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  1. This, exactly. Tracks like You ain't the first and yes, even My world, contribute a lot to the grandiosity of Use Your Illusion, imo.
  2. Yeah, you can't have Bucket and Slash together in GnR. It's just too much.
  3. Has he written something like this ever before when he was sick/ sounded bad at a show?
  4. Haha, who wants to wear this shit? Where's fucking Hardskool? Feels just like the time before Absurd now again, congrats, GnR. One of a kind.
  5. Traffic standstill is the new dancing in the hallways Hard Skoool tonight!
  6. I hope Axl can bring his AXL/DC voice for Hard Skool somehow.
  7. Lol, I tried Amazon music - you get a track called "Hard Skool" by Jakey Wakey.
  8. You might have something here...can't wait for the album ABSURD! ABSURD! PERHAPS!! PERHAPS!! SEVEN! SEVEN!! HAAAWH!
  9. Now the faster tempos are being missed Complaints, complaints, complaints! ABSURD!
  10. We don't know anything about all of this and it's none of our business
  11. As mentioned before by others, I really don't think they want to show their former selves this way at this point. The drinks, the drugs, the stupidity, Axl's over the top diva behaviour - everything interesting/ hilarious would probably be cut out now. So, as with many, many other things Gnr: This ship has sailed.
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