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  1. Is it ridiculous to say I'd be bummed out at only getting 10 songs?! They'd better all be a 10 minute opus! (they can just loop Absurd another three times!) I'll take anything we can get but I'm pleased at whatever will be released will essentially be the follow up that Axl always wanted for Chinese.
  2. I wonder if it increases our chances of hearing The General in that case? I really hope it does. I always assumed songs like that would have been put aside with Slash and Duff back involved, but with Silkworms getting a makeover, anything is possible.
  3. That full album is a masterclass. Stellar vocals from Freddie at such a late stage of his illness. The very best in my eyes. Daft Punk - One More Time
  4. Subjective. I've always thought the Appetite material had a lot more swagger live, regardless of the incarnation of the band and if you're going to dub in crowd noise, why not save yourself the hassle and just use Live Era which are full of overdubs?! Tremendous overdubs, I will grant them that. The best version of Rocket Queen is on that record, so naturally I disagree with your first claim, but as I said, all subjective!
  5. I never understood why they insist on playing the studio versions of the tunes over these types of videos. Axl sounds great on most of the Appetite songs, mix and master the soundboards and use them to give an idea of what you'll encounter, especially if you're going through the effort of dubbing in audience noise. Am I just bitter that we haven't had a live release or a new album yet? Yes. I really did enjoy that last run. It took me on a journey I really wasn't expecting after that first show. More of the same next year, hopefully! Hopefully by then it'll be more than just a couple of singles they've released...
  6. That was a tremendous listen once again. A huge congratulations for reaching that milestone and it was super cool hearing people's stories, from all different walks of life, about the music that means the most to them. Music truly is a powerful thing - it's with us for every step on this journey...even Silkworms in an officially released capacity! I laughed at Better being the only thing she sort of likes off of Chinese - my nephew's old man absolutely detests Guns N' Roses, but that is the one song he gives the band pass marks for, ha! The rest of the discography? He doesn't rate it. It's not really surprising considering his two biggest influences are probably Daft Punk and Patrick Hernandez! I've got to give it to Paddy though, his one hit was an anthem!
  7. Man! What a steal. Ask no questions and all that...that is a bargain, I'll look into it - essentially I just want to buy a six string that will be with me for the long haul, and either a J100, 200 or something similar would be just that!
  8. I've been saving up for a Gibson J200, but tempted to just pick up Finck's signature electric and spend something lower end for an acoustic. I really need to get in and have a play about though, I don't want to jump the gun like I did with my Takamine 12 string, though luckily, that paid off!
  9. How'd you get on with your cleaning kit? What's the verdict on it as it was the same one I had looked at originally. The fiber brush has been great, but I think a cleaning kit like the one you picked up is more likely to get rid of any lingering pops. I came across Terry Reid's Other Side of the River for £30 on Amazon, though it looks like they don't have it in stock. So far, I'm currently waiting on George Michael's Symphonica (potentially released next year), Frank Sinatra's At The Sands, RHCP's By The Way and the Terry Reid record, all from Amazon. Frustrating, but it's all either at face value or far cheaper than what they sell second hand, so I'm happy enough to play the waiting game! I pulled the trigger on an original copy of High Voltage with the first artwork - I never knew it had a different cover originally so picked up that too.
  10. It's odd how it hasn't appeared on the database yet though. Absurd was up in a matter of days of release I'm sure I deleted the post so to not entertain people's handiwork at trying to dupe the fans!
  11. I’ve listened to this a lot since it aired.
  12. I've not really looked into this, but after watching an unboxing, I may pick it up! Currently blasting Original Soundtracks I by Passengers (Eno/U2). I think I paid around £50 for this a few years back, it's went up considerably since.
  13. Over the moon with this slipmat! I’ve no intention of moving away from the rubber mat, this is merely for show, but it didn’t half turn out well! Also, that’s the last album I played. A load of remixes on the work of Foals! Have a great weekend, folks! Up the Celts!!!!!!!!
  14. Episode 5 is out. Verdict so far? It's given great insight on the build up to the classic lineup getting together along with a bit of backstory on the Strip. The Chris Weber episode was the best so far, he comes across really well. If you haven't already, be sure to check this out on Patreon!
  15. Guys! That is fucking amazing. Huge congratulations to you all for reaching this feat and here's to many more! I just got caught up with the last two episodes. I can't thank the three of you for all of the great content both on the podcast and on the YouTube channel. The Infectious Groove Podcast has been instrumental in renewing my somewhat fading interest in picking up records from other artists outside of my normal rotation and I definitely won't be the only one in this boat. Thank you for all the new music you guys have shown us along with providing great interviews with musicians along the way! How cool was it of Bumble to remember to send a little note in? What a fucking champion.
  16. God bless Jimmy Johnstone
  17. Fuck! She hasn't aged a day. Still immensely beautiful and what a voice!
  18. Agreed. The more he played it, the more comfortable he was. It was one of the highlights of the Gdańsk show. An electric night on that evening. Best crowd I’ve been in for a concert.
  19. I'd love nothing more if that turned out to be the case. Cherry picking the best of the Chinese sessions with Slash and Duff on them along with stuff they've come up with recently. That'd be fucking amazing. I'll happily take just one album though
  20. Keane's Strangeland is a record I hold quite highly, but I don't own it on vinyl. It's out of print, both the original and reissue from 2016 and both fetch over £80 according to Discogs. I'm debating whether or not to pull the trigger on it, but I'd be sickened if another reissue happens in a year or two (10th anniversary will be next year) as owning the original isn't really a big thing for me. Still got a rake of records to get through from the last batch I purchased a few weeks back so I have a lot of listening to do over the weekend. Have a good one, folks!
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