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  1. Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers, those 2 are the top two southern rock bands. It's like rock but with some country (not like modern country though).
  2. Yeah we've had the same here. After tomorrow we'll have Biden though so hopefully things will change soon.
  3. I wonder if he did that on purpose because he knew he wouldn't be able to come. That's super amateur either way, they should've opened it to whatever date he was available.
  4. Nah I don't want to hear his voice on VR stuff. Doesn't really fit and he doesn't really fit their vibe anyway.
  5. Well there's going to be a new SMKC album in the near future, maybe later this year.
  6. I really hope that if they do a UYI box set that they don't mess it up (and that that actually get it out on time).
  7. Sure why not? I'm sure they would be able to patch things up pretty easily.
  8. Yeah he sucks horrifically now. Unfortunately. And maybe they let him go because they knew he was speaking the truth.
  9. You mean for the sake of the $$$. More like they put up with him because they couldn't get Matt back. Pretty much. And what does Axl know about quality anyway when he's content to go out sounding awful every night. As far as Matt's book goes, yeah he might come off as bitter or whatever all throughout it but I don't think he's lying about the HOF and the reunion stuff. Why would he? And I'm sure that Slash and Duff would take him back to replace Frank if they could.
  10. I don't think Slash and Duff would have a problem doing VR again with Matt but now that GnR is going and Slash has SMKC as well, why would they? It was fun while it lasted but they've moved on.
  11. Ok cool, thanks. I guess we'll just have to wait for them to find a new singer. The good thing is they have a higher profile now because of the 2 songs that they released with Noah, so that should make it easier to find someone good.
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