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  1. Guns N' Roses - Hardschool Have a great weekend folks!
  2. Andy Gibb - I Just Want To Be Your Everything
  3. Happy new year, my good sir! Yeah, I picked the one up from Discogs last May, I got it for £170 which is over the odds, but it was the last of the promo singles I needed (excluding the multiple Chinese ones, I’ll take a pic when I get OMG framed, though I’ve had that about 7 months and just never gotten round to it 😂😂😂) For anyone thinking that I’m a fucking mentalist, they are kept in a room where I keep my guitars and piano so it fits the vibe.
  4. The Rolling Stones - Fingerprint File
  5. Still making my way through everything from Christmas. Roger Waters 'The Wall Live in Berlin' is on transparent vinyl, beautiful looking record. I think I've got about 8 or so records left, it's been great just finding the time to throw multiple things on during the evenings and is something I'd like to keep up with. Yesterday near the end of the working day, I threw on Original Soundtracks by Passengers (Eno/U2). That record chills me the fuck out and one of the very few gems of my collection. I'll hopefully start cataloguing everything at some point on Discogs, I originally just used t
  6. Supertramp - Give A Little Bit
  7. A very sad state of affairs considering the wealth of material he is sat on and has been for decades.
  8. Buckethead is his gimmick and was part of the mystique of the early Chinese era. You look at Undertaker from WWE, he never broke character for 30 years and whenever a camera was on him, he was always the Dead Man. It's much the same with Bucket, so of course he was going to do his thing in a live setting. Axl was much the same as Bucket in terms of keeping himself to himself, but must have irked Richard that he never went out his way to socialise with them all (expected if the rumours of bullying are to be believed). It's interesting to see Richard's views on that era these past few years, cer
  9. If anyone is in the hunt for this, it's up on Discogs at around £120. The make offer option is highlighted, I think you could get it for £90. Much cheaper than I bought it for.
  10. If everything is postponed again, we can forget about having a new album before Axl turns 60.
  11. It's a great number, no question! It's mad when you find artists that you hold in high regard doing something completely left field, especially when it's years after they were involved in that project. A couple of years ago, I checked out the band Stretch's back catalogue, as I was only really familiar with their song 'Why Did You Do It?'. Great number and is really the best of their average back catalogue, but I'd say it's one of the best tunes to come out of the 70's. They were formed purely by being shafted by Mick Fleetwood, who had hired them to be in Fleetwood Mac and then all of a sudde
  12. Queen - Killer Queen
  13. Had to catch up with the last two episodes. In terms of artists I didn't really get, though was much later into their careers when I discovered them, was the likes of Rod Stewart, Elvis and The Beatles. When I was a nipper, I couldn't listen to anything other than Queen, and the other three artists were prominent in my household often and it wasn't until I hit my teenage years that I began to appreciate them for the amazing talent that they all had/have. Also, Madonna has a few phenomenal tunes. I had Like A Prayer blasting in the car en route to work this morning Her release that was huge in
  14. "A Christmas Card of unadulterated venom..." the vocals for Soul Monster was done on a Christmas eve, I'd hazard a guess of either 2003 or 2004. Fernando mentioned that since the release of Chinese, Axl has continued to write and record music. The only other source I have heard that confirms that to some degree is Sebastian Bach, who mentioned a killer song that Axl and Ashba wrote together.
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