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  1. Part 5 has some hilarious parts. The fat kid who gets an ax to the back while eating a candy bar. Plus the hillbilly mom and son. Classic.
  2. Yup. There was also an actor named Jon-Erik Hexum who was the co-star in a series called Cover Up in the early eighties. He thought it would be fun to play Russian roulette with a prop gun during a lull in filming. It was the last thing he ever did.
  3. Very cool man, love that sustain. Were those kid's voices I heard at one point or was I hearing things?😄
  4. Hadn't seen that in years but it is so fucking hilarious.
  5. Hey man, I liked it. The juxtaposition of your vocals is excellent, the lower register to the high. The lower stuff has that sinister creepy vibe, and I mean that in a good way. Then it really kicks in, you have a good voice. The lyrics are really good too, "Zero and one on your eyelids." Great line. Solid job my man.
  6. That's right, I thought they had sent Doohan's ashes also but wasn't sure.
  7. Yeah, they jettisoned Roddenberry's ashes into space.😄Man, this is so awesome. I've been a trekkie, or trekker, since I was a kid. Very cool that he was able to do this.
  8. Thanks for listening. Yeah, I just did the Bernie Taupin thing on this. Had the title and some lyrics and I emailed them to @SoundOfAGun. We worked together tweaking the lyrics. Then, he took it and totally knocked it out of the park with the music and vocals. I've worked with a lot of musicians but this guy is special. It was an honor working with him.
  9. In the midst of this boredom I invite everyone to check out a collaboration between myself and @SoundOfAGun. Cheers.
  10. When I see Axl at the airport I think of that vid of him on the baggage carousel.
  11. Always really liked Diamond Dave, he really is somewhat of a renaissance man. Not many rock stars have a stint as a paramedic. Wish him the best in this new chapter.
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