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  1. So this was the top secret thing Meegan was talking about and shot video of slash for it a few months ago.
  2. "New Smkc album slated for 2021," I think you've misspelled Axl Rose on the title
  3. Dummy sounds a bit conceptualized like Better, slow tempo to a hard hitting in your face guitar riff. I wonder if Slash touched that song on his sessions with Axl.
  4. I just wanna say fuck todd kerns. Don't know why but it feels right saying it. Also fuck axl.
  5. sometime in the next 3 months maybe oh wait that's already next year
  6. we're here to rant with you once it has sunk in that we ain't getting any surprise anytime soon
  7. probably why it hasn't been on youtube yet hahaha
  8. It was great live and on the bootlegs. The problem here is the mix. Plus I think the vocal effects are trying to cover up axl's vocal flaws, but they didn't get it right lol
  9. I try to be positive on this band, but the word positive has been the most negative word for this year he probably meant a photo album of the tour
  10. with everything going on in the world? how could you suggest such thing! -nando
  11. poster on reddit: MustardTigerPOW For sure. But this was 3.5 years ago, when hopes of some sort of creativity were still high. Neither I, nor anyone else I went to the 2017 show with, bought tickets for this year's shows. I would love nothing more than to be proved wrong. Seriously. I grew up with this band, Appetite was the first CD I bought. I was in the queue on UYI release day. I'm one of the few that loved Chinese Democracy. Hell, I even quite liked 'Rock the Rock'. It just sucks that all we have got since 2008 is merchandise. flebeis Don’t give up just yet.
  12. "original music" seems like he wrote original stuff for GN'R. Only for Axl to keep it in the vault... probably
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