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    Supporting Guns since late 80's. 

    Also, W. A. R. was the strong support I never had growing up.

    Between his and another artist's mindset I grew up just fine. 

    W. A. R. has definitely taught me Knowledge, Expression of Art, Survival, Law and Order. Also I love him very much.

    Thanx Axl. 

    Axl Is the key to my drive.

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  1. Well ... I hope people are happy ...some very valuable member has decided to leave us . For those of you acting like straight up cunts, I hope it all blows up in your face.
  2. I'll go with this. And I won't spare you hell @Dan1992 if it doesn't happen. (I am joking. )
  3. I have seen The Expendables. It is brilliant @dontdamnmeuyi2015 Such a zingy ,well written script which i always look for. Yes he is one of the greats in acting. Re- Barbie the Movie -Barbie was a hilarious watch. It is recommended. A Whimsical , Dazzling & Empowering Adventure . Plus ,very cool that Slash was involved in 'Ken's' song. I hope to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem in August. you guys I'm really excited about that.
  4. Ebay for originals definitely. Amazon for reprints i guess.
  5. Thank you to all who provided the links so far. 101 of us currently online
  6. Thinking the same thing. So , any updates guys?
  7. For those who are going , have a good time
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