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  1. Should it not be out in somewhere like Oz/New Zealand soon enough? Like next few hours
  2. Wish they’d drop HS, clearly it’s not working live. Joke
  3. They left it so long to play it that the buzz is gone and we don’t even have a hot topic
  4. Log in and see a hot topic and immediately read Appetite for Penis starts now… Oh GNR..
  5. Can never understand the love for the 2001 line up. It was a freakshow of people that hardly had any actual interest in Guns N Roses. They only played a handful of shows on a bizarre tour before it was cancelled and that band ended. I guess it’s the freakshow/mysterious aspect that made it exciting…
  6. It’s not even a great song. If SMKC released it there would be a 2 page thread with the word generic mentioned a few times.
  7. I don't think Axl talks to any current or past member unless it is business/Guns related. Maybe the very occasional "Happy insert occasion" or "Congrats insert occasion" . From the current band, I get the impression there are 3 camps. 1) Axl and Team Brazil 2) Slash/Duff 3) Richard, Frank, Melissa This is just the general vibe that I get based off of social media, interviews, pictures etc Thats not to say they don't occasionally talk or even hangout for a bit on tour.
  8. I think rock music in general lost the "Fun" aspect back in the early 90's and its never really returned. The grunge era really kick started rock music been associated with depression, suicide, emo etc and its kind of still like that today.
  9. This is again something that comes down to Axl. He always wanted the music to grow and evolve. We need 3 guitars. We need 2 keyboard players. We need samples. Cut and paste 5 solo's together. For some reason, it became almost unacceptable to just write a rock song or break out the acoustic guitars and write.
  10. Exactly. There’s a quote from 90s Slash in the Paul Huge thread. The general gist was that Axl wanted to write with Paul, maybe keep Gilby as a touring guitarist and maybe even have 3 guitars. I can picture 90s Slash just rolling his eyes and chuckling at that.
  11. I don't mind if they get in a room together and decide that they want to work on an old song as a band. Hell, they can even use Axl's old vocals if they are already recorded. But if you end up with Slash 2020 on lead guitar, Josh Freese 2000 on drums, Tommy Stinson 2004 on bass and have most of the current band not involved... well that's a strange way of making music that likely won't sound natural. Chemistry is a big part of music. You can hear it clearly on Appetite and Lies. Less so on the Illusions. Not really much at all on CD.
  12. The only way I think that a new album will ever be good is if they get in a room together and make an album TOGETHER. Sadly, I don't see that happening. Any new album will likely be Slash and Duff making contributions to Axl's solo music from 20 odd years ago. Or a bunch of copying/pasting of parts recorded over a 20+ year period. I've always preferred live music to studio. Its just more honest.
  13. This is probably the most cringe worthy thread I have ever read on a Guns N Roses forum...
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