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  1. Yeah .. the album was coming but this delayed it another 5 years
  2. I really like HardSkool and i'm fine with it being in an album. I'm not getting into if it's a reworked demo and all that. I'd take anything they release
  3. By the sword is one of the best non GNR Slash's songs
  4. I really like HardSkool and Absurd it's OK so i don't care if they release more reworked stuff from the Chinese era. Why would Axl throw away the work of 20 years ? maybe is all he ever wanted , his vision of the new GNR sound with Slash n Duff. The follower of UYI like if they wouldn't split up. If they release this first wich for what i said before it's the logical thing ... I mean Axl had the vocals done and let Slash n Duff write the music. Is not that weird. What i found kind of lazy is they could release these reworked songs way earlier. I listen Hardskool Pretty much everyday going to work and i really like it. Didn't listen the leaks just this one and i think they did improve it . Not their greatest but it definetly rocks and sound like Guns again. So i'm really excited if they release more of these songs .. it's something new and fresh ( i know maybe this is not the Word but it's on You for listen the leaks). I would like things would be diferent but at the end of the day i'm always in for Anything they throw to us
  5. Slash is the reason why this band still exists right now. Seriously are blaming him because not releasing an album? Everything that happens with this band is up to Axl.
  6. It's like recording the music first and then the vocals but it's the other way around. Axl did the vocals and then Slash n Duff wrote the music. Yeah sure Axl did the vocals 20 years ago but who cares? If we are getting new music i don't care how they put it togheter. And if Axl had this material and wanted to release it somehow what's wrong with it? If we wouldn't listen the leaks we really couldn't tell it's reworked stuff
  7. I doesn't anymore. The news is Slash said they didn't write Anything new togheter yet. He and Duff just re worked Axl's recorded stuff. They even didn't rework the drums ...
  8. Why Axl would want to throw away his work ?? I don't mind if they release those re recorded songs i just think they could have done it earlier ... A new álbum from the scratch Will take some time if they do it. But makes sense Axl wants to release those songs
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