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  1. Slash played the solo on that song.
  2. I agree. I just thought that what Duff said was interesting about how he's always writing and working on ideas because he's a musician. Slash is the same way but at least those 2 know how to put something together and release it. In any case I'm waiting for the next SMKC record; hopefully next year.
  3. That would be the best way to do it. Start with Download and then anytime they want to upload a new video just upload a new show instead of a Selects video.
  4. So Duff and Susan did a video for Ozzy's Boneyard SiriusXM channel on Instagram and she was giving a tour of his studio. He had a whiteboard with some demo ideas and people were asking about it in the comments so he said "I'm always recording demos and stuff. Don't make anything out of anything, I'm a musician, it's what I do." Edit- here's the video.
  5. I hope he actually did a good interview and asked proper questions about the guitars and stuff. Not just basic stuff that everyone already knows.
  6. Looks like these items are only available for 10 days. I wonder if they will be offered to the general public after that.
  7. That's ridiculous that it's fan club only. Hopefully they'll open it up to everyone when it doesn't sell quickly.
  8. Probably because he doesn't care about those songs.
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