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  1. Wolfie is what 7-8PM then has Guns been 8:30 or 9 start? Thanks in advance. Prepping for my St Paul show next week. Can’t wait!!!!’
  2. So Wolfie is on at 7 (St Paul show next week). Guns coming on 90 minutes later then...or what time have they been hitting stage? Thanks in advance!
  3. Was a great time to be 18 years old. I remember being glued to MTV NEWS for reports on the albums and tour -Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion tour Backstage Videos-
  4. Great guy but he’s sucks as drummer. (Which is an issue).
  5. I’ll clarify- why now vs beginning of tour? Releasing 2 “new” songs before tour would have made a lot more sense than now. With this tour wrapping up seems odd to release now but I guess the GnR world is odd.
  6. With only a handful of shows left I don't se what the point of playing Hard Skool would be?
  7. Canter talked about the way early years/formation of Guns. Zero talk of current Guns (that I remember). Old stories...the fact that he has all this footage form way back. Basically promoting his new bio on Guns. Nothing newsworthy (as predicted). Wa skinda cool to get 1/2 hour of GnR talk though. LOL. Yeah Ace is on today with Eddie (again!!). JFC enough with Ace.
  8. Miami. It was like 4AM. That Metal Show. Axl just toyed with him. Kinda a dickhead move. Then Axl shows up with DJ. TMS guys just ignored him LOL.
  9. Lol yeah Eddie is “good friends” with all the guys (‘80s stars). Then the promoted interviewees never fail to “be running late” etc and end up with 2 minute call ins…. But hey- at least he’s here to promote our music. I still think he’s fun to listen to.
  10. Eddie was saying a lot of GnR talk tomorrow with Marc Canter. I’m not expecting any groundbreaking news but will listen for the GnR stories. My show is next week so good timing.
  11. Kinda cool. Thanks for posting. From sounds of Axl it doesn't sound like he has any anger/hate towards Izzy... Maybe they really can 'get the band back together' one day. I'm thinking The St Paul show next Tuesday would be perfect timing! <my show>
  12. Totally agree...I could give a rats ass. Just surprised with all the money on line he/they would risk any potential exposure.
  13. Kinda surprised he was willing to meet her like that with the whole "Covid" world we are in and safety measures you'd think they'd have in place.
  14. Lol “90 percent of Lollapalooza attendees in Chicago last month were fully vaccinated “. Bullshit- anyone that went knows it was a farce. We got in easily. They half assed the enforcement….or less than 1/2 assed it.
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