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  1. One weird thing about that setlist is the date in the footer is over a month prior to Vive Latino; the band could have been preparing to play the songs but ended up getting cold feet, or it was simply a troll.
  2. I've heard crazier, like hearing Paul Tobias is one of the band's greatest songwriters when he was being carried by Axl the whole way.
  3. If you're a fan of the Village leaks and need more, just start listening to more Buckethead albums. as for GNR, we'll see what they bring to the table when the band emerges again. or calls a hiatus. I'll always be a fan, and knowing they have music in the tank (obviously all Axl's, with the new SMKC album announcement) gives me some hope it'll one day all see the light.
  4. One could hope the band's taking all this downtime to make the Illusions box for 2021 the best it can be, learning from Locked N' Loaded's mistakes and curating a collection of outtakes, demos and remixes that can make every fan satisfied, supporting it with a tour of deep cuts and unreleased material.
  5. All Pikes on sale for $2 each in the download store Chicken Bin albums on sale for $3 each Entire Pikes digital discography available for $190 Sale ends November 1st https://music.bucketheadpikes.com/ Albums newly included in this sale are Pikes #281-283 New live acoustic singles https://music.bucketheadpikes.com/track/simple-treasures https://music.bucketheadpikes.com/track/maybe-its-in-the-marble-2 https://music.bucketheadpikes.com/track/beyond-the-visable New track featuring Barry Michels available for download: https://music.bucketheadpikes.com/track/you-darkn
  6. If you're a fan of Population Override, you should give the Thanatopsis & Dragons of Eden albums a try; they're all projects that Buckethead worked on with Travis Dickerson, and have a similar style to each other. For Pikes that have the chill of PO, I always go to albums like Infinity of the Spheres & Cycle.
  7. Bucket's posted a few new song previews for listening to, at least one is a part of his Tarot project: https://music.bucketheadpikes.com/track/preview-3 https://music.bucketheadpikes.com/track/idea https://music.bucketheadpikes.com/track/preview-2 Quite a few fun new videos clips also.
  8. Simply can't rest until we get all the Chinese sessions; knowing there's so much material still buried in the vault from the 2001-2003 years is killing me, since all we got is a little snapshot. I've mentioned it in the past, but the people who curate Bob Dylan's Bootleg Series should get involved in whatever's sitting in the vault to distribute it. If it's something stupid like Team Brazil not wanting to give royalties to past band members, they need to stop being petty.
  9. If Axl and the people surrounding him were more transparent and honest about the state of the band and what's happening with it, there would be much less negativity surrounding Axl Rose & Team Brazil.
  10. I'd love to see a Steam/digital release of this game, like the KISS Pinball game
  11. The livestream linked earlier showed off a couple times where a Slash solo was activated; it's basically Slash noodling an unspecific solo without any other instruments involved for an unknown amount of time.
  12. It's another round of "we have 100 songs in the vault" It wouldn't shock me at all if there was at least one or two album's worth of material recorded by the NITL line-up, and the only thing missing is Axl.
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