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  1. Rick Richards, of Georgia Satellites and the lead guitarist on all of Izzys solo albums from Ju Ju Hounds to present day is going to be a guest on Brandos podcast
  2. Brexit kinda bollocks that up as they can only stay for up to 90 days out of every 180 I think? I just booked my Airbnb now
  3. Yeh that's the plan. Have found a few dozen suitable properties (2 bedroom, kitchen, WiFi, entire place, central location) so going to get one booked tonight when I've decided which one looks best. Prices range from £450-£1000 per month. I'm gonna try and stick to £600p/m as I see every pound saved as money that goes into future trips Prices elsewhere on Airbnb have exploded recently I've found, fortunately Krakow has stayed pretty reasonable
  4. My girlfriend and I are moving to Krakow, Poland for 3 months next year. Went there for a week recently and loved it so we're going for an extended trip since I work remotely anyway. Planning to explore the city more and spend every weekend in Energylandia theme park, cant wait
  5. Have enjoyed following the tour, thanks everyone who has been streaming the gigs, posting their updates/setlists here on the forum, reviewing the shows on Brandos podcast, and to Guns for mixing up the setlist and putting out 2 new tunes along the way
  6. I never heard back from Steve. Guessing he will reach out to Lim when he's in Germany?
  7. I'm being good and waiting for it to legally drop in the UK. 8 hours from now I'll join in the excitement
  8. I don't know anything about transferring tapes and have never used the company before (they're called Transfer House: https://www.transferhouse.co.uk/), just offering to help since I randomly happen to be so close I actually live hundreds of miles away from London but just happen to be here visiting family. I'm happy for you to do the transfer Lim, was just thinking the quicker we get it done the less chance GN'R interferes and shuts this down? God forbid they allow us to have something else "new" lol. Would it effect the tapes if they were digitised tomorrow, and then you were given the originals in a fortnight to make your own digital copy? I'm sure you'd put a lot more attention into the job and I wouldnt want the tapes to degrade on an initial transfer so happy to let you make the copy.
  9. I'm less than 30 minutes walk from Hampstead, currently staying on Kilburn High Road until Sunday, and theres a professional company over on Percy Street near Tottenham Court Road that will digitise video8 tapes. If you're free tomorrow afternoon between 12-4pm I can meet you, drop off the tapes at the digitisers, and I'll pay for the digitising of all 7 tapes in exchange for us getting a copy of just the two gigs drop me a PM if you want. I've no idea how long it will take them to digitise so you might have to pick up the original tapes and digital copies yourself if I've left London by then.
  10. Doubt it. I wouldn't invest my money in a record company in 2021 Imo, Universal should be signing their artists up to fan engagement cryptocurrency platforms like Chiliz. For a one time payment of a couple of bucks every GNR fan worldwide would have the ability to vote on band polls, such as what deep cut should be added to the setlist, what artwork should be chosen for the next album, which band member we'd like to see a Q&A with, which litho design should be sold at an upcoming gig etc...... bands can make millions of dollars from monetising fan feedback, just like hundreds of sports clubs around the world already have, but I don't ever see record labels or bands like GNR being forward thinking enough to jump on the idea
  11. I'm sure a few carrots will be dangled just to keep us interested enough until the next GNR tour, without us hearing anything of real significance Can't say I blame them really, it's kept me hooked for the last 20 years so it's obviously working
  12. I've been trying to explain this concept to my missus for the last couple of years We could be living like kings in Europe on my remote wage alone, just moving from one EU city to the next, booking AirBNB one month at a time and hopping on £20 easyjet flights to get around etc, but she still needs more convincing Unrelated, but I'm going to Disneyland Paris in January for my 37th birthday. I missed my sisters wedding in Disney Florida a couple of years ago due to my dog being old and me not wanting to leave his side, so I've booked for me, my gf, my sister and her husband to have a few days at Disney Paris. Can't make up for missing her wedding really, but hoping this will go some way towards repairing our relationship
  13. I've picked up a load of sailing books recently as I'd like to learn as much as I can before taking any sailing lessons. It's bloody hard, seems like a whole new language
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