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  1. That was a great show in general, and we got a few fun songs at that one.
  2. Second and final show of the tour for me last night in Cleveland. I had Lucky Dip for this one, and pulled Pit A First time in the pit since Toronto 2013, got on the barrier on the inside edge of the side extension. Quite a nice spot actually as I could lean my back against the barrier looking inwards towards the main stage and catwalk, and turn around when someone came out on the side extension. Good show, albeit not as good as MetLife night 2 a few weeks ago. Setlist was less exciting than MetLife also with Get Off Of My Cloud and Bitch getting dropped for It's Only Rock N Roll and Let's Spend The Night Together, and especially Sweet Sounds Of Heaven still being dropped in favor of Happy. That said, I was elated to finally get Monkey Man - one of my favorite Stones songs and I've missed it by one show numerous times over the last few years. Band was in fine form again, with Keith being the MVP of the core members again. But man, I am just loving Steve Jordan. I never thought I would say this, but Miss You might have been the best song last night and that's in no small part due to Steve. He's got the funk groove absolutely locked down in a way Charlie never did.
  3. Simple: I don’t watch that shit
  4. I'm fully neutral for the Euros since I'm American, but I never miss an opportunity to razzle the English a bit. Honestly I love the Euros, in some ways it's my favorite tournament to watch. Gonna be crazy trying to cram in every game from the Euros and Copa America - not much sleep over the next month for me.
  5. Forbidden certainly isn’t my least favorite, that would be Cross Purposes. Headless Cross is my favorite. Eternal Idol is tough to rank against the rest - it really doesn’t sound or feel like a Tony Martin album, since he came into the picture so late. But I would take Tyr and probably Eternal Idol ahead of Forbidden.
  6. I gave Forbidden a full listen today - I actually can't believe the difference. I know this is a cliche for remixes, but it's literally like hearing the album for the first time. The guitar tones are so full and cutting, the drums are crisp, the low end is well rounded. It does not sound like an album recorded 30 years ago. I'm really looking forward to getting to know this album again/better. Only listened to a couple tracks off of the others so far. It sounds like Headless Cross has benefitted the least from the remaster, but I've always been a fan of the sound despite the fact that it sounds relatively dated. Try is sounding a lot better - always found the sound a bit thin on that one. As for Cross Purposes...I've never especially been a fan of this one, I haven't really had a chance to compare it to the original yet.
  7. Makes me wonder is Mal was the one so insistent to “keep it in the family”, so to speak. Totally agree about Matt’s look though
  8. I don’t dislike Demon Fire, but I do agree it’s a little too similar to Baptism By Fire. It’s a sound that AC/DC hasn’t done much of, and it comes across a little formulaic.
  9. I caught my first of two shows this tour in East Rutherford last night. What a show, and what a set list especially! Live debut of Tell Me Straight, and tour debuts for Bitch, Heartbreaker, and Midnight Rambler (The latter bumping Miss You out of the set ). The most HD songs in a set so far, and for me personally I got six songs I’ve never seen. The band was on fire, and the crowd was very good. Keef was really in the zone after the first few songs, he really led the show last night. Mick was in great spirits, and Ronnie feels a bit back to his old self - much more lively. Steve Jordan is having the time of his life up there; of course I’d rather have Charlie still, but we are so fortunate to have Steve in the band in his stead. Looking forward to Cleveland in a few weeks. If you have the chance to catch them on this run, do not miss it. Last night was up there with the best Stones shows I’ve seen.
  10. Haven’t checked out any videos yet as I’ve been tied up all weekend, but every comment I’ve read so far has been overwhelmingly positive.
  11. Las Vegas: Start me up Get off my cloud Let’s Spend The Night Together Angry Like a rolling stone You got me rocking Mess it up Tumbling dice You can't always get what you want Intros You got the silver Little T & A Sympathy for the devil Honky Tonk Women Miss You Gimme Shelter Paint it black Jumping Jack Flash Sweet sounds of Heaven Satisfaction Weakest setlist of the tour so far IMO. Disappointed that Out OF Time has been replaced by warhorses the last two shows (IORR in Glendale, LSTNT in Vegas), Mess It Up doesn't seem to be a rotating Hackney Diamonds song anymore, weak song vote in YGMR, LARS in the "ballad" slot. But on the positive side, back to two Keith songs finally.
  12. You're doing the Lord's work. Thank you for your service.
  13. Time Is On My Side is a great pick, glad to see that one in the mix again. Looks like Get Off Of My Cloud and Out Of Time are gonna be staples, happy about that. No song vote for New Orleans but understandable given the festival and the number of guest performers in the set. My only real gripe so far is only one Keef song (But it is an excellent one at least). Speaking of Keef songs, would love to see them have a go at Can’t Be Seen again. Loved hearing that in 2014 but with the energy Steve Jordan brings to the live band, that one would be a great choice nowadays.
  14. Mess It Up sounds so good live. Apparently most of the album was rehearsed if the reports on IORR are to be believed. I'm guessing Angry and SSOH get played each night, with the third song rotating. Also I really hope Out Of Time is a staple in the set this year, like it was in Europe in 2022.
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