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  1. He sounded exactly like I would expect Dustin Bones to sound.
  2. It's great that they finally played it. I'm surprised Axl actually sang the 'too hardschool' part in the chorus, I figured he'd pause for a breathe there while Duff did the backing vocals.
  3. How the fuck does he sound better on the chorus than on the verses?
  4. Nah, after Absurd he'll say "wanna hear another new song?" or something like that...
  5. Of all the leaks, I thought Perhaps would sound the best with this lineup. Get Duff and Melissa doing backup vocals during the chorus and Axl basically using his You're Crazy voice for the verses, it would sound pretty good. Idk how Slash would approach the solo though... it seems like the kind of song he'd sound great on, but so did This I Love and Sorry. Robin's solo on the demo is great.
  6. That may be true. Axl has obviously recorded more vocals than you give him credit for, but I'm not waiting to hear them. Anyone else starting to think "Schrödinger's Vocals" would be a good title for the next album?
  7. Axl: the bridge on Soul Monster is the meanest thing I've ever sung. It was like a christmas card of unadulterated venom. Pele: AxL nEvEr ReCoRdEd VoCaLs FoR sOuL mOnStEr. Give it a fuckin rest man.
  8. Do people still care about, or watch the Grammys? Honest question. I thought public interest in those kind of award shows had tanked over the last few years?
  9. Which is exactly why GNR will release a full album months before these CD's and vinyl start to ship.
  10. I was also wondering if it as a typo I hope it's a live version though, a properly mixed live recording of Absurd will probably sound better than the studio version tbh.
  11. The first few shows were rough but Atlantic City had good versions of Crazy... I think there was a pretty good Don't Cry from one of those as well. There's a few performances from this year that would be fine to release as b-sides.
  12. You still haven't listened to it? I assume you'll have the same issues as many of us - it's a frankenstein song with a subpar mix - but, if nothing else, there's some cool parts from Slash. It feels like the kind of song that's gonna work better live (as long as Axl doesn't completely butcher it.) It's definitely better than Absurd... not that that's a high bar
  13. I'm not surprised they're releasing a cassette single, but I'll never understand the appeal. Cassettes are the worst.
  14. The b-side on the vinyl is a live version, but on the CD it's the studio version.
  15. I assume they're from the 2021 shows. Ordered the CD and the vinyl. Yea, I paid too much, but it's not like they give us music to buy very often...
  16. Yea that's fucked up, especially when the CD is only $6 I wish it was a 10" record with Don't Cry and You're Crazy included, but oh well. I'll probably still buy it lol.
  17. I'm most interested in the live version of You're Crazy... not a bad little EP to drop before an album comes out next year
  18. Just so this doesn't get lost in the other thread... 7" vinyl with Hardschool and a live version of Absurd https://gnrmerch.com/products/hard-skool-7-vinyl CD single with Hardschool, Absurd, Don't Cry (Live) and You're Crazy (Live) https://gnrmerch.com/products/hard-skool-cd Cassette single (same tracks as the CD) https://gnrmerch.com/products/hard-skool-cassette 4 tracks on the physical single... there's your new EP.
  19. The production on Absurd is certainly not great, but it didn't bother me too much because... it's still Silkworms, and you can't polish a turd. But the production on Hard Skool is just... sloppy. Obviously the drum sound is an odd choice, but the biggest issue for me is probably the vocals - it seems like they had properly mixed and finished vocals, but then had to drown them in effects so they'd sound better with Slash's guitar tone. It kind of worked on Absurd, but that was a 'weird' track to begin with - there's no logical reason here to have that much processing and echo on Axl Fuckin' Rose - it just rips some of the soul and emotion out of the track. The editing, like with Absurd, is really sloppy in places, making it sound like a rushed job. The mix is kind of a mess... I completely expected new songs would be pieced together using old tracks with new Slash and Duff parts, but with all the time they've had and the resources at their disposal, I still expected it to sound more cohesive than this...
  20. Someone needs to do a remix/mashup where the breakdown part with the 'hey hey' vocals turns into Eye On You.
  21. https://www.facebook.com/kristie.miyamoto/videos/1230516264115368/
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