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  1. For single songs, You're Crazy from Brooklyn Bowl 2013. Axl's voice went downhill from there, but YC was ridiculously good.
  2. Even beyond the hilarity of him singing that one, I'm really confident it would've fit his Axl/DC voice really well after hearing how he did the early Brian stuff.
  3. Wow, they leaked the lead single off the new album Strap It On?!?
  4. Don't disagree that they could absolutely get away with that. Personally? Don't know how I feel about having to digest an album for upwards of a year before any of it gets played live. But different strokes and all that, and my personal feelings don't matter in the end anyways
  5. Are you referring to the rerecorded WTTJ from The Village sessions? If so, I quite liked the instrumental, but agree it is quite underwhelming without vocals.
  6. I mean, a couple of the bands I follow closely are holding back albums because of the pandemic, granted the situations are a little different. Iron Maiden supposedly would've had their new album out this fall, but in their case the final leg of their current tour got postponed from this summer to next summer. The Dropkick Murphys have also postponed their new album - it was originally supposed to be out in the spring, then it got postponed to September, and now it's on hold indefinitely (Though they have at least released a single from it in the meantime). I don't think there's any right
  7. No matter how NTTD ends up being as a whole, Rami Malek will 100% be a better villain than evil Steve Jobs. That alone can't put it in the same league as TND.
  8. On the contrary, I’d imagine an Appetite-era demo doesn’t exist, since both of the November Rain demos as well as Back Off Bitch were included in the AFD super deluxe. If a demo of YCBM existed from that era, wouldn’t that have made sense to be there also?
  9. You can actually turn that off - when on mobile, go to the top menu bar, and click the slider icon - in the pop-up window you can select to turn off the bottom menu bar on mobile. Attached are screenshots to show you how to do it.
  10. We’re aware of it, I believe @downzy said he’d look into it today.
  11. Trailer for season 2 looks great. Looks like it's going to be a little "bigger" than season 1, and it's going to dig deeper into Star Wars lore. I'm fully onboard with both of those.
  12. I’m not usually one to shell out for these super deluxe editions of albums, but I’m seriously considering getting the super deluxe 40th anniversary edition of Motörhead’s Ace Of Spades when it’s released next month. That set is ridiculously stacked for a price tag that isn’t totally outrageous, and besides all of the vinyls in the set, it’s got the album in 5.1 on DVD.
  13. Almost every virtual concert/festival I've seen so far has been hosted on a platform that can easily be watched on a TV. I've "attended" a few of these virtual festivals and concerts now over the Summer. Some have been better than others, and on the festivals you get a wildly varying level of quality of content. Wacken World Wide has been my favorite virtual festival so far - good to see some of their archival footage in HD, and a healthy dose of new performances for the streaming event. My favorite virtual concerts have still been the two the Dropkick Murphys have done though; th
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