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  1. I always thought a team being knocked out after a tie finishing level on aggregate never made sense. It was supposed to encourage teams to attack more, yet it felt to me like the opposite given the incentive to not concede at home.
  2. Fuck sake. I check mygnr and see a leaks thread. I expect a new leak like Seven or Zodiac 13, instead I see a bump about a Ashba solo demo from 10 years ago.
  3. It's costs alot more to both the UK and the world to send weapons to the Israelis, so that they can drop them on kids. There's more than 30k civilians dead according to everyone other than the Israeli's. They're shooting on people gathering food, killing un aid workers, journalists, had leveled more than half of the buildings in region as of months ago. They've litterally killed more hostages than they've successfully saved. Almost all the hostages released, were released during the last the ceasfire. They've repeately ignored international laws and have plans to build thousands of settlements on land, they've anxed in the past few months (per they themselves). There's been several 100,000s of people on the streets for the past several months and very few arrests, cause in general they're doing nothing. Most of them just want the goverment to call for a ceasfire and stop supporting the Israeli government while this is going on, nothing to do with supporting hamas. I could go on, but honestly shame on people like you. People like you that will vote for the Tories no mater what and believe everything you read in the right wing hate rags.
  4. I don't think triple AAA gaming sucks, I think it's just people stuck looking to sequels of the older franchises. In the last generation people got The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, The Witcher 3, Persona 5, The Last of Us Part 2, Red Dead Redemption 2, Horizon Zero Dawn and fantastic games like Disco Elysium. Last year we got Baldur's Gate 3, Final Fantasy XVI, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Diablo 4 Since the thread was posted, big budget games like Elden Ring, Forbidden West, Final Fantasy VII: Remake ect. In a few days we have Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth (which is being overwhelming well received by those that played it at the minute). Grand Theft Auto 6 will be out this generation (we'll see about next year) and The Elder Scrolls VI (by the end of the generation). There's been alot of really good games, Ground Zero's was basically Phantom Pain's opening act. They decided instead of releasing it as a demo, to release it as it's own thing.... which basically made it one of the most expensive demo's in modern times. £20 for something that can be finished in an hour or maybe even 20 minutes.
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-68208157
  6. Pathetic self promotion for a shitty discord channel. There is no new leak, other than the real tracks we're listening to tonight. This geek put together an edit and trying to pretend it's something else to get people to join his server. Ignore the grift.
  7. Here's my prediction - "Greetings Gunner We're please to announce your previous purchase has been upgraded. Side R will now feature a brand new 2023 Live recording of It's So Easy.""
  8. You're not alone, apparently only half of vinyl record owners actually own a vinyl player. Despite youtube, the reality is they're more targeted for hipsters and boomers who couldn't operate a walkman than audiophiles. I'm actually not joking.
  9. I heard this too. It's been delayed until permanent peace between Palestinian/Israel and a 2 state solution has been reached/implemented.
  10. From February 2011: An alleged MSL tracklisting - Atlas Cuban Skies Goin' Down Jackie Chan Light My Fire Monstrosity Silk Worms Soul Monster The General Thyme Tonto http://www.gnrevolution.com/viewtopic.php?pid=187427#p187427 - just an example post. This is what was pushed. Alot of the things MSL pushed were half truths, but he was the source of Tonto. None of the posts or msl himself mention Perhaps at all. IF anyone had heard of it pre 2019, it wasn't from this
  11. I actually posted on the forum where msl started playing his games (gnr evo). This 100% did not happen. You guys are tieing things which were true with fake rumours that people came up with later. Perhaps was not mentioned by msl a decade ago when he posted the alleged cd2 tracklisting. There is zero evidence. As for 5+ years ago, maybe the problem is it was over 10+ years ago. Some of us were around 10+ years ago when it happened. Perhaps was not mentioned and there is zero evidence that has been provided here. Retroactive dating on photos that weren't spread online until after 2019 isn't evidence.
  12. The forums are filled with rumours that people started and then tried to tie to other stuff that was legit retrospectively and it just ends up muddying the waters. msl 100% listed Tonto on the cd2 track listing, I've never seen anything that mentioned Perhaps pre-2019, is there a screenshot/source (not a retro-active) rumour before then that would add credibility to the likes of 4 Heavens for example actually existing?
  13. The allegeded tracklisting for cd2 was the first mention of Tonto over a decade ago along with an alleged Light My Fire cover. The attempts add stuff like Perhaps/4 Heavens came after the 2019 leaks when people would randomly post things on the forums and credit it other people. Do you have a link to a mention of 4 Heavens/Perhaps in a post that was made after 2019?
  14. Yes, like Appetite for Destruction - 1 of the biggest selling albums of all time, classics like SCOM/PARADISE CITY which still get played regularly. Use Your Illusion 1/2 which were the biggest/fastest selling albums for a while - back then. I do quite Chinese Democracy too, your thoughts though may vary. Anyway UYI's were a decade after the date/stones tracks/albums I'm referring too. The point is the Stones may do big tours and be ingrained in pop culture, but those tracks people think of primarily when they think Stones were in general a decade and in some cases 2 before Guns releases Appetite for Destruction. I'm not saying The General will be great, I'm saying the Stones legacy stems from albums/tracks 40-60 years ago, not since. Only the Stones hardcores are going to care about anything since.
  15. Preach brother. These geeks in the thread critizing you probably couldn't name a Stones classic post 1981.
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