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  1. Very nice intro and then yet same chord progression we could here on last 4 SMKC albums... The middle lifted solo saves it (though its soooooooo similar to Back and Forth Again). Honestly I think he wasted a very fresh and breathing intro on a not very special instrumental song.
  2. Thanks for kind words, we try to do our best each concert
  3. Time to add my three cents on Katowice, Poland show. Me and my crew were there at the venue since 10:00AM, preparing the surprise for the band. We pumped 200 balloons in the form of '4' to celebrate newest SMKC album, also called '4'. We brought those up after Mammoth WVH, shortly before the SMKC show started. Handed them to people in front rows. Even though a good part of balloons didn't make it before the show started, it's been quickly noticed by the band and later during the set Myles appreciated it once again, talking about polish fans always being special to the band. Around 4:00PM we've been invited by Cheryl Hall (SMKC Tour Manager) and Slash's new bodyguard Mike to the soundcheck. We could watch it in full - not my first time but hearing Slash's guitar alone and raw is always something unique. There we have had a scheduled meeting with the band, where guys signed the middle section of our 2013 welcoming flag (check video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7k9DQVH0YeA&ab_channel=LiveMusicPL), which at the time was 12 meters long. Eleven years ago we cut it in few parts and sold all of them for charity, current owner of the middle (biggest) section of the flag reached me and I arranged the meeting. Entire band signed it and we will auction it for charity again early next winter. Here are some photos of guys signing it: The show itself was really good, band as always was super tight and the chemistry was obviously floating around. Myles has been sick for few days already which you could hear while talking to him, but he did a really good job on the show itself. It's a nice addition to have Todd singing 3 fastpaced songs, those were like nitro boosters to the audience. Rocket Man is something that any Slash's fan should hear live, both pedal steel and Myles' vocals makes it a magical time in the set. Guys were tired, you can tell that playing a show each day in different countries isn't for them anymore, you won't fool the clock. They aged and you can see it. I was hoping for some private moment between SMKC and the audience, Slash even teased us with Paradise City intro after Myles thanked us for the surprise, but nothing happened. I rate the night 10/10 though, guys, the management and security were super kind to us, Slash got late to an interview because he did not rush our meeting with the band. Super guy, amazes me everytime I meet him. R.
  4. “The End of Tomorrow” is my tribute to iconic rock anthems like “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “November Rain.” The guitar solo by Slash will melt your face!
  5. Bruh https://youtu.be/leoyVi6Z8XU?si=KpmqmLliSJRQgq51
  6. Any ideas what happened to Live at Studios 60 playlist on youtube? It disappeared or got blocked in EU? I see the stream, but 11 single song videos are unavailable
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