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  1. At least they don’t verbalize Fn in their sentences. That’d be way over the line for me haha
  2. Hopefully they do some sort of promo for Hard Skool. This song plays WAY better for radio and the 99% Also proud of myself for not liking Absurd any less still.
  3. Agreed. GNR is back to irrelevance the day they leave again.
  4. The prices for that merch.. Not surprised or disappointed by anything with the band anymore, but that’s comical.
  5. That’s been my last beer run song for the entire reunion run. But I just gave it a listen and realized I’ve been missing out! For SURE would buy a GNR or Axl solo acoustic country album.
  6. HIGHLY recommend making it to Whitefish and Glacier Natl. Park if you’re ever able to. I’ve been fortunate enough to see it in July and January and there’s no time of year it isn’t amazing.
  7. That’s just me coming from a place of disliking everything on CD with the sole exception of Street of Dreams. It’s not too high of a standard coming from me haha
  8. That’s my hangup as well. The same man who wrote Estranged wrote this..
  9. May very well just be the newness-ish of an official release. I’ve tried and tried to come around to CD and I know I’m an idiot and it’s a mental thing because I think I’d view it in a much more favorable light if it’d been an Axl solo record. At any rate, I think I’ll be much more leveled down with you when I wake up tomorrow haha
  10. I hated this song with a passion an hour ago but this studio cut is not bad at all. This would have been the best song on CD and Slash kills it. Still working on getting past the “pussy full of maggots” lyric, but I’ll get there. Fuck GNR for their toxic treatment of me because they’ve got me for awhile again. Goddamn I love this band.
  11. I think that’s what it is for me too. I don’t even have a problem with the word p*ssy; it just seems kind of lazy to me.
  12. Since the forum was down last night I was stuck with whatever I could find on Twitter with Google search results (since I don’t have Twitter) and setlistfm. I saw Absurd and thought that surely it was a joke and the real set list would be updated after the show. But I’ll be damned.. they actually did it. As someone who isn’t a fan of much from the Chinese Democracy era, Silkworms/Absurd stands alone as the single worst thing to ever be conceived by this band. My World is infinitely better. But all I’ve wanted was some new music featuring Slash (and Duff, I suppose). And on that front, GNR delivered for me. I HATE the song, but in a way I felt like it was a love letter and a subtle word of affirmation to all of us that they’re doing SOMETHING in regards to unreleased music one way or another.
  13. Not throwing salt in wounds because Scott is in my top 5 all time.. But maybe around that time he would have been just as difficult to navigate as Axl was in the 90’s, just for different reasons ie. substance abuse. Slash and Duff have always been functioning, even at their peaks of substance abuse. Scott may not have been as functioning at the time and was viewing the VR days through a different lens as the other three.
  14. I always thought a proper Reckless Life in place of Anything Goes would have made AFD even better. Anything Goes is the only thing close to not great on there and even that’s a stretch to say haha
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