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  1. It blew my mind when I saw the thread title. I was like "No way it's been 5 years!" I have no idea where the time went. I fully understand it's been 5 years, but it seems impossible to me!
  2. Where did you classic vocal style go? Not the Micky one, the one that's hard to imitate. How did you lose it?
  3. Based on the bands recent history, it will surely be wild and unpredictable set list, deep cuts and 3-4 never before heard original songs. And lots and lots of rasp, obvs.
  4. Is that actually his singer, or a lucky fan that Bumble let on stage to sing a track? Maybe he won a radio contest.
  5. Not in order as it will always change, but most of these games will at one point or another fall into my top 5. Resident Evil 1 and 2 Asheron's Call There will never be a game experience like this again because there simply can't be. A massive open world MMORPG before the internet was what it is now. You could run in a direction for literally hours and find places and shit that wasn't documented ANYWHERE. It was glorious. Quake II Doom & Doom II Metal Gear NES original Civilization (multiple titles) Diablo 2 Legend of Zelda (Multiple Titles)
  6. Not sure if anyone is fan enough to care, but Shenmue III is free on Humble Bundle this month for subscribers! I literally thought of this thread from way back in the day when I saw that. WTF is wrong with me?
  7. It's a strange concept to me. You like the music, or you don't. Let go of what exactly? Just decide we don't like the band anymore? Does it work like that for anyone? "Oh, you still like Welcome to the Jungle? Pfft, I decided not to like GnR anymore last fall." Maybe while I'm at it I'll decide I don't sex anymore, because reasons. "You still bang? Pfft, I just decided I like my hand better than a cooter. I 'Let pussy go."
  8. These are original in the sense that I wrote and voiced them. The concept isn't super original, satire commercials spoofing the disingenuous hyperbole of political commercials. These are my 2 favorite. I have some that are "scary announcer voice" a political commercial staple, and a few ridiculous commercials "for kids." If you don't have a sense of humor about politics it will probably irritate you instead of laugh, so I'd skip it. I think they are pretty funny. I've written a few more, I'm just slow with the video part, you can see how much better I got with editing betwee
  9. I don'r have any good pictures, but I am really good at keeping terrariums.
  10. I don't see a thread and that breaks my heart. If the forum isn't taking a knee for FF this year, I'll manage a team, but only if we use yahoo, I hate ESPN.
  11. I've shared it before here, but it's one of my favorite GnR stories to tell: I was driving to class, I was a freshman in college when it came on the radio. This was long before the internet (or at least what it is now) and I had NO IDEA there was anything incoming from GnR. The DJ was like "This is the new song from Guns N Roses..." and I was like "What?!" and I pulled over to the side of the road and say there as I listened to it right there as traffic passed me by! At the time, if I remember correctly, it was unclear what the future of GnR was. I 100% know it wasn't offic
  12. How are those shows viewed in general? I don't remember people talking about them recently, and I'm not into live shows so I don't have a collection of live stuff. I don't think I've even heard anything from that tour. I think when the shows were actually happening, fans were shitting on one of the 2 bands... Like Metallica fans said GnR was doing a shit set and vice versa. I remember how bad I wanted to see Guns/Metallica with Body Count opening! But that ticket didn't last long, it was like the 3rd show with B/C when St. Louis happened and that particular lineup ended. That wou
  13. Instead of a separate thread for "Your thoughts on..." every song, magazine article, show, radio interview, fan art, reference to GnR in popular culture that originally aired after 7PM on a Thursday, marriage, divorce, guitar chord, Paul Tobias shirt, Pittman sound effect, individual members favorite state bird(all 50 states AND Territories) and ANYTHING I'm ignorantly leaving out. It might be easier then making a "Your thought on" every gd thing in the world? Maybe a sub-forum "Think About You?" I could, like these threads, go on for days... Pretty sure we're getting troll
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