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  1. I love Richards guitar collection, really cool stuff. His stage moves came across to me as just that - it's not really natural, more poser-ish. He's dangerously close to DJ Assba in that regard. As a whole, they're just not that cool to watch anymore. Slash with his weird Chuck Berry hopping and all that. I don't know man, Joe Perry for example looks way cooler on stage now in comparison to the Guns guys. Oh well, it's just one more thing.
  2. Yeah, they really shouldn't rush things now. Grampa Bill's gonna bring you to your shananananana knees! knees!
  3. I believe Slash when he talks about Fortus, I think he really respects him as a very different and more technical player. What he really thinks about Frank is anybody's guess. Slash played with all the very best rock drummers and he's got a great drummer in his own band. Did he ever say anything about Melissa so far?
  4. I'm definitely on the way out. At this point, they would have to win me back, so to speak. That could still happen with great new music. If all they can do now is putting some lazy Slash solos on top of some mediocre Chinese leftovers, I'm probably done for good.
  5. I was never so bored with Guns N' Roses. The whole NuGnr era was pretty bad, but never this boring.
  6. Yeah, as much as I love Don't damn me, they really should not try that.
  7. Yeah, that's probably it. No album and in a couple of years they will say "We tried but it just wasn't happening because of this and that and blablabla." It's all about the money and probably has been since the reunion started.
  8. Would be more heroic if somebody else said that, but you're not wrong.
  9. Never understood how anybody could even think that we're gonna hear anybody but Slash and Fortus Longus on a new GnR album, if it's ever gonna happen. Imo, that's 100% not an option, because, Slash.
  10. Never heard anything about it. Would be interesting to know. Could it be you really managed to find a fresh topic?? Unreal!
  11. Slash said that? And then he delivers that senseless noodling? Wow.
  12. When you read about exciting and fucking cool ideas like this and then look at Gnr reality...no words.
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