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  1. He is not an artist/ musician like Springsteen or Hendrix or Nick Cave to name a few. Put any of these cats on a stage with only their instrument and let them do their thing, you won't need anything or anybody else. Axl is more like Jim Morrison or Jagger, these guys need their musical partners/ bands and can't really do it all by themselves.
  2. That would be quite interresting. Does it make him angry or does he at least get a good chuckle out of it? The video is clearly made by someone who loves the band, I mean, come on - this is great!
  3. It's less shitty than the other ones. Still boring though. Ok, I just got to Rocket Queen. Mickey is in the house, won't watch again.
  4. No surprises at all. EVERYTHING about GnR is boring right now!
  5. If you're hungry for the true, original GnR sound listen to the first 3 songs from Izzy's Like a dog record. It's right there, that sound.
  6. It's so great, it's scary. I love the one second of rasp in the second verse, whoever did this is an GnR expert for sure.
  7. Not in this lifetime, come on. That ship has sailed for good in 2016/17.
  8. It's like the whole world turns to shit right now. Dark times all around.
  9. Slash and Duff don't care about anything but money, Axl is loco, "management" and social media people are stupid and incompetent, all the other "band members" just do their job and keep their heads down. Please, no more "selects".
  10. Please, no more of these. It's too complicated for them to do it right, obviously.
  11. Nah, no more complaints. That's the point, a lot of the hardcore fans don't care anymore. Because GnR sucks, everything is shit, all the time. No other band comes close.
  12. He really did, if we're honest. What's left now can not really be called a band. It's a hollow shell, a zombie.
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