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  1. And @Pele would be shocked to not see '99 KOHD in it.
  2. I guess you'll have to attend tonight's show and see it happen with your own eyes. If not, at least you get a week stay and listen to KOHD!
  3. Now this is funny. https://twitter.com/AyewisLife/status/1438475413961990148?s=19
  4. I'm starting to think that Rock the rock was recorded in '99 now.
  5. Yep a forum it is and it has Debbie Downers. And who said anything about haters though? I just called it like it is, it's a Hard skool thread, everyone was going excited and optimistic for once. In comes these conflicters(reporting of slash's single) and the oh I'm don't wanna see them play it. Textbook Debbie Downer. Didn't say "fuck you I don't agree with you", just literally called it like it is. So take a chill pill.
  6. Had to play Absurd repeatedly to clean my head from all this escalation
  7. Say what now? What's next? Fettuccine incident?
  8. We'll probably get a 3 for $100 worth of crappy motion graphics with a caption like "UYI 30 F'N YEARS"
  9. Oh ffs, if I hear another "all things considered" about a gnr record while another smkc record is promoted, I'll... well I won't do anything. I'll be ticked off I guess. Fucking myles kennedy. Used to love him in back from cali, starlight and even anastasia. Now I just wanna kick him in the nuts.
  10. Rock the rock era vocals for the verses, 99 vocals for the chorus. That's how it should sound.
  11. Also that he's not an insider. I repeat not an insider. Apple cider maybe.
  12. Wow even vocals on LALD sounds evil. Now is a good time to sing HS Axl!
  13. Would be cool if the VMAs simulcasted to the show with a debut performance of Hardskool, like they used to do with award shows back in the day. HAHAHAHA what the fuck am I thinking, of course that shit ain't happening
  14. Start flirting with Absurd, maybe HS will get jealous and finally do you in the ass
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