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  1. I honestly don’t even really care about the film at this point. I can’t get excited about it because every time they announce a new release date I’m not confident it will actually be released then. The thing is, I don’t feel like sitting on the film until it can be released in cinemas is going to end up being a cost effective strategy. It doesn’t matter how you cut it, I don’t see the film being a financial success. The cost on promotion has to be astronomical alone - there was the initial promotional campaign for April 2020, then immediately after the delay a shorter promotional campaign abou
  2. I didn’t pick up many studio albums released in 2020, but loads of new live albums/reissues released last year. New albums picked up last year: 1. Mr. Bungle - The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny Demo 2. British Lion - The Burning 3. AC/DC - Power Up 4. Tower Of Power - Step Up I really, really loved all of these albums and it’s hard for me to rank them. Mr. Bungle takes the prime spot because it is, undoubtedly, the best thrash metal album of the last decade in my mind. Early Bungle is a sound that was so well suited to have Scott Ian and Dave Lombardo join
  3. I’ve yet to pick up any versions on vinyl, I really should get on that as AC/DC is one of the bands I’ve got a good collection going for. The only release I’ve picked up so far is the deluxe CD with the light-up box. Cheesy as all hell but it works for AC/DC and it sits proudly alongside my Backtracks deluxe edition boxset
  4. Watching the whole second season again, I think The Jedi is my favorite episode. But really as a whole this season knocked it out of the park. The Passenger and The Heiress weren’t WUITE up to par with the rest of the season, but that bar is so ridiculously high.
  5. The biggest hindrance in AVTAK is the plot (Or lack thereof). I mean it’s literally a cheating horse jockey decides to blow up Silicon Valley, it’s nuts But I love it - for my money it’s the most entertaining Bond film I don’t consider “legitimately” good.
  6. My take on QOS over the years has become that it's an excellent action film, if not an excellent Bond film. Fast-paced and to the point, but pretty thin in the writing department (Understandable given the circumstances surrounding it). It's by no means a terrible film though, and certainly not the worst Bond film as many people seem to suggest. I still love SPECTRE despite it's flaws. It's absolutely ridiculous, up there with the wackiest of the Moore films (Maybe not quite reaching the ridiculousness of the Brosnan films though), but it's just a lot of fun still. And the PTS is s
  7. According to Discogs the only official vinyl release of Forbidden was released in Brazil in 1995. Goes for stupid money, the median price is $195. It's not as bad an album as everyone makes it out to be, but I'm not about to drop that kind of money on it
  8. Just a reminder that we cannot allow links to videos from unofficial channels for legal reasons, and as such I’ve had to edit the video out of the OP.
  9. Same here. Forbidden is his weakest, but it's far from terrible. Eternal Idol and especially Headless Cross are both top 5 Sabbath albums for me.
  10. We do, but it's not to stop videos from getting taken down from YouTube, it's to provide legal cover for ourselves. Unfortunately, we can't always catch every single thing that gets posted and things do sometimes slip through the cracks. That's when other users reporting posts becomes important, because it can call our attention to something we may have missed.
  11. Good call on the deep Sabbath albums. Eternal Idol is one of my favorites, the Tony Martin era doesn't get it's due. I don't even know the last time I poked my head into this thread, but I've been picking up a few things here and there again lately, mostly newer releases. I went a little crazy on the new Mr. Bungle album and bought three of the different pressings, two different pressings of the new Maiden live album (Including the amazing Mexican tri-color version), the new Stray Cats live album on baby blue vinyl, and the stunning Ace Of Spades 40th anniversary box set - one of
  12. I saw a headline about this - what the fuck?!?
  13. I’m glad Boba Fett will be a separate series instead of Mando season 3. And co-produced by Robert Rodriguez? My body is ready.
  14. Going back to where @ZoSoRose mentioned the balance of one-off and galaxy-spanning episodes is, season 2 has added a lot more purpose to the one-off episodes so far. Some of the episodes in S1 were completely detached from the story, namely E5 and E6. But S2 has given these episodes a lot more purpose by bringing back Fennec and Mayfeld to serve a greater purpose to the story. The only episode to date that truly feels unnecessary right now is S2E2, the one with the frog lady. But I also love that the morality of the recurring characters is much more grey than black and white. We saw that in S1
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