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  1. "Living your life and not letting covid take your freedoms away" sounds great in a vacuum. But while you're going on your merry way being irresponsible it effects everyone else. Your argument is so old and tired.
  2. There's a pretty little thing waitin' for the king down in the jungleroom.
  3. I was thinking about it being 20 years the other day, pretty unbelievable. I recently watched some of the vid and have to admit it was pretty great. Axl sounded and looked badass.
  4. I was sad to hear this, she was a really good actor who embodied the Mary Ann role. How could you not be in a better mood after watching Gilligan's Island. 😄 I remember seeing her in a pretty obscure movie called The Town That Dreaded Sundown(the original). Iirc, she played a victim who actually survived an attack.
  5. Just caught the very beginning of GH and saw my ol' buddy Max Gail from Barney Miller.😄 I also caught the little montage of the stars and I saw Maura West and Laura Wright. They used to be on ATWT and GL. Very cool.
  6. I checked this author out, she seems to have a "badass" obsession.
  7. Axl the comedian, very cool. Maybe he could open future Guns shows with about a half hour routine.😄
  8. When he said "elder statesman" I automatically thought of Angus Young.
  9. Awesome. Ah, to stay young forever but time waits for no one.
  10. Man, I always thought this also. If everyone could just totally isolate for two weeks, what a huge difference that would make in the fight against the virus.
  11. I feel like I watched a Rocky Balboa training montage after reading this.
  12. Mississippi Queen mothertruckers, that's enough right there. RIP.
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