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  1. Any reports from the halls of the high skools? Are kids dancing in the hallways when it gets played over the PA systems?
  2. I've listened to it a handful of times so far today. I like that, unlike Absurd essentially being the same as the BBF version of Silkworms, HS has been reworked a bit from The Village sessions. However, I think I actually prefer The Village version better, or at least would with a proper mix. I'll go against the grain and say I really like the intro on The Village version - the single just gets into it all a bit too quick without the whole band kicking in right from the get go. I'm digging Slash's solos, but otherwise I think I prefer the guitar work on The Village version; I particularly miss the little repeating lick preceding the solo on the demo. The drums are the biggest thing to me - the drums on the demo really drive the song and invigorate it with a lot of energy, here the drumming just feels a little too relaxed and in the pocket to me. Finally I'm not sold on the mix, it all just sounds a little too dry for my tastes. That's not to take away from what we have here - I'm still legitimately excited that this song has finally officially seen the light of day, and I imagine to fresh ear who are less critical this will be a killer track. I can't believe this day is finally here 15 years after we first heard the 16 second clip of Checkmate.
  3. Yep, nothing offered. I’d have happily taken a refund for Sunday at the very least, Bungle was the only reason I bought a Sunday ticket.
  4. They did, but every other act that canceled up until this was met either with the offer of refunds and/or compensation for ticket holders (i.e. admission to the Thursday night included with any ticket holders for other days). The fact that they just said “oh well” the week of when two big drawing bands canceled reeled of them panicking about losing money on refunds requested. That’s nothing against Mike/FNM/Bungle - I fully respect and appreciate their stance. My only bone to pick is with the festival.
  5. Didn't get a chance to post my thoughts after the gig as I've been a bit tied up with my family I'm visiting while in town, but I have to say for as critical as I was after the Hershey gig, I'm honestly really glad I gave them another go this year. I said I'd need to see longer setlists, better performances, and new music before I would even consider going to see them again - all three of which they delivered on within a handful of gigs after Hershey. Was it a perfect gig, or one of the absolute best GN'R gigs I've seen? No. But it was a lot of fun, and well worth the cost of a cheaper pit ticket. It was fun to be in the pit again I'll admit, only the second gig I've done so with this lineup. The setlist was good - seeing Slash play on Silkworms/Absurd of all songs still blows my mind, and I loved seeing Wichita Lineman finally. A bit bummed that Maddy got dropped as I was really looking forward to seeing that one again after a decade. The band was tight and having fun, as was Axl. He had some genius moments of rasp, and some songs that he's hot and cold with came off really well, like Estranged. There's a few songs that were still really rough but all songs that he has been struggling with historically - namely Better, YCBM, and Nightrain. Very happy I went and relieved that I can somewhat write Hershey off as a fluke. I on't exactly feel I need to be in a rush to go again, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was my favorite GN'R gig I've seen since Detroit 2016.
  6. Honestly wouldn’t have known other than this statement. Seemed to be in great spirits and fairly active physically I thought. A few songs had some really rough vocals but mostly songs that he usually struggles with anyways.
  7. Just showed up, about 5 back in the pit on Slash’s side. Pit is a lot bigger than other gigs it seems. I’m f’n ready to get f’n Skool’d tonight, boys!
  8. How professional! Our standards for that are too low
  9. Wow that litho is horrible. Glad I’ve given up on buying GN’R merch altogether, makes it less disappointing
  10. Not really no, he just said he’s struggling with his mental health and it’s been exacerbated by the pandemic, and he doesn’t feel he can give his 100% onstage right now.
  11. First priority is to wish Mike well - I’m glad he is doing what he needs to, and making a statement about struggling with his mental health sends a good message I think that this isn’t something that should be considered a taboo issue. That said, I am beyond heartbroken not to be seeing Bungle and FNM this weekend. I’m already on my way to Chicago for Riot Fest, and I can honestly say I wouldn’t not have been making this trek without both of those bands being in the fold (And especially without Bungle/Fishbone having a club gig on Friday night). I’ve still yet to see FNM live, they’ve very much become a white whale act for me. Get well soon Mike, keeping you in my thoughts
  12. I jumped on it last night because, after Mike Patton canceled all of the Faith No More/Mr. Bungle shows, I needed to come up with a good reason for Chicago to still be worthwhile. My Friday night outright got canceled, and Mr. Bungle was more or less the only reason I got Sunday tickets to Riot Fest. It ended being marginally more than the Mr. Bungle show on Friday, but at least I had the reassurance I got tickets I guess
  13. Paid $89 like 12 hours before they dropped to $59. lol, kill me.
  14. I might have done a thing See y'all on Thursday - so much for Hershey being my last straw. This fucking band, man
  15. I've been a bit busy I was on a trip down to Nashville when the album came out and I've still only managed to listen a handful of times. But here goes... Might surprise you to hear I am not blown away by it...yet. It is growing on me, but I'm still fairly lukewarm on it. I do not consider this a bad thing though - I had similar feelings about The Book Of Souls and The Final Frontier upon release, and they've grown to be amongst my favorite Maiden albums. This album is dense, dark, and hard to digest. Even after a handful of listens, some of the songs tend to blur together. I have hardly digested the lyrics, but I like what I've managed to decipher. I do really like when I feel lukewarm about a new album - it forces me to listen more critically, and decide what I actually like about the songs. The three that have clicked with me best so far are Darkest Hour, The Writing On The Wall, and Hell On Earth. Onto a track-by-track breakdown: Senjutsu - This is one that's grown on me a lot since my first listen. It's big, it's quite heavy, and it's a very atypical opening track. It feels a bit power metal-ish to me - Sabaton in particular, both in terms of sound and lyrical content. If I have one real gripe about this one it's that it's a bit too long for its own good; its good but it really goes almost nowhere in its eight and a half minutes. Stratego - Typical single fare for Maiden. Good to have a gallop (Albeit a slower gallop) again, and its catchy. Not a fan of the guitar doubling the vocals on the verses, sounds a bit muddy. But a good track for what it is. The Writing On The Wall - Its like I can see into the future with this one; I thought it was okay when it was first released, and now I'm loving it. I love the whole western vibe of this one, reminds me a lot of Wheel In The Sky by Journey. I love the lyrics on the verses, they paint a vivid picture that is enhanced by the excellent music video, but the track suffers from a weak chorus. All that said, after the hype in the press release about the album being so diverse and full of new territory for Maiden, this track still stands out as the most unique. Lost In A Lost World - This one has yet to click with me at all. Its bland, goes nowhere, and has a weak chorus. It all just feels a little too formulaic, it has all the worst traits across Maiden's 21st century output all rolled into one track. Weakest song on the album by a large margin I think. Days Of Future Past - It's a straight, no bullshit rocker, which Maiden doesn't do enough nowadays. Great solo from Adrian on this one. It's never going to end up one of my favorites, but it serves the album well and gives it a great shot of energy. The Time Machine - Another that's growing on me a lot. The intro is far too derivative and similar to The Book Of Souls, The Talisman, and The Legacy, but once it gets going it's great. This one goes in all sorts of different directions, it manages to be the proggiest track on the album while being the fourth shortest track on the album. Darkest Hour - I love this track, far and away the best on the album I think. It's like the lovechild of Coming Home and Wasting Love, how it sits comfortably between slow burning rocker and ballad with a big, anthemic chorus. This is the only track that completely blew me away on my first listen. The seagull bit at the end goes on for a bit too long though. Death Of The Celts - The Clansman 2.0. It's...fine. But it's almost uncomfortable how similar the soft intro is. Once the song gets going it's better but still doesn't do anything Maiden hasn't done on any other 10 minute tracks. The Parchment - Another one that is growing on me, but I'm not quite there with it yet. Love the modal scale (Phrygian I think just from hearing it?), it's something that Maiden doesn't experiment with often enough. Again though, it just doesn't feel like it uses its runtime well - it doesn't feel like it needs to be a 12 minute track. Hell On Earth - I do really like this one already, but I haven't fully digested it yet. This track is dense - it's the antithesis of a typical Maiden epic; it's not formulaic, it goes in a lot of different directions, and it doesn't exactly tell a story. The form of this one is tough to follow, even the soft intro doesn't really follow any sort of traditional form - it's fairly open-ended by Maiden's standards. Curious to see how this one sits for me when I've fully digested it. So yeah, it's a decent album that I haven't fully formulated my opinions of yet. It's certainly not bad but it is definitely out there even by modern Maiden standards. I think some of the comparisons made in the press to The X Factor were apt - there's a handful of tracks here that feel like they'd be at home on that album. I think the biggest problem on this album is there is most certainly fat on nearly every track that could've been trimmed. I'm not usually one to say anything from Maiden feels bloated, with a few select exceptions (The Red And The Black, anyone?). But this album really feels bloated to me. It had no business being a double album (Especially at being a double album by less than two minutes), and that they just felt the need to follow the precedent set by TBOS. I'm not a fan of the idea being floated in the press from Bruce and Steve that they may play the album live in its entirety - that worked really well for AMOLAD, but I just do not feel this is as coherent an album, and I think even for a lot of diehard fans that would be an incredibly taxing concert.
  16. Pittsburgh and Detroit for me. Had tickets for Cleveland and Buffalo also, both of which got cancelled after the rescheduling.
  17. I think the truth when it comes to Hard School is, we know it’s rehearsed, cued up production-wise, and seems to be imminent that it gets played. So there’s a sense of…not so much urgency, but anticipation on behalf of the fans in the know on that one. In reality, I think 99% of even the forum diehards would be absolutely over the moon about two new songs and feel satisfied, I certainly know I would be. That of course won’t carry us forever, but it would more than whet our appetites. It’s not like anyone is seriously saying “come on guys, we know Perhaps and Quick Song are in the vaults! What is taking so long?!?” - it’s almost like the band has given us a reason to feel like this when it comes to Hard School.
  18. Sway would be my pick too. It's also a standout track for Charlie, one of my absolute favorite drum tracks from him.
  19. It's honestly hard to find the words to say. I love the Stones. They're the second concert I ever went to, and really the first band that I fell in love with because I saw them live. At the time it seemed ridiculous to see a band just to say you saw them, but it was The Rolling Stones - it was an event. I was so blown away, and immediately became a huge fan. Charlie was certainly no small part of what infatuated me - he may not have the showmanship of Mick, Keef, or even Ronnie, but what he lacked in showmanship he more than made up for in musicianship. He was hardly the most technical drummer out there, but he was the absolute perfect fit for a band like the Stones. He had a swagger and a groove that most drummers could only dream of, but so incredibly tight still. He was, in a sense, the glue that held a band like the Stones together, musically at least. And he was still so goddamn good for his age towards the end, his performances never slid the slightest bit. I had so many fond memories from the Stones gigs. Even the worst Stones gig I've seen was amongst the best gigs I've ever seen. Thanks Charlie for those memories, rest easy
  20. When I saw Billy Joel in Buffalo on Saturday masks were "mandatory" in the venue, as in the venue sent out an email saying they were required for entry and to be worn at all times. In reality, almost no one was wearing them, including the venue staff.
  21. As I've already mentioned privately, I am also considering Chicago myself now, even after the Hershey gig. I said I was done giving the band money until they gave us new music...and they gave us new music immediately For me it'll come down to whether or not ticket prices come down for that gig. I'll already be in Chicago for Riot Fest, so if I can score some cheap seats when I don't have to travel just for GN'R, then why not?
  22. I didn't think Slash would ever be playing on Silkworms either, but here we are I'd say after that, anything is fair game it seems.
  23. Makes me really happy we have the CD multitracks. Mixing those vocals into the RM#2 instrumental is perfect. It totally makes sense the “doom metal” comments Bach made back in the day after hearing that.
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