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  1. I listened to it several times and couldn't tell you any memorable parts. There's always 1 or 2 good songs on the albums but man this single is boring.
  2. I like how my old copies of s/t and Slave To The Grind sound, so I'm gonna gamble and hope I can pick up Subhuman Race and SBOT separately. I'll probably overpay a bit on ebay/discogs but it'll be easier than paying 250 for the box set then selling my duplicates...
  3. Skid Row are finally releasing a box set, hopefully they release the albums individually so I can get Subhuman Beings On Tour at some point. Skid Row - The Atlantic Years (1989 - 1996) 7x Vinyl LP boxset Standard Black Vinyl All Albums Newly Remastered RELEASE DATE: 12/3/2021 DESCRIPTION: This five album, 7LP side loading boxset includes: SKID ROW SLAVE TO THE GRIND (2 x LP) B-SIDE OURSELVES SUBHUMAN RACE (2 x LP) SUBHUMAN BEINGS ON TOUR!!
  4. Rio really tainted that era of the band, but the late 2011-early 2012 shows were pretty damn good. Much better setlists than 01-02 and Axl sounded pretty strong for the most part. Mid-2012 until late 2014 was a definite low-point, though.
  5. Well it's about time this thread had some discussion about a band that releases new albums. I'm kinda jealous of the Europeans who get to see the RHCP, Anderson .Paak and Thundercat shows next year.
  6. It's kinda crazy that the guy who said CD was made for audiophile and blu-ray mixes, released something as poorly mixed as Hard Skool.
  7. 12.20.89 - Convention Center, Atlantic City, NJ set: Salt Of The Earth, Mixed Emotions [w/ Axl] audio/video recording?: audio notes: Axl & Izzy again join The Rolling Stones the next night for "Salt Of The Earth." Axl sings background vocals on "Mixed Emotions" as well.
  8. Nice, I honestly thought they were discontinued. Have you tried any of them? It was near impossible to order them in Canada for a while (for a reasonable price) but I found a Canadian retailer that stocks it and ordered one of each kind... looking forward to trying them
  9. Does he still have his own hot sauces? A 'hot ones' style interview with his sauces (or maybe just some of his favorites) would be fun. "The Bumblefucked Interview?" starts now
  10. Absurd would be a fine opening track... for a bonus disc. Depending on what follows it, it could work as an "intro", but it kinda drags a bit too long for that. Only having one verse really kills the replay value.
  11. Watched Chappelle's latest special a few days ago, it was good as always. Finished Squid Game the other day after several people recommended I watch it. I liked it, but hopefully it doesn't become one of those series that gets ruined by unnecessary sequels... the way it ended seemed like there will be at least one more season. Watched the first episode of Bad Sport yesterday, seems like a good series.
  12. They absolutely missed the boat... the time to capitalize on reunion hype was 2016-17. There was still some real interest from the general public. But 5 years after the reunion, they're just another legacy band who's new singles might get radio play for a month, if they're lucky. SOYL was basically the same, I heard it several times in the weeks following its release but I haven't heard it since then.
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