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  1. It's only assumption on your part though, we don't know what Axl's life could've been like without a stable family environment surrounding him, especially with the bereavement and the ending of relationships with those that were closest to him throughout the 90's. By all accounts, Axl seemed to find it difficult having a load of money throughout the Illusion era and indulged in anything he wanted to. That could have taken it's toll had he not had a network of support around him, which Beta and co. offered. It's frustrating as fuck not having a regular flow of music from a band/artist tha
  2. It all stemmed from Axl getting Baz to record vocals for Sorry and in a tongue and cheek way asked him “when are you going to sing on my record?!” “Where and when” etc etc, if only someone could get him to sing on any record now if it’s that easy!!!
  3. Yeah, he wrote his own part. There was a story about how that came about, but it's been so long I can't remember. I think originally he was meant to just do the Aerosmith cover and then he really dug Stuck Inside and wanted to throw in that wee bit - that's off the top of my head and may not be 100%. Really makes that song stand out though!
  4. Red Hot Chili Peppers - I Could Die For You
  5. Admins plz delete x In all seriousness, the above was always my saving grace when I thought Axl had lost his vocal chops during 2011/14 with some exceptions. If we haven’t heard it, then it’ll be new to us and it ties in with RNR’s post about the KISS reunion album. Songs written throughout the Chinese sessions were from a man with a chip in his shoulder, in the midst of what would be normally described as an artists creative peak and a point to prove to those that left him standing and not some record assembled half arsed for the sake of reuniting. Going by what we got on Chinese and the
  6. I hope you are correct! Who knows though, I did get an import tax invoice from FedEx from some clothes I had shipped over from the States and that did get posted a few weeks after the parcel arrived. Will need to wait and see! I also purely purchased the boxset for the vinyl, but still decent all things considered. The box should've been £300 to begin with.
  7. I bit the bullet on the boxset. Worked out at just over £300 getting it imported over with free postage, however, I've not received a bill for import tax as of yet and that has been over a month.
  8. All rumor. Those in the camp have confirmed things are happening. There is more info now from multiple sources regarding new music than we had previously in the 2011/14 era and despite how difficult the band make it for fans, I’m optimistic. Let’s see what happens.
  9. Tommy Stinson - Bite Your Tongue
  10. In fine voice as always. Really enjoyed this
  11. If a new album dropped tomorrow, I'd expect more of the same from them e.g. radio silence, Slash and Duff will do what they've always done, but I doubt they'd be speaking from an official capacity to give any exclusives to the media. Disappointed to say that but if there was no build up for the start of the NITL, I can see them continuing with that approach. Let's hope I'm wrong!
  12. Dean

    Robert Plant

    I was late to the game with Plant's back catalogue, but I enjoy a lot of his solo stuff, probably more so than Zeppelin just due to the wide range he's covered.
  13. Lusk - Backworlds (just started the Free Mars album, haven't listened to it in about 10 years)
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