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  1. Whoever mixes these can’t have functioning ears. A decent mix would help a lot.
  2. Sounds incredible - Brian Johnson sounds like he hasn’t aged a day since Back In Black. Absolutely sterling album.
  3. Didn't CD come out around the same time as Black Ice though? Also Metallica released Death Magnetic around that time - no-one was concerned about stepping on toes then.
  4. I think the only way logistically (assuming there is a GNR record ready to go - big assumption I know!) is ifGuns release their album early next year as does Myles his solo album. Guns and Alter Bridge continue their tours ASAP with Myles slotting in solo shows where he can. SMKC release the end of 2021 with Slash touring into 2022.
  5. According to Mark Tremonti, Alter Bridge will be back out touring as soon as COVID is over. As well as Myles’s solo album coming out in 2021 too I’m not sure how he’ll have time for Slash assuming they intend to tour on the back of a new release. http://www.niwyiben.com/interviews/interview-with-mark-tremonti-of-alter-bridge-sept-2020/?fbclid=IwAR3dvbNwIOInDocToIO5irUlsIh1sMQDyKQSmTTrJ0Sj0YlOZvDKBOGs3P8
  6. It was Fernados retarded explanation for why an album or, even more lamely, a YouTube upload couldn’t possibly come out.
  7. All you people not caring about what’s going on in the world... oh and UPDATE: She lied!
  8. The one thing that gives me hope for GNR being Slash’s focus is that Myles Kennedy’s next project is more solo material that he’ll want to tour. That as well as Alter Bridge’s tour being unfinished business doesn’t leave much room for SMKC and implies that Slash will be committed elsewhere for a long while.
  9. People hating on Myles, yet Classic Rock magazine just awarded Alter Bridge’s Blackbird the 3rd best song of the 21st Century. Axl can only dream of making that kind of impact today.
  10. This is not bad by any stretch. I’m really enjoying it and I’m not going to criticise when things are clearly moving in the right direction.
  11. I’m happy, they’ve put out a pro-shot- Axl clearly giving it all he has on Rocket Queen too. Can’t ask for anything else.
  12. Metallica have delivered the goods again today. Entire pro-shot Manchester concert from last year. Absolutely epic as it’s pissing it down! No excuse for GNR.
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