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  1. When he called it Jackie Chan he also said all titles were working titles and subject to change. And stuff like Better and IRS weren't on the setlists until after they leaked. Axl usually rehearses with the band whenever they add something new... not surprising he'd be at soundcheck when they'd planned to add 3 songs to the set (Hardschool, Think About You, Pretty Tied Up)
  2. Yea, they're still my favourite band even though they're frustrating as hell. I don't notice the Fernando stuff in every thread, but when he chooses to communicate with fans through reddit and discord in his usual unprofessional style, it's understandable that he'd be criticized... but the Fernando hate and fat jokes and other stuff is common enough at this point that I either scroll past it or get a little chuckle out of it. I don't take it seriously, though.
  3. Across the boards people were positive when Axl was killing it with AC/DC, and the Houston proshots got positive responses. When Axl/GNR manage to do something well they get praised for it, it just hasn't happened too often over the last decade unfortunately. Most people on the forums still want the best from Axl, but if his performances are a joke, we may as well laugh at them. I think his voice is basically gone but I'd be happy to be proven wrong.
  4. A remaster of the Melbourne '88 show would be great, always thought that show was way better than the Ritz show and deserved more appreciation. At this point I'm basically just waiting for UYI and CD box sets. Classic live footage would be a nice bonus though.
  5. No doubt, Axl's been the weakest link for quite a while now.
  6. Some aspects of his drumming used to bother me a lot more, but I've accepted it for a while now. And yea, he's clearly not a bad drummer... but he's not really the right style of drummer, either. I think he's mentioned before about trying to fuse the styles of Steven, Matt and Brain, and it doesn't really work IMO.
  7. That might've been the case with some people who became fans again the in NITL era, but Frank has been criticized since literally day one. As soon as he replaced Brain in 2006 people noticed how much of a downgrade he was... and like Bumblefoot, he got some praise for getting better on the '09/10 tour, but the criticism was fairly constant since 2006 and only intensified since 2016.
  8. There weren't too many new albums that stood out to me last year. Strange Days by The Struts was one of the few that I listened to somewhat regularly. An EP's worth of Anderson .Paak songs leaked over the summer and that's probably what I listened to the most. Also enjoyed Bumblefoot's acoustic EP's Barefoot 2 & 3,
  9. I have one of those. They only sold them on the European 2012 tour, which had some other 'unique' merch like black and white posters of Axl. They might be somewhat rare now but probably not very valuable... maybe worth like $20? I don't really know...
  10. Even that is "too little too late" at this point. People already saw the reunion that they cared about - Axl and Slash. A different rhythm guitarist and a drummer with better hair wouldn't be enough to keep filling stadiums.
  11. I think most casual fans kind of assumed there would be new music by 2017-18... almost all the comments on their social media pages now have tons of people asking about new music, and that sure as shit isn't just made up of die hard fans. SOYL got some decent radio play for a few weeks after it was released, there is/was some general interest in "new" music. Their biggest problem now is that they've waited too long to release anything, so instead of riding the momentum they had early in the reunion they now have to rebuild that hype/momentum. (And literally nobody expects them to release anoth
  12. Most people would say Patience > Don't Cry but I wouldn't count either of those as "must plays". KOHD is absolutely a snoozefest now but crowds still seem to like the singalong part so...
  13. Jungle, SCOM, PC, Brownstone, Nightrain, Nov Rain and KOHD are basically the only songs they "have to" play.
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