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  1. Never too many https://youtu.be/0hh974VZjNs
  2. I was watching the RFD channel (lol) and happened to see this exact performance of John Conley singing a 40 year old song... goddamn those old country singers n pickers (especially guitar pickers) age well...
  3. It’s a damn good feelin to run these roads
  4. Been said many times, many ways... but the Possum said it first, and says it best...
  5. I always loved mtv back in the mid 80s... my parents loved the Nashville Network... sometimes my mullet wearing self would see what they were watching... of course I was raised on Hee Haw long before that... anyway-
  6. Saw it on Facebook so it must be true... today the Possum would’ve been 88... pour one out (as the kids say today)...
  7. Hell yeah man! I make my wife watch the Marty Stuart show a lot of Saturday’s... I love Kenny Vaughn... I could’ve/ would’ve wrote this song, if I had any talent... which I definitely do not...
  8. Fitha_whiskey


    He did it justice, probably every time he did it, for sure 🍻
  9. You don’t have to call me Waylon jennings And you don’t have to call me charley pride and you don’t have to call me Merle haggard anymore
  10. I saw him live once in Topeka KS... loved it. Great show. Bought a t-shirt but I misjudged the size of how much a 50 year old me would rock that fucker... now need an xl, that medium went to goodwill a decade ago... was a fuckin great shirt too... but yeah, he and his band were fuckin awesome...
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