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  1. got curious today and went to youtube to check for reactions on the song, I unconsciously typed "Hard Skool Reaktion" wtf has this band done
  2. Probably bootlegs of Hard Skool lol The excitement remains at a minimun. I've changed my stance and at this point I'm fine thinking that they may never release an LP. At least I have seen and listened to how Slash and Duff sounded on a GN'R song in 2021, even though Axl's vocals are old. Them working on a song and actually releasing it is probably enough for me. If a new record arrives good. If not then okay. My excitement for a new record is now focused on the chili peppers with JF.
  3. Why would you raise that bar of expectation so high knowing how he sounds at this age? I'm just happy he can still rasp when needed and hit notes, maybe a few miss on some tracks but it is what it is. That Paradise City from the 10-03 that you guys have been shitting on has been the raspiest version in a long while. I don't know how high your standards are for that song, but to me it could be up there with other 2016 performances.
  4. It's simple you and that other guy are full on pessimistic. Some of us on the other hand are finally seeing Axl give a fuck and actually try to sing these songs. Was Hard Skool perfect for us? Fuck no, far from it. Were we happy with how he sang it? Yes. He didn't go to a full mickey route on it. Maybe if he could he would rasp the whole shit. But he's fucking 4 months away from 60. And I applaud him for singing the way he does now. So you can't live with how he sings lately. Here are the options to work on that: 1. Whine and bitch in here. No problem, everyone's entitled to their opions and beliefs. There's even those guys who believe in bigfoot. 2. Let's just tell him to retire for your pleasure. Tell him he couldn't sing like '91 anymore! That'll teach the motherfucker! 3. Just not watch any of these shows anymore. 4. If you wanna hear his old voice so bad, play the old records. 5. Cry to your sleep 'cause he can't even sound like '99 vocals anymore. 6. Keep torturing yourself and watch even more of 10-02 and 10-03 shows and then refer to no. 1.
  5. You had me at the mother f'n toy skool bus
  6. I would totally be pessimistic about the future, but this tour really changed things for me. I really hope for an LP that has actual new songs in it. I won't mind it being a half CD leftovers and half NITL line-up written songs. This tour though, made me think they're actually listening to fans. The minor changing of song orders for each shows. 2 new singles. Axl showing real effort even when he's sick. I guess Fernando has fully turned face now. Heels here might disagree with that lol Also You're Crazy from this leg has been a fucking highlight.
  7. Wichita, Seeker, You're Crazy, Absurd, ohh and on Paradise City he was a full rasping motherfucker. Other songs barely Mickey. He was rasping here and there. But why do you care, don't you feel bad for those who watched?
  8. ooooh the best thing about RQ is after the 2nd chorus, you can take a piss break and then comeback and not miss Axl's vocals on it. Love the rasp on it lately.
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