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  1. Not like they could've been wrong about anything, right?
  2. Yea, we've definitely seen the best from the band. I've been saying since the reunion happened that if people expect new music to be on the same level as AFD and UYI, they deserve to be disappointed. That doesn't mean they can't make a good album though, and hopefully they'll surprise me and actually release a new album, but I'm not waiting for one. I still listen to the 2019 leaks regularly, though.
  3. I stopped expecting a new album, and good live performances, a while ago. They're still my favourite band because of the back catalogue and I've enjoyed the shows I've been to, and of course if there is a new album (or leaks) I'll listen to it a thousand times, but I've lost interest in this touring machine. I still enjoy this forum, but the band isn't really the reason I still visit here...
  4. I hope it isn't an Eric solo album disguised as a Foxy Shazam album, but honestly I'll take what I can get. They're not bad songs, and Foxy changed styles with every other record, so I'm still excited for this album. The singles aren't great by any means but singles are rarely the best songs on an album... I don't really have any expectations for how the rest of the album will sound though.
  5. I have 117 Degrees in blue as well, it sounds good but I agree about the artwork seeming low-res.
  6. I don't remember which show it was, but it was from 2010. I don't think he's told that joke too often, but he could've done it a few times on that tour.
  7. Say it with me now.... https://streamable.com/n1dzux
  8. How would we play it on the forum? It's pretty tasty... obviously it's similar to the original version, a little hotter and takes a bit longer to reach full heat, but for a superhot sauce it's pretty good.
  9. I haven't listened to it since shortly after it was released. I'll listen to some songs every once in a while (Blvd of Broken Hearts, Sugar Cane, Great Pretender) but for the most part the music is 'meh', and Myles is just grating.
  10. Got a bottle of this stuff a few days ago, so now I'm making pulled pork.
  11. Anyone else heard their new album yet? I liked Everybody Wants but wasn't a fan of their last album, Young & Dangerous. The new album Strange Days is pretty good though. The singles were probably my least favourite tracks but there's some solid songs on there. This song with Tom Morello is pretty good: This is the closing song and probably my favourite on the album, it's very Stones-influenced: Their cover of Do You Love Me was fun, too:
  12. The Struts put out a new album today so I just listened to it. It's alright, definitely better than their last record. Was surprised to see they covered a KISS song The song with Tom Morello was kinda cool. I like the final song, Am I Talking To The Champagne.
  13. The album is available for pre-order on CD and vinyl here: https://linktr.ee/foxyshazam
  14. I'm glad I smoked a bowl before I listened to that... at least it's better than Silkworms.
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