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  1. Looks like new SMKC album in the works....Slash instagram a pic of him & Todd kearns in studio......Slash must fed up waiting on the GnR train to start up. Ill take it.
  2. We got a new album....the greatest hits being re released with SOYL🤣🤣🤣 Fuck this band. Im sick of it
  3. just watched the saskatoon show from march 1993....holy fuck hand down best performance iv ever seen by this band. How have i never seen this show. simply amazing & the bands comradery is amazing. Hard to believe the tour end 4 months after this show & that was all she wrote for this lineup until 2016 !! Its easy forget why you love this band so much in the first place with all the negative (& deserved) feelings towards it being a cashgrab. But man, watching that show just reminds why i put up with the shit & lack of ANYTHING new as a fan
  4. Well its a millions times better than Axls murdering cats cover of his song BHS,
  5. I was looking for this thread - i was afraid to start it in case it highlights the footage & it gets taken down. THIS IS THE HOLYGRAIL...fuck why cant they just release all this backstage/behind the scenes footage...the GnR universe is STARVED for this shit. anyway I watched the hour + long compilation of clips there - its called Guns n Roses Robert john [The Photograpic History] and it has some fucking class unseen footage. Just seeing the band jam & shoot the shit back stage is unreal. I dont know this is released now - But my advice is find it asap &am
  6. My big takeaways from the book were 1) didnt expect Axl to come off as good overall. 2) Didnt expect any of the SLASH stuff, Matt really hammered home on him. I guess that quiet 'its cool man' persona has really suited him. I guess i just assumed with the VR stuff that Matt Slash & Duff were really tight, but it was really only Matt & Duff it seemed. Not a good look for our man Slash & the HOF stuff with matt was bullshit if true, he's just as much Gnr & Steven if not more. 3) The Duff stuff really disappoints me, not standing up to have Matt the main drummer
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