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  1. Found the post on here about it - Riad was actually on the setlist, along with Perfect Crime and the others already mentioned. I think the rest of the unusual songs got played at some point in 2006:
  2. There was video evidence of OMG getting rehearsed in 2011, never got played. Nothing is a given with this band.
  3. There weren’t any recordings of Riad being rehearsed or sound checked in 2006 or 2007, but the band did post a picture of a setlist on their website at the time that included Riad and If The World. If I remember correctly, that setlist picture was actually the first time the title ITW came to be known.
  4. There's been so many songs on the printed setlists over the years, and in some cases even rehearsed which never came to fruition. It doesn't mean anything until they actually play it in concert, and I'm not convinced this year would've been any different.
  5. My biggest gripe with VH II is the production, I've always found it just a little flat. VH I is raw, aggressive, and Eddie's guitar just cuts through the mix like a knife without ever feeling like it actually overpowers the rest of the mix. Production-wise, it's one of my favorite albums of all time. VH II is more polished and less dynamic to my ears. Works good for some of the poppier stuff like Beautiful Girls and DTNA, but it really doesn't do the rockers like DOA or Light Up The Sky Justice, they feel a little neutered by the production IMO. Song-wise it's absolutely on par with the debut,
  6. Beyond that though, there was a lot to enjoy as an AC/DC fan also. The shows were a solid 45 mins longer than your typical AC/DC gig with roughly 6-7 songs more every night than was typical with Brian. The Philly gig in particular is most likely the longest show in AC/DC history. All of the “extra” songs were ones the band hadn’t performed in decades; Riff Raff hadn’t been played since 1978 (Barring the VH1 session in 1996 but that was a studio performance), Live Wire hadn’t been played since 1982, Touch Too Much wasn’t confirmed to have ever been played before. The band returned to original t
  7. Powerage5

    Judas Priest

    I’m a casual fan. I’ve come to enjoy them a lot more over the years. British Steel through Turbo is one of the greatest runs of albums in all of metal, and I know it’s a super unpopular opinion but I think Turbo is their best album. Love that sound and wish they had explored it further. I’ve seen them five times, mostly on combo tours and at festivals. I thought they were so bad the first time I saw them (On the Nostradamus you’d) that I actively avoided seeing them for years after that. Really enjoyed the gigs every time I’ve seen them since though, and I did go to see them do a hea
  8. The London tickets were super cheap - I want to say around CAD $100. By far the cheapest VH show I’ve been to. Now that you mention it, the crowd did really suck in Toronto 2012. I remember thinking it would be electric because it was St. Paddy’s Day and VH is still very much a party band at it’s core, and the crowd was not there to party
  9. The last tour was fun because of all the deep cuts, but honestly probably my least favorite VH tour I saw. The London gig was great because I was in the barrier, but the band wasn’t as tight in 2015, and Dave was the worst I’ve seen him in person. I don’t remember the Darien Lake gig hardly at all other than it being a cold rainy night for August. 2007 was great for the wow factor - I never thought I’d see VH with Dave singing, and the production was really great with the stage setup. Dave was the best I’ve heard him in person. 2012 was very polarizing for me - I saw both m
  10. The most information I’ve found is I think in the RS article Angus said most of the Material comes from the Black Ice era, but some dates back to the 90’s. Not sure if any goes any further back than that.
  11. It’s a solid lead single, though I thought RNR Train and Play Ball were stronger. But it’s exactly what I expect from AC/DC and that’s not a bad thing.
  12. This one hurts like hell. Gun to my head, I would probably say Eddie was my favorite guitarist. I have virtually every riff, lick, and solo of his permanently ingrained in my head. Very, very few individuals can say they innovated their craft the way that Eddie can. I can safely say without Eddie’s contributions, rock music would not have become what it did. I feel so fortunate I got a chance to see Van Halen a number of times between 2007 and 2015. Sure Dave sounded like shit, but the rest of the band and especially Eddie...I get chills thinking about it. Eddie’s guitar solo alone was worth t
  13. For single songs, You're Crazy from Brooklyn Bowl 2013. Axl's voice went downhill from there, but YC was ridiculously good.
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