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  1. Axl didn't skip lines during Better. We gonna have a good show tonight.
  2. Both albums are phenomenal. I just want to see which album people from the forum prefer more.
  3. Tonight we will instead of Hard Skool get some song from UYI that they havent played this year, for example So Fine, Locomotive, Coma or maybe PTU. Or Axl will just say that tomorrow is the 30th anniversary of the UYI albums, we will play a special extended version of KOHD for you.
  4. I hope this will not be a disaster in Rio again, I hope it will look more like the one from 1991 with many new songs from the new album.
  5. But in 2017, GNR had regular concerts with over 30 songs with 5 or 6 songs in encore. We have an audio recording of the last concert from 2017 in the Forum, Axl was obviously tired after a lot of concerts, but again he had a show with 37 songs, the longest GNR concert ever (over 4 hours) and again sounded good to me. I don’t believe the 2021 Axl could do that.
  6. Band is better than 2016, but Axl from 2016 is much better. Axl from the present can maybe be compared with Axl from 2017, but i think Axl from 2017 is still better.
  7. It would be great if they post live performance of Absurd next after they posted Paradise City with Dave Grohl. Also the next selects could be from this tour, for example Atlantic City Night 2 - You`re Crazy, Estranged, Wichita Lineman, Patience, Madagascar, Dont Cry, The Seeker.
  8. Check out the setlist of the last 2 shows in Las Vegas 2019. They changed the first two songs in the encore: 1st night - Dont Cry, Black Hole Sun, The Seeker, PC. 2nd night - Patience, Madagascar, The Seeker, PC. Now they will play 1st night without, for example, Wichita Lineman, Dont Cry, Madagascar, and then they will return these songs to the setlist for the 2nd night.
  9. Yes, thanks. https://www.instagram.com/p/BGQKS0BOCet/?utm_source=ig_embed&ig_rid=ac6e6255-3fea-448e-b17e-96ecc38b6946
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