge was never a favourite of mine, but I certainly appreciated him more after he was gone and with age, I've realized just what a talent he has been. I'd rather he take the belt off Reigns, seems unlikely though doesn't it?
  12. I just got finished watching it. I really enjoyed the main event, but would like to see Edge get the strap before he calls it a day, but I thought they told a great story and with how that ended, he'll go into a program with Rollins and then Cena with Reigns it would seem. All in a strong PPV. That pop was class.
  13. Had some vouchers from work, so I picked up David Bowie - Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust, Low and Heroes The Replacements - Don't Tell a Soul and pre-ordered the new Manic's album. Orwellian is all over the radio at the minute and is a dastardly ear worm!
  14. Still haven't watched it properly, I'll fire it on at some point this evening most likely. I'm out of the loop and have been for a considerable period of time, but I'm hearing both Punk and Bryan to AEW? I'd love to see Punk back but can't help but think it's unlikely. Nick Gage to AEW is mental. John Cena rumored to be making a return too? I found it weird that they didn't have him eclipse Flair's 16x World Title's, as it seemed that was inevitable, the reality is though Flair did win a lot more than 16. Very odd that they don't count some of them.
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