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  1. Let’s keep it on subject and not turn this into another COVID debate thread, okay? Obviously discussing whether or not potential mask mandates impact ticket sales is one thing, but we don’t need to be debating the efficacy of vaccinations in here.
  2. Wow, another shocker. Always really wanted to see ZZ Top but the dates when they were around never seemed to line up with when I was available, really gutted to have missed them now. RIP to an absolute legend
  3. Very shocking. Not a Slipknot fan really but I respect them immensely. Saw them once at a festival and he was an absolute madman behind the kit. RIP
  4. Don't think anyone would be paying much of anything to watch an instrumental rehearsal.
  5. LOTB was the best setlist I've seen them do I think. It was well-rounded - lots of hits, lots of deep cuts, everybody wins. Not to mention throwing in a song like Icarus pleases both the casuals and the diehards; it's a big hit, but it hadn't been played since 1986. I've got friends who have seen Maiden over 200 or 300 times - one has seen them an estimated 500 times (He's lost count) who had never seen Icarus live, that's saying something. I got four songs I'd never seen them do live before (Where Eagles Dare, Clansman, Sign Of The Cross, and Icarus) so I was really happy personally also. Add
  6. It really is amazing to me the way some hardcore Maiden fans bitch about how stale the setlists are. Yes, there are a number of songs that are in heavy rotation between tours. But, there are relatively few you're guaranteed to hear. The only song that has been played on every tour since BNW is Iron Maiden. Fear Of The Dark and Number Of The Beast have both been dropped once. The Trooper and Hallowed have both been dropped twice. Then you've got Wrathchild, Run To The Hills, Aces High, 2 Minutes To Midnight, The Evil That Men Do, and The Wicker Man in regular rotation, as well as a few historic
  7. The only time, yes. I would take that with an extreme grain of salt though. I very much doubt the band has figured out the setlist for the new album tour a year in advance, more likely it's Bruce just getting over-excited about the new material. Would love if they go that route again though, the AMOLAD tour was incredible.
  8. Little to none if you ask me. LOTB only just got pushed back to 2022 a couple months ago. I very much think that's a strong indicator that the tour will remain largely the same as the first two legs, or at least the plans originally laid for 2020 if anything were supposed to change. Add on the fact that the tour poster is the same as the 2021 tour poster that was included in some editions of Nights Of The Dead which still strongly references a number of songs in the LOTB setlist, it all seems to indicate it's still in line with the rest of the LOTB tour. I could see some song off Senjutsu gett
  9. The US pressing was limited to 500, don't think a number was ever attached to the EU/UK pressing. Regardless, neither of them fetch a particularly large amount of money. On the topic of the new album - I'm really excited for this one, despite not being blown away by The Writing On The Wall. Everything about this album release cycle sort of breaks the mold for how Maiden normally do things, so this all feels a little different. First off, they've never released and album in the middle of a tour cycle. Second, They've never dropped a single before announcing the album - usually the
  10. Just posted the new threads necessary, as well as changed the info for ones with a date change. Sorry, not sure how that slipped through the cracks for us.
  11. October 12, 2021 Monterrey, MX Estadio de Beisbol
  12. October 9, 2021 Merida, MX Xmatkuil Juntos Haremos Historia
  13. October 7, 2021 Guadalajara, MX Estadio Akron
  14. October 3, 2021 Hollywood, FL Hard Rock Live Arena
  15. October 2, 2021 Hollywood, FL Hard Rock Live Arena
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