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  1. I've seen people crying over Slash's solos on the reunion shows here un Argentina. I don't think anyone would ever cry over Richard's solos. But yeah he may be more capable 😂
  2. If You think SMKC is bland boring or uninspired You definetly didn't go to a show
  3. I hate this band and this forum too. You spend all day throwing shit to the band but then You won't share a fucking link. I don't get it
  4. You could be mine Don't damn me You're crazy (Líes)
  5. I just Heard the leaks for the very first time and i loved Hardschool Big time . I really don't know why Axl didn't include it on Chinese. Is way better than most of the songs of it. I Guess it's an obvious choice if sometime they release a new one
  6. Stop convincing yourself with that crap of Slash's genéric rock. I know You all love Axl no matter what but the guy released ONE album in 30 years. Slash 's snakepit debut had some good songs , then there's VR wich Contraband rocks top from bottom, his solo album that also has very good songs with artists like Ozzy or Chris Cornell, and call it "genéric" but with Myles some songs are really good. I Can't believe people here still defending Axl. He's a ass
  7. I did watch it finally. I don't get how they do things really. I'm starting to think they don't watch these before releasing it there's no way they put something like this. Sounds horrible. Where's that story of Axl being perfectionist and all that crap? He's just lazy as fuck and i think doesn't care too much anymore wich it's even worse. But he called Slash and I witnessed something i wouldn't imagine! Not in this lifetime 😂 and he went and totally rocked with Acdc. This last one huge respect.
  8. After reading i don't even bother watching it. No new music and Axl sounding like shit i don't care anymore of this band
  9. Acdc's power up keeps getting better! Hahaha Axl c...sucker! Yeah ACDC rock's 😂😂😂😂
  10. Slash's on the studio with The conspirators.... We already know who is the problem here....
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