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  1. A little late to starting this, but I wanted to make a new "Movie Thread", in which we can post what the last movie we watched was along with a rating out of Five Stars. You can write a small review as well if you wish, but the only thing "necessary" is the movie title and your rating for it. Just something different so others might be more inclined to checking out a movie if they see someone's rating and/or review along with it. I'll start off: The Autopsy of Jane Doe - 3.75/5 Stephen King praised this movie and said it rivaled Alien in terms of suspense and horror, and while I wouldn't necessarily praise is that much, I thought it was a very well done, modern horror movie. Mainly focused on suspense and tension rather than jump scares or things of the sort. If you're a horror movie fan, I'd definitely recommend it.
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