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  1. I quite like the idea of LSTNT as an opener. Rocks Off is always a great pick, glad I got to see that one live in 2015.
  2. I’ve always enjoyed QOS for what it is - a thin-plotted, fast paced action flick. It’s a worthy successor to CR, and does a nice job of fleshing out some of the characters, but it is still my least favorite Craig film at the end of the day. That said, it’s probably still inside my top half of all Bond films best to worst, even if just only.
  3. I just saw it for the second time, sat a lot better with me on a repeated viewing also. The writing is still clunky at times and the plot is overly complicated, but I really don’t have any major criticisms. Still sits behind Casino Royals and Skyfall for me on the Craig rankings though. SPECTRE is the odd one for me when it comes to rankings - I was overwhelmingly positive about it upon release but my feelings have mellowed a bit over the years. I do still really like it for the most part, if only they could’ve dropped Blofeld’s whole “daddy loved you more than me” motivation. I don’t even have a problem with Bond and Blofeld being “related” - just the motivation felt too heavy-handed.
  4. Not sure if anyone else saw it, but did Idris Elba have a cameo, at the party in Cuba? I could swear I saw him but it was such a quick shot I couldn’t really process it in real time.
  5. Tell us how you really feel. I just got home from seeing it. I've got mixed feelings but ultimately more towards the positive than the negative. The pacing of the film is great - I was a little worried when I saw the runtime but it was of no concern at all. The whole pre-title sequence was top notch, and even with its lengthy runtime it all felt totally necessary. The title sequence looked fantastic, even if I don't care for the song still. Great casting and great acting throughout. On the other hand, I thought the plot was a little clunky and overly complicated. Rami Malek, while he played the role well, was underutilized and Safin's motivations were tenuous/unclear IMO. Would've liked to see more of Ana de Armas as well after she was so hyped, very reminiscent of Monica Belushi's role in SPECTRE. Now for the good stuff...
  6. Review of the Pittsburgh gig last night... In a word, fantastic. Obviously, The Stones sans Charlie is far from ideal - it's hard to go see that band and see one of the key players missing. But, I can't imagine a better fill-in/replacement than Steve. He has a very strange mix of how he approaches the songs; some of them he plays nearly verbatim to the way Charlie recorded them, others he plays closer to the way Charlie was playing them live towards the end, and then there's a couple where he puts his own twist on them. It's actually amazing how a different drummer can change the entire dynamic of a song, it's something you don't think about too often at least in rock. But in a band like The Stones where there's so much space and breathing room in the songs, the drums stand right out. The most noticeably different ones were (And in both cases, big improvements IMO) Paint It Black and Jumpin' Jack Flash - both of those songs had seriously been lacking in the tempo department for years, and Steve has really breathed some new life into them by pushing those tempos back up. Other songs benefitted from being played closer to the studio cut - Street Fighting Man pops immediately to mind. It's a very small thing, but especially in the opening slot of the set, having Steve kick in with those 2-4 hits on the floor toms like the studio cut add a nice dynamic. Tumbling Dice is another one that felt very faithful to the studio cut - Steve definitely did a couple of Charlie's fills from the studio cut I can't recall ever hearing Charlie do live. The two where he seemed to put his own spin on things the most were Miss You and Midnight Rambler. Miss You was fantastic - maybe the best rendition I've ever heard in person. Steve clearly locks into that funk groove a lot better than Charlie did I think. Midnight Rambler was interesting because it felt so different. Charlie was loose, the band was loose - but it worked for a song like that. With Steve, it's a tight rhythmic exercise doing the hi-hat swing instead of the riding on the crash as Charlie did for a lot of the song. I thought his transitions into and out of the middle section were a bit clunky but otherwise no complaints about how he plays the song. It's easy to get wrapped up in the talk around Steve since it's the big thing on this tour. But even outside that, it was a great gig. The rest of the band feels reinvigorated and playing with a fury - they're playing like they have something to prove. I saw it noted on IORR but I did notice it last night - Mick and Keef seem to be interacting a lot more on this tour, and thats great to see. The setlist was good, I was happy to get three cuts I've never seen live before. 19th Nervouse Breakdown was especially good live, glad they've reverted to the original arrangement than the one they did on the Bigger Bang Tour. Always happy to see Slipping Away as one of Keith's songs, though I wish they'd revive Little T&A or Can't Be Seen again - both would sound massive with Steve on the kit I think. Good, lively crowd and the weather ended up being perfect for an outdoor gig in fall. There's not much I can say to put this gig down - it's hard to compare to a gig with Charlie, but that's not to take away from what is on display here. Sidenote - struck gold with Lucky Dips again - pulled a pair in section 110, slightly elevated in the lower bowl on Ronnie's side about a third of the way back the catwalk towards the mini stage. $366 tickets for $21, can't beat that
  7. Mick really blew me away in particular in 2019 following the heart surgery too - he was performing like he really had something to prove. Glad to hear he's still got that fire this year. I've made a point of not listening to any recordings of the first two gigs - I don't want to have any preconceived notions of how Steve Jordan is slotting in and I'd rather have that first experience be in person, particularly since my first gig is only a week into the tour. But the comments I'm reading are msotly extremely positive, so I'm excited. I'll absolutely be posting my thoughts after each gig
  8. All good. I’ve been to Luxembourg for concerts on multiple occasions, so I’m more well-versed on their concert infrastructure than most people should be, particularly non-Europeans
  9. Powerage5


    The song is...okay. It sounds like it belongs on a movie soundtrack, and it's a bit all over the place musically.
  10. There's a couple I disagree with on both of these lists. Luxembourg is one I don't see as possible unless GN'R is relegated to an arena band in Europe (Which doesn't seem likely). Luxembourg doesn't have the infrastructure for big stadium gigs - the only stadiums in the country only have several thousands seats (Plus standing of course but still, not particularly suitable for concerts. The largest indoor venue for concerts in Luxembourg for concerts is the Rockhal is Esch-sur-Alzette, and that only holds 6,000. A private show in Andorra is the only reasonable possibility I think again because of infrastructure, and I don't think I can name a single large-name act who has played there. I could see some of the other Eastern European countries being possibilities someday, particularly Latvia and Slovenia. Possibly Ukraine. Dominican Republic was scheduled in 2020 but canceled for COVID obviously.
  11. There's also a petition to get ABBA to perform at Riot Fest 2022, started by Riot Fest. That one grabs my interest far more if only for the absurdity I do love Op Ivy also though. Regardless, I probably wouldn't ever find myself going back to Riot Fest - was not overly impressed by it when I went this year. Very disorganized; hard to find maps of the layout, the Goose Island Riot Fest beer sold out in less than an hour after thye hyped it up big time, last second schedule changes which weren't advertised/promoted quietly being made, and it left a really bad taste in my mouth that they refused to give refunds for the Faith No More/Mr. Bungle cancellations despite offering refunds over bands who cancelled further in advance.
  12. GN'R played South Korea in 2009. The list as far as I'm aware: Afghanistan Albania Algeria Andorra Angola Antigua & Barbuda Armenia Azerbaijan Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belize Benin Bhutan Bosnia & Herzegovina Botswana Brunei Burkina Faso Burundi Cambodia Cameroon Cape Verde Central African Republic Chad China (Mainland - they did play Hong Kong in 2002 and 2018) Comoros Democratic Republic of the Congo Cuba Cyprus Djibouti Dominica Dominican Republic East Timor Egypt Equatorial Guinea Eritrea Eswatini Ethiopia Fiji Gabon The Gambia Georgia Ghana Grenada Guatemala Guinea Guinea-Bissau Guyana Haiti Honduras Iran Iraq Ivory Coast Jamaica Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Kiribati Kosovo Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Laos Latvia Lesotho Liberia Libya Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Madagascar Malawi Maldives Mali Malta Marshall Islands Mauritania Mauritius Micronesia Moldova Monaco Mongolia Montenegro Morocco Mozambique Myanmar Namibia Nauru Nepal Nicaragua Niger Nigeria North Korea North Macedonia Oman Pakistan Palau Palestine Papua New Guinea Qatar Republic of the Congo Rwanda Saint Kitts & Nevis Saint Lucia Saint Vincent & The Grenadines Samoa San Marino São Tomé & Príncipe Saudi Arabia Senegal Seychelles Sierra Leone Slovenia Solomon Islands Somalia South Sudan Sri Lanka Sudan Suriname Syria Tajikistan Tanzania Togo Tonga Trinidad & Tobago Tunisia Turkmenistan Tuvalu Uganda Ukraine Uzbekistan Vanuatu Vatican City Vietnam Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe
  13. Any reports from the halls of the high skools? Are kids dancing in the hallways when it gets played over the PA systems?
  14. I've listened to it a handful of times so far today. I like that, unlike Absurd essentially being the same as the BBF version of Silkworms, HS has been reworked a bit from The Village sessions. However, I think I actually prefer The Village version better, or at least would with a proper mix. I'll go against the grain and say I really like the intro on The Village version - the single just gets into it all a bit too quick without the whole band kicking in right from the get go. I'm digging Slash's solos, but otherwise I think I prefer the guitar work on The Village version; I particularly miss the little repeating lick preceding the solo on the demo. The drums are the biggest thing to me - the drums on the demo really drive the song and invigorate it with a lot of energy, here the drumming just feels a little too relaxed and in the pocket to me. Finally I'm not sold on the mix, it all just sounds a little too dry for my tastes. That's not to take away from what we have here - I'm still legitimately excited that this song has finally officially seen the light of day, and I imagine to fresh ear who are less critical this will be a killer track. I can't believe this day is finally here 15 years after we first heard the 16 second clip of Checkmate.
  15. Freese played on the demo allegedly, not Brain.
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