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  1. Do y’all think the screams on Absurd were recorded by Axl later or do you think they were cut from another demo like the Hard Skool bridge?
  2. This. I’d want him to get his voice back in shape to at least play the new single before they start adding things more demanding.
  3. Voted no, probably should have said undecided. The collector in me wants it but the fan in me is disappointed that we got this instead of a new album.
  4. Sometimes he uses a but of that voice live in the Better choruses but yeah I agree it’s one of his best vocal performances
  5. Breaking news: Rock The Rock was also recorded in ‘99, Axl was just waiting for looney tunes to complete his vision.
  6. “State of Graces vocal track Is a scratch” has become the new “no way the new song is Prostitute it doesn’t even sound like he’s saying it”
  7. Is Richard not on absurd? Don’t forget the snare sample form Silkworms
  8. I agree that a good portion of the album is gonna be ‘99 vocals but this whole debate is dumb. Better & Shacklers are still rough instrumentals on the village discs, so he literally had to have recorded vocal takes after that.
  9. For sure, we’re all quick to forget that they would play perfect crime all the time at soundchecks & put it on set lists for years.
  10. Pretty baffling that even when the Checkmate clip leaked the song was still at least 7 years old. personally I want Perhaps if by some miracle they play it I’ll probably buy at least one more ticket for my GF (Perhaps is her favorite GNR song)
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