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  1. The only way I can see this realistically happening is if the NITL lineup collapses, and we're back to square one with an unknown GNR band. A weird thing to wish for, but it might be the only way songs like The General could get an official release anytime soon.
  2. Striking while the iron's hot, if I had to take a guess. The leak might have inspired the band to revisit the track. If the song wasn't soundchecked, I'd immediately say it was just the band trolling the community by adding it to the alt setlist. Regarding the name going back to Hard School Skool over Jackie Chan, you'll need to ask Axl that.
  3. The phrasing came back when Axl tried progressing the band past the 80's and become something "modern" for the times, which Chinese could have been if it was released in 2000. Continuing to be stuck in the cycle of playing the hits is what drove artists like Bucket out of the band, and had us end up with NITL, with a line-up that's cool with not progressing anywhere besides making some money over the past five years.
  4. My hope for new songs has definitely dwindled; Axl isn't getting any younger, and it seems like the ship's sailing on anything happening with the NITL crew. I'll always be a Guns N' Roses fan, but the most I have to look forward to now is whenever the rest of the Chinese sessions happen to leak. The Bucket era stuff anyway, couldn't care less about anything Ashba contributed to.
  5. Regarding the earlier discussion on songs that the band has to play, I don't feel like that's ever the case with a band unless their only choice is playing to nostalgia without any new content to support them. I think of artists like David Bowie who after releasing a new album would dedicate the entire setlist to promoting the album and the "era" surrounding it, leaving the old material behind to the disappointment of some fans. A good example of him doing that was when Heathen was released, and he basically played the album cover to cover. When Axl said he wanted to "bury Appetite" wit
  6. Some great GNR-related lore involved in the latest NatterNet flashback video.
  7. You really judged a man's entire career based around you not liking how he performed the intro of a song?
  8. What is this even supposed to mean? Does Axl spend his days drawing skulls on napkins?
  9. The Thanatopsis album Requiem is now also available as a "name your price" download: https://tdrsmusic.bandcamp.com/album/requiem
  10. Was this on their Joshua Tree tour? I've really regretted not going to see it, always heard that the fan streams don't do the shows nearly enough justice for how awesome their presentation was. Their sets have the same amount of "predictability" that GNR sets have, but the band sounds as strong as ever. Hoping they spent 2020 working hard on their next album (Songs of Ascent?)
  11. Weird for Ashba to be posting GNR-related pictures again. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ1qvheDsnt/
  12. "Final Reparation" was missing from the Bandcamp download for a long while and was recently added back into the album.
  13. He had a specific "band" originally when he started releasing solo albums, but later became a solo act with various other musicians till he reached performing with GNR; I don't follow his career or know him personally, but he seems like he hasn't had any troubles working with others besides his time in Guns. With Bucket it's an entirely different beast; he already had international touring under his belt with Praxis pre-GNR, and had several great band tours as a solo artist with Dan Monti and Brain (or Pinchface), and performing with larger bands like C2B3 and Deli Creeps. I don't think
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