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  1. Busted in Austin, walkin around in a daze
  2. Yeah I really enjoyed that documentary. It was really well done and I learned a lot...
  3. Oh yeah- it was awesome. Weirdest show I’ve ever seen though. The first set, he and his band played his “old time” country stuff. There were a lot of old folks there- little old blue haired ladies- in this basically punk rock bar called the Bottleneck. When that set ended, he said “if you were just here for the country stuff, you probably want to leave now” and the old people all left. Him and the band changed clothes, then came back out and played as Hellbilly- his metal band. It was just a wild wild night. I was really stoned that night and I also remember it was during a snowstorm... good t
  4. I’ve seen Hank 3 live once, in a bar in Lawrence KS... Gotta be close to 20 years ago now.
  5. I saw this on Twitter the other day. The 70s were awesome- you never knew where a crazy guitar solo might appear...
  6. This one gets stuck in my head when I hear it... I haven’t heard it in a while but woot there it is
  7. Old Hank cashed out New Years Day 1953...
  8. When I was a kid in the 70s, this kind of shit just showed up on tv randomly on say, a Tuesday night on CBS... we lived on live music of all genres. Saturday morning was American Bandstand and then Soultrain... the world was better for it.
  9. Never know where the rabbit hole might go...
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