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  1. IMO I think he plays good on CD and Better. If he sat down and decided to write new solos for TIL and TWAT like he did on Better, I think he can make those songs his own. Though I really love Robin's solo on TIL and Robin/Bucket's on TWAT.
  2. I wish they included Better from Houston where he nailed the bridge. But we got Coma and OTGM from Houston, so that'll last me a while. Will still need a new record.
  3. Once I read the title I was just... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA This motherfucking band won't do shit if their lives depended on it.
  4. A-fucking-men Axl:... Duff:... Dizzy:... Richard:... Frank:... Melissa:... Absolutely nobody:... Slash: All things considered
  5. I'd probably be stoke to hear a new SMKC record after I've got a new GN'R album in and out of my system.
  6. He probably has 4 albums worth of vocals. We all know how lazy he is, but I don't think he is that lazy to not ever record vocals to songs he wrote. Heck they could make a GN'R anthology if ever he passes. TB need to make money and I'm sure Slash and Duff would wanna join in chasing that pot of gold.
  7. My guess is they probably got finished songs. They won't release a record and keep touring. They will get old touring and touring. While a few SMKC and Duff Mckagan solo records get out with small tours in between big GN'R tours. One of them will die and then and only then Axl will think it'll be a good idea to release a record if he doesn't go first. IF Axl goes first I think TB will work with Slash and Duff to release a posthumous record featuring Axl. That's the biggest possibility at this point. Hate to say it but they'll probably prove me right.
  8. Or maybe gnr needed an extra hand for a song and Axl asked Slash to get help from his guys. Maybe Todd will do some backing vocals on a song or something. Fuck. Fuck Axl for not giving us a new record.
  9. Yeah had he not done it, It would've been bone chilling if we heard Hard School for the very first time played by the current line-up live and/or studio version. But no... We got the leaks which are performed half-assed, but hey we got to screw them(fernando and the rest of tb) for it so... wooooo I guess
  10. I wanna be optimistic so 1-Nightrain 2-Brownstone 3-CD 4-WTTJ 5-Hard School 6-DTJ-extended solo leading to 7-Civil War 8-New Song 9-New Song 10-You can't put your arms/attitude(duff) 11-Patience (Electric version) 12-New Song 13-Slash solo 14-SCOM 15-NR 16-NEW FUCKING SONG 17-KOHD(6MINUTE VERSION) /LALD *ALTERNATING PER NIGHT 18-Madagascar 19-SOYL... Good night! Encore 20-Don't Cry 21-New Song 22-PC Axl can do better every night if it's a short f'n set.
  11. Didn't expect the positivity of everyone about this. But I still need a new f'n record.
  12. I wonder how Axl looked at Tommy's bullying on other guys.
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