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  1. I've been searching for HardSkool on Spotify around midnight ever other night or so for a few weeks and this was the first time it ever brought up GnR for me.
  2. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to come across like that, I was just saying it like "I promise I'm not trolling." I'm a huge fan and it would be mean as fuck to troll something like that. Like "From one fan to another, I promise I'm not fucking with you."
  3. I'm in the Discord right now and one person in Canada isn't seeing it and everyone else is. If anyone here has looked, please confirm I'm not bullshitting. FYI: I have 2.5k posts, I am not someone who trolls.
  4. That's sarcastic and hilarious and all, but this is a result on spotify, it's a little different than "I heard from a friend."
  5. If you search "Hard Skool" "Hard School" or "HardSchool" The number one result is "Shadow of your love" "HardSkool" without the space brings up nothing. This is interesting as fuck, Spotify isn't Google and it doesn't work like Google... It's not showing up in there because people searched for Gun's N Roses Hard Skool. Something else is at work. I found that fascinating. This is a smoking gun imo. I don't know a ton about how this stuff works, but I know that people who DO spoil releases on Steam prior to announcements because they can see shit uploaded in preparation. I'm hoping this is the same sort of thing, some kind of tags or pre-uploaded/pre-release stuff is giving away the game.
  6. I did hear it was going on gamepass on Day 1, if true, that's is pretty sweet.
  7. Did you try it yet? It's FTP until tomorrow on all platforms. I think it's worth waiting for a sale, I'm glad I played it because I know it's not a must have day one release.
  8. Back 4 Blood is the Spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead. It's been pretty hyped for a while, it is free to play the Open Beta until 8/16 (on all platforms to my knowledge) If you were thinking of getting it, I'd highly recommend playing the open beta. It's an OK game, but not worth the $60 starting price. You might need a "club membership" to see this post, but you don't need one to play the beta!
  9. It blew my mind when I saw the thread title. I was like "No way it's been 5 years!" I have no idea where the time went. I fully understand it's been 5 years, but it seems impossible to me!
  10. Where did you classic vocal style go? Not the Micky one, the one that's hard to imitate. How did you lose it?
  11. Based on the bands recent history, it will surely be wild and unpredictable set list, deep cuts and 3-4 never before heard original songs. And lots and lots of rasp, obvs.
  12. Is that actually his singer, or a lucky fan that Bumble let on stage to sing a track? Maybe he won a radio contest.
  13. Not in order as it will always change, but most of these games will at one point or another fall into my top 5. Resident Evil 1 and 2 Asheron's Call There will never be a game experience like this again because there simply can't be. A massive open world MMORPG before the internet was what it is now. You could run in a direction for literally hours and find places and shit that wasn't documented ANYWHERE. It was glorious. Quake II Doom & Doom II Metal Gear NES original Civilization (multiple titles) Diablo 2 Legend of Zelda (Multiple Titles) In just sheer amounts of time played, Asheron's Call is probably #1 followed by Quake 2 and then Doom. Most anticipated game ever was Resident Evil 2. Game I was best at UT2k4 (I played on ladders and we were globally ranked as high as #2 at one point) And Early Madder. I won a lot of money in Highschool on Madden 93
  14. Not sure if anyone is fan enough to care, but Shenmue III is free on Humble Bundle this month for subscribers! I literally thought of this thread from way back in the day when I saw that. WTF is wrong with me?
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