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  1. Don’t know if it’s new to everyone else but it was new to me, I just heard Locomotive from Japan ‘92 as well. Otherworldly amazing.
  2. As dark as it is, I genuinely thought that when Slash/Duff came back and they hit that first NA leg that Axl was terminally sick or something and giving it one last ride. Now we all know it was just for money.
  3. I appreciate the effort they and all the other teachers are putting in.. But definitely cringy entertaining.
  4. As far as 2019 Axl’s voice goes, this wasn’t really awful. Much more disappointing was Slash being practically muted on one of the best songs he’s ever written and that kazoo being used by (presumably) Melissa. 7/10 solid
  5. Biased because it’s home (but they KILLED it either way), SOYL was perfect in Charlotte last September. I’d love to get that on the selects!
  6. I’m glad this is happening. I needed a rock bottom to be done keeping up with this band on a daily-bi daily basis, and this is it.
  7. Not sure if anyone saw it on Instagram yet, but Metallica did a reworked acoustic version of Blackened that is fantastic. All four band members recorded individual parts from their own homes.
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