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  1. Yea, sorry I meant a 'new' 1986 show. Music Machine is the best '86 show we have IMO... they sounded perfect.
  2. The guy who originally posted the clips wants to trade them for something else. A 1986 show would be cool to see, but as far as "value" it's not worth much. It's "worthless" in comparison to unheard songs or UYI pro-shots, etc. I hope the full show leaks, though.
  3. Yea, I wouldn't want them to rearrange every song... there's plenty of stuff they could simply replace I agree that Axl would have to go to a vocal coach and re-learn the songs for any real difference to happen. I still think they could do a full 2+ hour show considering Axl's current abilities, but I'm probably in the minority of people who would rather hear a good performance of Bad Obsession or Down On The Farm, than a bad performance of YCBM or Rocket Queen...
  4. For anyone who's wondering - yes, there is a FLAC remaster of the latest Selects available
  5. How are we gonna discuss it if you won't share it, and nobody knows what you're talking about? Don't post the links publicly but PM's are fine.
  6. No, this is the April 5 show. The SCOM debut (and Mr Brownstone and Ain't Goin' Down) was August 23. From Reckless Road: "This show was prime Guns N' Roses". Axl's parents flew out from Indiana to see this show, and Axl dedicates WTTJ to them. Slash thought the crowd could be livelier. They had Desi onstage during Anything Goes and 3 strippers onstage during Jumpin' Jack Flash. The guy who played saxophone also gave the band dilaudid suppositories, which Axl and Slash took but did not enjoy
  7. Nov Rain could be stripped right down to a Skin N' Bones style arrangement with Axl singing in a lower voice, then the band comes in at the end and he can scream the outro. Zero (or minimal) Mickey vocals and it'd still be recognizable to the audience. Estranged he could use his speaking voice, or the kind of voice he used on Marseilles in 2014, or that nasally kind of voice that he uses on Sorry... there's no reason to use that weak grandma voice. SCOM is kind of a lost cause at this point though
  8. Love Spit Love Trysome Eatone Event: RSD DROPS 2021 Release Date: 6/12/2021 Format: LP Label: Real Gone Music Quantity: 2000 I'm gonna try to grab a copy of that...
  9. It was better than most of the other Selects, but that's not a very high bar. The first 3 songs were pretty good and the last 3 were just ok. It's So Easy was good. WTTJ was pretty much an average performance from 2016, pretty good and definitely better than 2017-20 performances. Sorry was good overall but Slash's solo was pretty bad... just noodling his way through it. RQ was definitely better than the Download Select... not great but passable. I went for a smoke during the extended solo. UTLH... every performance I've heard of this song on the NITL tour was kind of a
  10. There was a hilarious mixture of relief that Pitman was out and anger that Melissa was in.
  11. Remember when this picture was posted shortly before the show, and everyone assumed Melissa was just some random chick hanging out backstage, while continuing to debate who would play that second keyboard?
  12. I find bootleg issues like that kinda funny. As long as it sounds decent I'm not too bothered about a wrong pic on the sleeve...
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