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  1. Musically SMKC (considering GNR/VR material). Frank Sidoris, Brent Fitz and Todd Kerns make together a better rhythm section than Duff, Frank and Richard. AFD stuff is note to note perfect compared to the album. Plus you must know that Slash is having much more fun with SMKC.
  2. It was my first thought. Dunno if its even possible as it certainly was recorded and released under different label etc.
  3. I was hoping for Mike Clink as I love the mix on Stuntman, but this band indeed needs a fresh look on their material, Elvis is way to predictable, even though I like his work on Alter Bridge.
  4. You know what? I wouldn't rule out Myles appearance during a GNR show at some point, same as I wouldn't rule out Brent filling in for Frank if there's a need for that (COVID or whatever). I've been thinking about 'Fall to Pieces', I'd really want GNR to play it, but Axl wouldn't do the justice to that song, it's way too demanding vocally. After all what happened I'm sure Axl is now familiar with SMKC albums and I'm pretty sure he digs 'Anastasia' (I don't like it but majority of Slash's fans can't be wrong, it's the closest one to his old writing). And Myles is well known and recognizable in the business, calling him 'a guy from Slash's band' is a big understatement. Playing with Slash, Tremonti and almost (it was this close!) with Page can't be a mistake aswell. As an Slash fanpage admin I'm really glad to say that after those 4-5 years the entire beef between NuGNR and Slash Solo fans is gone. I'm sure the crowd would welcome Myles with a big shout and ovations. My favorite FTP performance after Scott era. Look at Dave Kushner, Duff and Matt smiling, it's fantastic, I bet they talked later how it would go with him in Velvet Revolver. Amazing - Kings of Chaos live in South Africa 8 years ago.
  5. Frank is no Steven/Matt or even Brent, but I do admit he's doing much better job now.
  6. Did Frank Sidoris play any solo during the gig?
  7. That's basically what I said, GNR will tour festivals.
  8. SMKC will tour till the summer festival season. Approx. 4-5 months of touring, probably no Asia.
  9. All artists that performed at Freddie's Tribute are Brian's favorites. This introduction for Extreme was beautiful:
  10. SOYL drum track didn't sound like Frank at all.
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