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  1. I voted SNP I was born in England so obviously have nothing against anyone English. I'd just like to live in a country that isn't ruled by a Conservative government.
  2. My CHZ is holding at around £0.36 but they've had some pretty big news lately and coming up, I think it'll start its next pump later this month and it should test for a new ATH:- Four new teams fan tokens released in the last fortnight (Legia Warsaw, Fortuna Sittard, Goztepe, & Universidad de Chile) First NHL partnership with the New Jersey Devils announced UFC are finally releasing their fan token on CHZ this June Another Spanish La Liga team, Levante, announced they'll release a fan token on CHZ Man City, who already have a fan token on CHZ, just made the Ch
  3. DOGE now costs more than CHZ, what the fuck? I made a bit of profit on DOGE but definitely sold far too soon.
  4. Did ya hold onto your DOGE? It absolutely pumped the other day to about £0.25 My CHZ investment hit a new ATH yesterday, and today it's crashed back down lol. I'm still not selling, I've doubled down so much on CHZ that I've seriously just applied for a job there
  5. I'll never understand why Americans love their guns I also don't understand why their healthcare is so expensive compared to the rest of the world. I've only seen a tiny bit of USA and everyone I met was awesome, but I don't think I'd wanna live there just because of those 2 issues.
  6. "I'll check the internet, y'know, just in case there's news...." Been saying that since I discovered GNR in 2000 Out of the ~7665 days I've been here we've probably had official news on less than 50 of those days lol. No expectations from this band. Hope all the guys are happy and healthy, and will keep my fingers crossed that one day we get something that kicks ass (new record, izzy on tour, lengthy interview with axl, axl or izzys autobiography etc) Maybe the forum should try writing another open letter to Axl? 50th times a charm
  7. I've lost a ton of profit and should have definitely cashed out earlier, but I'm still in profit fortunately as I got in so early. It's still going down daily though and it's hard to watch Crypto usually picks up in April so hoping CHZ will turn things around with some new partnership deals and it'll go to a new all time high
  8. I got it on Bitpanda but it's on others like Binance. It's not available to buy in the US currently without jumping through hoops from what I've read. You have to use a site called Kucoin and can only buy it using Bitcoins I think?
  9. CHZ is tanking hard. Was nice being loaded for a few days I think the potential in CHZ is great so I'm not selling, hoping it pumps again with the next partnership announcements & Barca NFTs
  10. I've made £30,000 in the last 4 days with my Chiliz investment. It's showing no signs of slowing down either, they're about to be listed on Binance in Brazil in a few hours I bought it at £0.08/CHZ 5 days ago. It's currently at £0.34 per Chili, and still loads of profit to be made as I think it's gonna hit £1/CHZ minimum this year They recently announced a $50 Million expansion into US markets and this shit is gonna blow up if/when they partner with NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB and MLS etc. They're also working on a deal to partner with Formula 1, and a lot of us Chiliz investors are starting
  11. Chiliz rocketed today and I made over £10,000 That's like 3 months wages in a single day lol! It's still not even 1/5 of the price that I think it will be worth later this year so I'm holding.
  12. I've gone all in on the Chiliz crypto currency. I now own like 0.01% of the entire CHZ market supply Might lose it all but wanted to take the chance since it could set me up nicely if it hits $1 or more. If it crashes then nothing much changes, I'll still be working, I just wont have any savings or an emergency fund for a while. Wish me luck
  13. The £100 of CHZ coin that I picked up in December 2020 is now worth £675 Have posted about Chiliz a few times in this thread so hope some of you took a look into it and had a punt.
  14. They're rebooting Frasier without Niles, Daphne or Roz? Sounds awful They get a pass for John Mahoney not being involved, but even then I don't think the show would work without him. Hope it's good as I love Frasier, but I ain't getting my hopes up for this one.
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