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  1. I agree, at the very least they could've pulled out some different UYI tracks and made mention of the anniversary.
  2. That's what I'm guessing, maybe they just wanted to get the show done and over with.
  3. They could've made the AFD anniversary show a very memorable event, esp with SiriusXM streaming it. Pay Izzy and Steven whatever they want and have them come and do AFD songs in the middle of the set. Huge missed opportunity.
  4. I agree, looks like it's not happening though. What happened? Yeah same, at least the band will sound good on it.
  5. Me too. Hopefully that will be a reality for me next year.
  6. Often when Slash posts clips on TikTok it's not so quickly, like maybe a day or two after (like some of the show clips that Meegan took). So him putting the HS one up right after soundcheck could mean something. Where do you all think HS would go in the set if they play it tonight?
  7. That would be cool too, although I don't think it's going to happen.
  8. Yeah it would've been better if they did something referring to the anniversary. Apart from HS this would be the perfect show to pull out some other UYI tunes but it probably won't happen based on what they did for the AFD anniversary show.
  9. So whenever this song comes out, will the forum be limited to club members only? Hope it won't be down entirely. @downzy
  10. Tbh I'm not sure that Steven was seriously considered for anything more than a few guest appearances. As far as Slash/Duff saying Matt or nothing, at the time they thought it would just be Coachella and a couple other dates (Troubadour and Vegas) so I guess they figured they could put up with Frank for that, but then a whole tour got booked and by then Frank was in and the contracts had been signed so they were stuck with him. That's my take on it anyway based on what we know. Also we know that they had started rehearsing with Frank earlier on (when they were supposedly waiting for Izzy etc) but it seems that it wasn't decided for certain until closer to the Troubadour show, so I think they were still finalizing the contracts then.
  11. They did that Dio birthday fundraiser livestream this year and Frank and Gilby did a song and he sounded really good on it, so it's not like he can't play. When I saw them a couple weeks ago he wasn't that bad, like it wasn't as offensive as before.
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