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  1. @ZoSoRose I hope Slash will follow his steps and we won't hear any noodling on SMKC4 but only well written solos.
  2. This song deserves mentioning, one of the finest songs guitar-wise Myles ever wrote...
  3. A few seconds from upcoming album (haven't seen that even though it's a week old already) https://www.facebook.com/SlashFrance/videos/708593383150145 I hear Back and Forth Again here and there :p
  4. So... almost three years later, I find this album really rocking. 'Mind Your Manners' grew on me big time.
  5. Some working titles Quarantine Blues is my jam.
  6. Dunno how come you haven't noticed it, but Slash is working with SMKC on a new album and it will definitely be released this fall.
  7. Worth mentioning, SMKC jut got its official TikTok account, new album is serious guys.
  8. He was busy with solo stuff yet he recorded brand new song with Alter Bridge...
  9. I don't like it, Slash's tone is really bad. It was the issue in Love Theme aswell, despite noodlin'.
  10. Dunno how but I kinda haven't really noticed how Coverdale'ish that part is. Wow! https://youtu.be/E9MRtrJixsw?t=222
  11. RBTL is great. Probably because there's really catchy rnr chorus and Myles singing really low in verses.
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