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  1. Holy crap. King Diamind, haven't thought about them in years.
  2. Damn, that's impressive. I hope your hearing isn't too damaged.😄
  3. What a coincidence, I just got two texts--one from rocket science and one from brain surgery. They both said that you're right.
  4. Thanks bro, I appreciate everyone taking the time to listen to my stuff.
  5. It's on the Reelz channel, it's called Autopsy: The Last Hours of Randy Savage. It's on again tonight at midnight eastern time. They've done a lot of episodes with a medical examiner, Dr. Michael Hunter, going over a person's life and possible cause of death. It's pretty interesting.
  6. Just saw a documentary on the Macho Man this past weekend, it was really good. It featured his little brother, Leaping Lanny Poffo. He said that Randy always looked out for him and if people remember his name it's because they remember Randy's name first. It was very cool, sorry to sidetrack the thread.
  7. I haven't watched any of it but reading that Axl's parents flew out for the show is interesting, and amusing. I just picture them standing around all of those freaks(meant in a good way) in the crowd kind of freaking out. Wasn't Axl's stepfather a minister or something?
  8. It also goes to show how important it is for musicians to be smart with their money, which most are not. The nature of feast or famine has always been the case with musicians, I know Duff has discussed it a lot.
  9. Being a singer, I love it when Axl sings those low parts like in ISE. It's powerful and effortless for him because it's his natural range.
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