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  1. Can we now rename this thread? "That hypothetical album that was talked about, but never really went anywhere"
  2. Would be cool if Axl posted a pic of Slash in his studio while recording the next gnr record we will never hear, as a birthday greeting.
  3. Yeap, so expect the same old setlist on the shows. ISE to The Seeker to PC. It's gonna be a live music is back tour.
  4. I wouldn't pressure Nando into making another excuse. Cut him some slack... The guy just released the much anticipated GN'R Bongs for fuck's sake.
  5. But don't hold your breath on it. Slash has already began working on the new SMKC record and will probably release it as early as this year. I don't think Slash will release anything that will coincide with Axl's plans. Take that as an indication on Axl's plans on ever releasing anything new.
  6. Indeed it is! I got a diverse taste in music, so it's a win-win for me. Lol Axl is probably fuming Dave did it first. Mickey would suit Barry Gibb's falsetto.
  7. Foo Fighters, I mean the Dee Gees just released a record. It's gonna be another NITL type tour coming for GNR lol
  8. Regardless of the other vocal mishaps, this is the 2nd best nitl selects for me. 1st being the Houston/Mexico one.
  9. New album should just be called suck my dick. And then fill it up with just covers, 3 versions of the seeker(live/studio/acoustic) I got you (I feel good) Black hole sun (for Chris version, 4 years and still mourning) Wichita Lineman KOHD (GIMME SOME REGGAE EDITION) Slither (because why the fuck not) Japan deluxe edition bonus track: Hit me baby one more time (britney spears cover) Wish You were here (live in houston 2016 because Axl's vocals were killer here) 10 tracks. I don't know about y'all but I'll buy this shit and use the CD
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