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  1. Still can't go to a dentist here except for temp filling or an extraction until at least the new year. Fuck this shit. I'm going to have set up a go fund for dentist costs by the time I can go to a dentist. I've needed to go since lockdown started. 2020 sucks. The ability to go on Pub crawls/Greek holidays were literally prioritized over teeth this year by the press.
  2. https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-herd-immunity-hopes-dashed-as-study-shows-covid-19-antibodies-fall-rapidly-after-recovery-12115510 Horray for sending people on tv to go on about herd immunity at the start of the year.
  3. Oh it was really bad. There's not much point in watching past the season 4 finale, the later seasons go from boring to absurdly bad. The finale is legendary for how bad it as a send off and slap in the face for fans.
  4. I just want to say (despite being a Liverpool fan) had United and Liverpool stuck to their guns over "project big picture" they should have been chucked out off the league and told to get stuffed. It was pretty shocking and cynical. The last thing anyone should want is a few clubs holding all the power. The irony being City for example weren't anything about 15 years ago and United would find themselves (in current form) maybe in a relegation battle if there were less teams in the league this year. As for the bailout, I feel for the fans. However that said, maybe you should think abo
  5. I am curious how the final season will adapt the final arc/ending of the comics. Keeping in mind (this ain't a spoiler) it revolves around Carl and Rick, who aren't on the show anymore. I tried watching The World Beyond tonight. It's slower than Fear the Walking Dead with less interesting characters and the first season of Fear bored me to tears.
  6. After one of the worst finales of all time, the show with more bad seasons than good returns. https://bloody-disgusting.com/tv/3636788/michael-c-hall-back-dexter-limited-revival-showtime/
  7. GLORY GLORY MAN UTD! Time to give Harry Maquire and Sol a new deal. A real couple of legends!
  8. I want to take the high road and agree, but I still have one of these from spring
  9. I guess it's a good thing hydroxychorline exists. I'm sure he'll already be downing it. If not there's always bleach and sunlight.
  10. This done wonders for BoJo's approval rating while thousands died. If he does have it and this isn't a pr move, I hope he doesn't keep doing rallies.
  11. London show if it happens is the same day England play (possibly Scotland) at Wembley not that far away in the final game of their group. Might be a bad day for transport.
  12. https://mobile.twitter.com/THEHermanCain/status/1274489632886075398 Guess who died of Covid today? Yet his twitter account goes on. Bizzare.
  13. There's no way I'm reading through the pages, but having read the first few posts it's creepy. Seems more like Axl being taken advantage of by a crazy stalker and the cousin who's looking to make cash. I bet the people involved have accounts on this forum.
  14. So yesterday Chris Grayling somehow lost a contest that was rigged for him to win it... head of the parliamentary intel committee. So today with the Russia report looming (and accusations of senior Tories taking money from Russians for influence), the conservatives have responded by basically trying to say Russia tried to help Corbyn win the election in 2019 to prevent Brexit.
  15. The UYI's sold alot of copies and would have only been released a short while before then. They were probably had Michael Jackon songs of Dangerous playing in the background too, though Heal the World or Black or White probably weren't Trump favourites.
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