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  1. They'll probably play Hardschool at the Aus/NZ shows. It will be underwhelming but people will be happy about it for a while. Then, by 2023 when they still haven't released anything, we'll be back to complaints, complaints, complaints.
  2. Apparently Ron got a laugh out of the State Of Grace request.
  3. Yea... a guy who put up with "where's Slash!?" for years isn't gonna walk off because someone yelled out a song title
  4. Yea I don't think so, and it certainly wouldn't be the reason he'd cancel shows, but I don't really follow the discord stuff so figured I'd post it in this thread for clarification.
  5. Apparently someone heckled him to play State Of Grace for the lulz on discord? I don't follow the War Room shit so idk if it's true.
  6. Yelawolf's newest album Mud Mouth has been on repeat since yesterday... I'm a big Yela fan and this is probably his best album in 6 years.
  7. Whatever floats your boat man. I don't listen to RTR or Nothing, but if I were gonna pick one I'd go with RTR because at least it's a complete song.
  8. State Of Grace probably isn't the final vocal take, but they're not scratch vocals. The lyrics and melodies are pretty much complete. Nothing is just a bare-bones idea... he meanders through the song trying melodies and making noises.
  9. He's mumbling and singing the same few lyrics and 'oohs' and 'aahs' for 3-4 minutes... no I don't count it. The version we heard is more of an idea than it is a song. Do you honestly listen to in playlists or anything?
  10. The vocals are a scratch take, and they sound like it. WTTJ, Coma, TWAT, those are astounding vocals... The version that we heard sounds like such an early version that I don't even count it when I think of the leaked songs with vocals. Same with Quicksong, although instrumentally QS sounds a lot more finished than Nothing.
  11. If they release anything, it wouldn't surprise me if the credits were intentionally vague. Like instead of saying 'Guitar solo - Slash, Rhythm guitar - Richard' it will just say 'all songs written and performed by Guns N' Roses'. Slash will handle almost all the leads of course, but the rhythm guitars or maybe the odd lick here or there could be a patchwork of Richard, Slash, Paul, Axl, Robin, Bucket or whoever else, especially if they're CD era songs that have been 'done' for 15 years. Nothing about this band is logical...
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