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  1. Me n @Whiskey Rose saw Hank Jr in Topeka the other night. It was awesome
  2. If you look thru all the pages of this thread, I guarantee you can’t go more than 2 pages without me posting a Hank Jr song... I don’t know what that says about him or me, but it seems awesome that he’ll be the first show I’ll see since covid...
  3. Gonna be so awesome to hear a couple notes on Trigger n then hear Willie sing, “Whiskey River take my mind”...
  4. We also have our 2nd show lined up- George Thorogood, ZZ Top, n Wllie Nelson in Bonner Springs KS July 7.... good to be going back to shows!
  5. It’s official- got our tickets in the mail yesterday... the first show me n @Whiskey Rose will see post covid- Bocephus in Topeka KS! Probably won’t drink too much beer that night...
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