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  1. You said it yourself not even Axl cares how Chinese songs sounds with Slash. It's obvious he doesn't care if he plays the solos note by note perfect ... The guitar player plays his own way. Slash doesn't care Axl singing like shit so...
  2. The more I listen to Sorry the more I like it. Love Axl's low voice and the guitar solo's epic
  3. Yeah imagine how pissed of we were for 15 years of Bucket, Robin, Ron, Dj ashba for fucks sake doing GNR songs
  4. Axl was missing. So Slash was missing in Chinese. They are meant to be ... We missed 20 years . I love them but i hate them too
  5. Yet You wouldn't mind all NU GNR guitar players playing Slash's material for 15 years 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
  6. Drop kohd and live and let die. Appetite is what make them great, i don't mean it should be played entirely but You can't drop those 2 for me.
  7. ISE and BROWNSTONE are the "non hits" greater GNR songs to me. They should be played every show. But just My opinion
  8. I really want to hear Hardschool ! The 2020 soundcheck with the new guitar arrangment sounds great!
  9. Remove all the covers especially live and let die and kohd . You're Crazy/Used to love her/Move to the city at least 2 of them should be played! Bad Obsession/Pretty tied up and another deep cut from the illusions... Black leather/Hair of the dog something from TSI. They only have 6 albums they should play something from every récord i Guess
  10. Don't know what to think... Would Make sense if they play Hardschool at least and after a few shows release it as a single.. but that's how a normal band works i don't know with this "band" . I Guess they throw 2 or 3 older songs too
  11. Maybe i'm with You on this one... I like all SmKC albums and went some live shows but i think VR'S Contraband and Slash solo album and maybe 5 O'clock are way better than Anything with Myles. But i don't know what to think when it comes to Myles. Alter Bridge > SMKC all the way too
  12. I love Axl's raspy voice but late 92 and 93's voice was a bit too much. 88' Axl is #1 2006 is OK too
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