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  1. Slash deserves so much credit. This is what musicians live for! To release new music. I believe this will be his 9th album since Guns. And that excludes all the live albums etc. I'll never understand why Axl can't just do the same. Not everything needs to be epic.
  2. I remember how excited I was to see what appeared to be a pro shot Locomotive on their Instagram page. And then I listened to it... It sounded worse than the version already on youtube recorded with someone's phone.
  3. The thing that makes me hate the entire CD era is the lack of guitar driven songs. There isn’t a memorable riff on CD
  4. “In general, Guns became a corporate rock band” That was in 92... would love to hear this guys opinions now haha
  5. Unpopular opinion but I was never fond of those acoustic slots in the show.
  6. That was actually awesome!!! I remember feeling a bit disappointed when I heard the bad quality version
  7. Well, I know we've had a bunch of these threads previously but I can't easily find the last one and we have new information now. So last we heard Slash said that they only had a few SA dates this year but would be really working on a new album. Now they've announced some extra dates as well as a whole European leg. Were does this leave us in terms of new music? Do you think a surprise album is actually ready to drop soon? Or has the can been kicked further down the road? I'm personally excited about getting an Irish show next year but I imagine that means nothing new fo
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