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  1. Optimistic using the MCG again (100,000 capacity). Fair to say I won't be buying tickets until much further into next year.
  2. Because at this point, it's an abusive relationship. We keep hoping that the band has changed and things to be different, only for the band and management to continue to figuratively stumble drunk through the door once again to repeat the cycle of disappointment. All the while we see our friends such as Metallica and AC/DC fans continue to have a fairytale relationship.
  3. Seriously mate, I get that you're excited and I too want the Houston show to be released, but this multi-step campaign featuring announcements of upcoming announcements is ridiculous.
  4. I'm so happy we got Coma from Houston. I've been shattered ever since those excellent crowd videos got taken down due to a certain fuckwit. Houston really needs a full release. Hands down the best show since the reunion.
  5. I really liked Prayers for the Dammed (the song) and don't mind a few of their other songs but overall they don't do much for me. Would go and see them if they were in town and for the right price but that's about it.
  6. This, except Matt saw himself as Lars while in the respective band followed by Dave Mustain when in reality he's Newstead.
  7. At this stage, the concept of an AFD 5 reunion tour I could only see happening as a Vegas residency down the track. The general public appetite (pardon the pun) for an AFD reunion just isn't there, as GNR to most is the partnership of Axl and Slash. As an aside and somewhat hilariously, I'm guessing the reason the book was delayed was because the publishers were hoping a new GNR music release would be announced that they could coincide the book launch with.
  8. This leak just further cements that Slash is the star of this band.
  9. Actually, I'm pretty sure it was the Troubadour show. Hence we got the pro-shot of SCOM, followed by nothing (except for the production company airing their grievances). Additionally, the two LA shows at Dodgers Stadium were to be the shows used for a potential Live DVD (including filming notices around the stadium). But as your signature says @StayofExecution2020, fuck Team Brazil.
  10. This band can get fucked. I've been quiet about my discontent until now.
  11. On the positive, we may get new music before we get a result in Iowa.
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