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  1. If they slow some of the songs down then it'll have more groove and not just be a rushed affair (which makes Slash's playing more sloppy). I think that's one reason that a lot of his solos end up just being noodling.
  2. If they're going to release a UYI box then they need to hurry up and announce it, unless they're just going to be a year late.
  3. I think it's one of these situations. Either there's nothing or it's all done already.
  4. I think he's just trying to sell off a bunch of gear that he doesn't use anymore.
  5. Who? If they're still at the "hoping to complete" stage right now then nothing really has happened, and they better hurry before they're back on the road again.
  6. That's right, they've only done preproduction so far. Not sure when they'll start recording. 100% agree.
  7. Yes it is. We would probably have 2 or 3 new SMKC albums by now (after WOF). 100%
  8. Me too, really wish he was playing instead. This right here. Nightrain is such a ripoff.
  9. He plays venues much bigger than that. I agree with all of this. So much has changed (for the worse) in a short period of time.
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