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  1. Damn straight. Even if they decided to do an online show at this point, without new music or any indication of it. I wouldn't care much anymore. Maybe I'll look at clips or bootlegs a few weeks after, but that's about it. If only Axl has Slash's thirst to always be in a studio.
  2. Maybe that's the new gn'r album cover and it's a double disc. JK, it's probably another useless shit
  3. The asshole is just asking for attention. Leaking music takes away any mystique from an album IF they released any.
  4. I can never see Slash in an album called "Legend of the red panda" or any rock band for that matter.
  5. As long as Axl has Slash it ain't over. They'll probably get Izzy the split of the loot.
  6. Same mindset buddy. Gotta keep the optimism alive. I think Duff and Slash's solo ventures keep them sane from Axl's procrastination creative wise.
  7. I don't think Slash would want an out in GN'R ever again. He needs that post divorce money. Hate to say it, but him and Duff may have become yes men to Axl. Pretty sure they talk shit behind him but it's a yes on everything he says.
  8. Probably that. But I think even Slash and Duff can't stand him. Maybe Duff can. But I haven't seen Slash invite Matt in his solo records after the first Snakepit. Matt has a bossy attitude and that would be a major problem with Axl.
  9. How about a Natgeo Wild show with Axl Rose and Slash. A tame version of the Wild Boyz type of show
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