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  1. That was actually awesome!!! I remember feeling a bit disappointed when I heard the bad quality version
  2. There is just something that’s very pure about the AFD era. It’s just 5 guys that created and were playing some awesome music. Slash and Izzys guitars sounded amazing together. Guns N Roses became quite a bit bloated after that and never returned to that Pureness again imo. Whether there was 3 guitarists in the band, or 2 keyboard players, backing dancers, several musicians pasted onto 1 album... big budget music videos. The band was different. But I do agree that musically the band actually peaked in 92 and 93.
  3. The reality is, if the Ritz 88 show was a new show, people would complain about it. Set list is too short. Too many covers. Why did Axl disappear during RQ. Slash is just noodling on SCOM. I don’t think Paris 92 would do much better. Too many drum and guitar solos. No *insert song*. The current band are actually fairly awesome. Probably RQ is the only song I really don’t enjoy them doing. It’s Axl that is kinda dragging it down. The way he sings Slither is just all wrong. He physically can’t really sing YCBM or SCOM anymore. If Axl was singing well, pe
  4. I don't think Guns N Roses will retire anytime soon. I think Axl can probably go another 10 years if he wants to. At that point I think Axl and GNR will probably retire. I think Slash will keep going in some capacity until the day he drops.
  5. Another thing that I feel about Nu Guns is that a lot of the members didn’t really give a toss about the band. For all the love that Buckethead receives, I don’t think he has ever mentioned the band again. Seems like he hated his time in Guns and has never looked back. I don’t follow Robin too closely but I don’t think Guns was exactly the highlight of his career either.
  6. You’re certainly not alone! I created this thread because I was frustrated seeing a lot of criticism and negativity lately. I was supposed to be going to the Dublin show about 2 weeks from now. Hope they reschedule for next year and I get a few more chances to see these guys on the same stage. I even had a great time at Berlin 18! And it certainly wasn’t their strongest show.
  7. I'm not going to come on a Guns forum and defend the band in terms of new music. 1 album in almost 30 years is pathetic. However, it is confirmed that Slash recorded at Axl's house. They've also confirmed in a few interviews that they have stuff. I actually do think its possible they were gearing up to do something this year. But of course I do understand the frustration when we're into year 5 of the reunion and nothing has been released.
  8. The irony of that is that Izzy wanted the money! And openly admitted he wanted equal loot.
  9. I think the heartless and soulness thing is mainly because the band never talk really. They never do band interviews. Axl barely ever speaks about Guns. He barely even speaks onstage apart from maybe the odd joke. And clearly individuals are encouraged not to give anything away to the media when they are talking. If they really didn't care at all though, they'd be out there playing a 90 minute greatest hits set.
  10. Is it just me that is noticing a large amount of Slash and Duff hate spilling out into almost every topic on this forum? Rewind back to 2016 for a minute. Slash and Duff returning allowed Guns N Roses to return to stadiums. Lots of people were saying that Slash was a beast and the star of the show. Axl was doing a fairly top notch job as well back then. As Axl started to struggle vocally, Slash stepped up even more and carried the shows at times. It didn't take long for the forum to turn though did it? Now apparently he is just there to collect a pay check, has no passion, jus
  11. I always find it really strange when people say their favorite Guns N Roses guitarist is NOT Slash. Like, him and Izzy wrote 90% of the guitar parts in a standard GNR set. Iconic riffs and solo's. CD barely has a single riff on the entire album. Its just weird to me how anyone could like a guitar player that hasn't really written much of their own stuff and is just covering someone else's work. Its like preferring a cover band to the actual band.
  12. Guns N Roses was never really a brotherhood at any point. Axl and Izzy were friends. Slash and Steven were friends. Duff joined in. It was a cut throat business even back then. They all wanted the best people to make the best band. Over the years, Slash and Duff seem to have become closest. But Its always been a very dysfunctional business. To this day, I believe the band is broken up into 3 different clicks. 1) Axl and TB 2) Slash and Duff 3) Richard, Frank, Dizzy and Mel The best opportunity at having a peaceful reunion was to just bring Slash back in w
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