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  1. I love Junkyard. Got them as part of 1 cent CDs club in 1988… right around the time Axl was pimping them. They are still active with original singer David Roach kicking ass…
  2. You’ve got to love Willie still putting out an album with high quality songs at 90! Fucking solo on Trigger even… long live Willie
  3. It’s been a few years I’m sure since I posted this one. True words today as ever
  4. it’s been done lots of different ways. They loved this tune back in the day… I think Dolly’s version is my favorite
  5. This guy they put in the video has some funny videos on Facebook. I like the song a lot- and the video kinda fits the bar room scene in the song
  6. He is a touring machine- I don’t think he’s taken much time off the road at all for the last 5 years. He’s worked his ass off and had nothing handed to him, and seems about to break thru to super stardom. Glad you enjoyed the show!
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