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  1. He's talking about Sailing from Wembley 2006 here... as much shit as I give Fernando, I'd be ecstatic if they actually shared that footage.
  2. They rehearse in LA right? I'm assuming they rehearse with the same gear that they use on tour, so they've gotta truck all that across the country...
  3. Yea I'm glad they uploaded some UYI footage, and it was a nice sort of gesture in that lady's memory. Agreed about the way he sang it though, it would be great if they also uploaded stuff like Reckless Life, Garden Of Eden, Nice Boys, etc.
  4. 2 albums, 1 soundtrack and several features... meanwhile Axl has been "perfecting" the decibel levels on Melissa's re-recorded sub-bass parts on 1.5 songs.
  5. It's cool that they posted an unseen Skin N' Bones video, but I'll probably never watch/listen to that again...
  6. There's a chance that it won't suck, and tbh that's mostly why I'm still here. I expect Axl to sound bad at the first show, but I'd be happy to be wrong. Maybe they cut the set down to 2.5 hours, add some songs like Bad Obsession, Pretty Tied Up, Down On The Farm, etc. where Axl can use a more natural voice, and it's actually a decent show... But if it's the same as 2018-20 with the possibility of a bad Hardschool performance, then I guess leaks and memes will still be the only good things about this band.
  7. So 2 out of the 3 shows in Mexico aren't gonna happen? Merida is also not allowing concerts: https://www.theyucatantimes.com/2021/07/local-authorities-say-guns-nroses-does-not-have-permission-to-perform-in-merida/ “Therefore, until this moment there is no permission whatsoever from the municipal authority for such an event, nor for the sale of tickets,” said the authority. “The current panorama due to the health contingency prevents the realization of events of this type in the short term, so the city council does not authorize the concert right now, as it was already info
  8. It's been like that for the last decade at least, in 2010 people were saying 'surely they'll release the follow-up by 2012', then by 2012 it was 'there's no way they won't release anything before 2014-15', and so on... I think most people who say there's no new album would love to be proven wrong, but at some point it's just best to accept that it likely isn't gonna happen.
  9. Same with Dead Flowers on Gilby's album. Anxious Disease in '96 was basically a preview of the CD voice. His voice had obviously been worn down by the end of the UYI tour and I think the cleaner 2001 style voice was inevitable. Was Since I Don't Have You the last song they recorded? It was recorded mid-tour so his voice was 'in shape' compared to Sympathy, Dead Flowers and Anxious Disease. I think the Come Together performance was done on short notice, no rehearsal or anything and he just went up and did it, so he sounds fine in that context.
  10. I disagree with almost every song you listed other than Out Ta Get Me lol... most of those songs weren't very good during the NITL tour. But here's some of my favourite performances: Patience: Glendale, AZ 2016. Axl sprinting across the stage during the outro was straight out of the UYI days. Better: Houston, TX 2016. The raspiest version from the tour. Estranged: Mexico City, 4.20.2016. Again, the raspiest version from the tour. Out Ta Get Me & My Michelle: Cincinnati OH, 2016. Steven made a huge difference in the energy of the songs. Rocket Queen: Houston, TX 201
  11. It's probably another feature or 'live stream' thing he's doing with other artists. I can't weight to hear him cover The Band.
  12. Here's the (short) rehearsal clip for those who haven't seen it: https://streamable.com/y6gk1u
  13. *hears a siren in the distance* "Fuck, they're out ta get me!"
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