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  1. I dont think any fans ever thought the day would come that GN'R(or any music artists/bands) would release a children's book first before new music. I mean, it would have been "ok" if there was new music recently. I am not usually vocal about negative things as most of you guys, but damn...
  2. Do you think other members like Slash and Duff have a say in this? I wonder what Slash's opinion about this.
  3. So if GN'R wont play SA this year, safe to say Rock in Rio 2021?
  4. Bon Jovi's upcoming album will be somewhat political or tackle some issues(immigration for example). If GN'R goes that route, I really dont care, as long as it will not be half or most of the songs in the album. Say whatever you have to say in a song or two and leave it at that, it will not help the album otherwise. And if Axl should make political songs, he should wait until Trump wins later this year. That would put more anger and passion in his song writing, something we all want.
  5. Axl should just tweet/post like Slash. Lots of boobies. Everyone loves boobies, so no one feels alienated.
  6. Yeah. I really find it rather hypocritical. But then again, it is Axl... his tweets are almost always passive aggressive to those against his beliefs.
  7. Bon Jovi issues refund to all who bought tickets(didnt postpone tour but really cancelled it) because Jon said the fans most likely need the money for other things. I read many others merely postponed theirs(harder to get refunds).
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