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  1. Don’t call me on this, but I could have sworn there as a multitrack for WTTJ that was ripped from Guitar Hero 3 but it wasn’t as complex as the rock band ones, like the bass & guitar were separated but everything else was on one track.
  2. Hair Of The Dog was actually a charting single for them I’m surprised it doesn’t get played more. the most obscure GNR song I’ve heard on the radio is Better, the radio station in my town would play it multiple times a day back when the Harley Davidson leak happened. One time my buddy turned on his radio and Sahara was playing, which shocked me until I realized they were doing a special on Slash’s solo album. Made me chuckle.
  3. Haven’t watched yet but I do think it’s lame they’re already repeating songs in these selects. They played something like 50 songs in this tour but here comes RQ & ISE again.
  4. If I had to guess I’d say if the song makes the new record just about everything would be re-record except maybe Axl’s vocals, which there’s a good chance he’d redo those as well. I can’t see any of the CD guys that aren’t part of NITL making it on the record unless it’s writing credits. Although it’s pretty certain the re-recorded parts on SOYL for the AFD deluxe edition so who knows.
  5. I honestly don’t care if silkworms is ever officially released at this point. We have so many versions of the song already we really an “official” version wouldn’t even be that interesting. Maybe on a Re-release of CD someday.
  6. Im extremely disappointed you all forgot about Another Brick In The Wall Part II & The Seeker 😂
  7. Would be cool if the first 2 nights leaked, but I tend not to keep my hopes up about that kind of stuff any more.
  8. The funniest thing about this is that John quit thin Lizzy the same year because he said he wanted to get back to playing his own music. I would have loved to hear it & they probably would have covered a Lizzy song which is something I’ve always wanted to hear Axl sing.
  9. Remember that this is the same world where Brian May solos were cut in favor of Bumblefoot, so all & all this isn’t really surprising.
  10. Dude he was playing in the Psychedelic Furs when they picked him up, and he played with them 2 more years after that. Not exactly a bar band.
  11. If I’m not mistaken the first song recorded was Madagascar in like 97 but I’m not sure.
  12. There is/was nobody in the band post ‘95 that was fighting for new music like Bumble was. He was never my favorite GNR guitarist but I always respected him for giving back to the fans & not pulling any punches in interviews. His last interview as a member of the band where he ripped into the recording process was totally understandable & refreshing compared to all the blindingly reassuring updates we got from guys like DJ. I’m happy that he’s in the place he is now where he can be creative & still play big gigs with a classic rock band. Seems like what he always wanted from Guns.
  13. I’m pretty sure we’ll never hear the majority of these songs barring another crazy leak like 2019. I mean I’m sure if there is ever an new album some of these will be included but it would probably be songs like Atlas & Hard School that fit Slash & Duffs playing style. We might get them on a deluxe Version of CD someday but we’re not gonna see that for some time, if ever.
  14. So guys, it’s my birthday today, and my GF & I flew down to see Exit 111 from Portland cuz her parents live in TN. So my favorite band is releasing footage from a concert I went to on my birthday. And here I thought this year was gonna be lame due to the pandemic lol. Thanks GNR, I wonder if they saw me request SOYL from this show on FB.
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