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  1. Would love to have been a fly on the wall to see that little exchange. Plus, how does one shut up but still manage to sing?
  2. Hi, @SoundOfAGun and I collaborated on a track and it has gotten really positive response. It was suggested that maybe we ask if it could be moved to the main section for a time. It has a really strong Guns/Velvet Revolver vibe. I'm not sure what the forum policy is on this so we thought we would ask you guys. Thanks.
  3. Just wanted to reiterate, thanks for the support. Maybe we'll ask Downzy to put this in the main section. Won't hurt to ask.
  4. Thank you. @SoundOfAGun and I were discussing promotional possibities for the track earlier today.
  5. Thanks bro. Absolutely, he's a great musician. I'm sure we'll get something going again.
  6. I'll have to check it out, Bruce was a huge influence on me musically.
  7. Loved working on it with you bro, couldn't be happier with what you did with the track.
  8. Funny stuff man and wonderfully disturbing. Heineken is for pussies and big fuckin' truck. 😄 That chainsaw scene looked real.
  9. Absolutely loved it. I can understand why some people didnt but for me it was great. Loved the 1969 L.A. setting and the performances were fantastic. As much as I liked Pitt's performance I thought DiCaprio was even better. Not to mention Margot Robbie, awesome.
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