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  1. The thought of a mosh pit while Axl mickeys his way through You could be mine is quite amusing.
  2. They're Axl little bitches now and everything is just about the money. There is nothing left of the original GnR spirit. It's the worst downfall in rock history. From heros to zeros. Fuck.
  3. You know that they will mess it up though
  4. And nobody is asking for new Velvet Revolver music, especially without Scott, anyway.
  5. Can't wait for more info about other artists he didn't write with!
  6. If Axl and Slash would be inspired and great nobody would notice Frank's playing at all. It's not his fault at all that they sound like shit.
  7. It's too late for that now. What are they gonna do - same old songs, Axl still sounding like shit, no new music. Plus everone knows what the motivation for that would be. It would be even more depressing than what we have now, 100%.
  8. I don't think anybody would be pissed if they didn't play YCBM and KOHD. But even if you add these to the list, that's six songs. Not a lot.
  9. Guns could easily play most of a new album. How many hits do they have that they absolutly HAVE to play with their small output? SCOM, Jungle, November Rain, Paradise City. Everything else is optional, imo.
  10. What a sell out he became. That's GnR these days. Can't wait for the 265th signature Les Paul.
  11. I hope it was him, GnR is just a (boring) soap opera anyway.
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