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  1. Sounds like another AC/DC ripoff, just like the previous songs they released last year. Also the lyrics and singing are terrible. True, unfortunately
  2. I'm excited for it just to have something to do and to see Slash play.
  3. Wife I don't know who that is, but it sounds reasonable. We know Slash is already moving forward with the next SMKC record so he definitely wants to return to that soon, so the tour crammed into one year could be the dates they have this year. The UYI based tour could be happening although I feel like they would've made that obvious in the promotion, unless they're just adding some more UYI songs in the set and that's it. However the first point kind of doesn't line up with the prediction about the album in the last quarter of 2021, because the tour will be mostly over by then.
  4. That's true, you won't really find any bands now that are better than GnR and other bands like that. There's some that are close though, by today's standards. I saw Dirty Honey with Joyous Wolf opening last week and I was amazed at the number of younger people there, from high school age and up. I think there were maybe 70% or so younger people in the crowd. So I definitely think that kind of rock is starting to become more accepted among that age group, which it wasn't when I was in college. I wish I had known kids like them back then, because they're all into Slash SMKC GnR Dirty Honey
  5. That's a much more reasonable price. They've done some social media and billboards right? An interview or something would help too.
  6. I think some rants could be fun, as long as it doesn't involve him leaving the show. Would give everyone something to talk about.
  7. If they brought back AGD, PTU, TAY, and Hardschool (plus keep SOYL, DH, Locomotive, Crazy) I would be happy with that. And switch up the order a little bit in the middle so it's not so predictable.
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