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  1. One of the most famous Guns N Roses fanfictions, the audio for the White Trash Wins Lotto stage musical, is now available for free.
  2. Around a month ago, the uploader for Shallow wrote in reply to one of the comments: Si ho letto i suoi commenti ma ti assicuro che questo tizio, Billie Barber, non c'entra niente. Il cantante è probabilmente Axl ma non credo con la formazione tipo. La cassetta la trovai tanti anni fa a Los Angeles in un buco di negozio che aveva vinili e cassette d'epoca....comprai una scatola con una cinquantina di cassette, un mix di cassette registrate ed originali. Tra queste ce n'era una con una scritta quasi illeggibile "Guns L.A. Troubadour '85 o '87" Yes I read his comments but I assure you that this guy, Billie Barber, had nothing to do with it. The singer is probably Axl but I don't think with the typical lineup. I found the cassette many years ago in Los Angeles in a hole-in-the-wall shop that had vintage vinyl and cassettes....I bought a box with about fifty cassettes, a mix of recorded and original cassettes. Among these there was one with an almost illegible writing "Guns L.A. Troubadour '85 or '87" The part where "Guns" or "87" is mentioned, hadn't been mentioned earlier. The other details of the story had been mentioned earlier. If what's written is true, now I'm wondering if the tape means "LA Troubadour", or "Guns L.A", and the person writing it down reversed it from LA Guns. I wish there was a photo of the tape.
  3. I liked the album, so I'm excited about the show being livestreamed on July the 17th! https://blabbermouth.net/news/slash-to-livestream-s-e-r-p-e-n-t-blues-festival-performance-from-denver The tickets to watch the livestream are $14.99 (USD)
  4. How many hats does Slash have? Do you think he has a display or a line of top hats sitting somewhere in his house?
  5. he names his touring company after Gundam, and he's wearing a shirt with Misa Amane on it. Maybe he's binging episodes of anime when he's not on tour
  6. The linked article says Justin Bieber has revealed that he is a big fan of Metallica and other rock bands including Guns N' Roses. The 'Boyfriend' singer told Q Magazine that he finds the music "edgy" and "emotional" with the use of heavy electric guitars. "I like rock music, I like Guns N' Roses and Metallica," he confessed. "The Beatles. I like Metallica's 'Fade to Black' and 'One'. It's edgy and emotional with those instruments and electric guitars and stuff." He probably has too much other stuff to do, but maybe he's come across here at one point in time 👁 By the way, officialaxlrose.com now redirects to the simpler axlrose.com
  7. Bieber is a Guns N Roses fan, so if Axl ever wanted to switch it up and do a pop song, and wanted to hang out with a younger person in the music industry, then (apart from the fact it's been ages since Axl recorded and released anything) it's not impossible. https://www.capitalfm.com/artists/justin-bieber/news/metallica-the-beatles-guns-n-roses-music/ But that's only if Axl actually likes Bieber and thinks he has something he wants to contribute to Bieber's music.
  8. I posted on the unofficial social media discussion thread a massive list of who that Dexter account follows, Never thought I'd be asking myself the question "Could Axl secretly be Belieber"? If anyone wants to believe the cat account is Axl, you will also have to consider the possibility that "Axl" is a Belieber since he follows Justin Bieber. Or some trolls pretending to be Axl's cat thought it'd be funny to make Axl's cat a Belieber.
  9. If you install a browser extension that restores the old twitter layout, e.g. Old Twitter Layout (2024) (google.com) (but that one isn't working on my computer right now for an unknown reason) edit: it's not working anymore because using 3rd party ways to view someone's entire follow list will get your twitter account suspended it might let you see all the people that an account follows. here's an attempted copypaste of the entire follow list of that Dexter90265 twitter cat account that some people are suspecting is run by Axl (can't guarantee it's the entirety though, since there's only 1774 people instead of 1858. maybe some accounts that user is following is private?) Did you see who I saw? The cat is a Belieber! It is time to #BELIEB! the cat is also a swiftie
  10. if you check who that twitter cat account is following,.. https://twitter.com/Dexter90265/following it follows CumShotDaily
  11. Dad meets GNR https://old.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/18xrnfl/what_is_a_band_that_is_ruined_by_one_member/kg8xc3n/ posted 2024: My dad had VIP backstage passes to see them in the 90’s and part of it was obviously getting to meet the band. Axel went to the tour bus and refused to get off of it and meet anyone. My dad said the other band members were super nice though, especially Slash. No applause for Axl posted 2024: https://old.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/18xrnfl/what_is_a_band_that_is_ruined_by_one_member/kg6qjxp/ Went to a Guns n' Roses show in the 90s ... The band members came on stage individually, each to rapturous applause except Axel; it was genuinely brutal. Bill ain't here posted 2024: https://old.reddit.com/r/GunsNRoses/comments/1af6l0o/how_does_axl_feel_about_being_called_bill/koaxuic/ A friend a I made a sign that read „Hey Bill, u better get us backstage“ and held it up during a GN‘R show in 2006 in Austria. His reply was:“ Bill ain’t here.“ he didn’t seem to be too fond of our request.😜 Izzy is left alone posted 2024: https://old.reddit.com/r/GunsNRoses/comments/1ajyv0c/does_izzy_live_in_lafayette_now/kp4eff1/ He still has a house here in West Lafayette near Purdue. He comes back from time to time. Used to see him around sometimes. Nobody recognizes him, or if they do they give him his privacy. He has property on the east side of Lafayette by Wildcat Creek too that he at one point would race his cars around. You used to be able to see the tracks on Google Earth. Duff and Susan talking to Amy Poehler posted 2024: https://old.reddit.com/r/GunsNRoses/comments/1c3mb69/saw_duff_and_susan_tonight_while_i_was_working_at/ I was working local crew for the Tina Fey and Amy Poehler comedy shows at WaMu Theater (Aka Lumen Field Event Center, attached to Lumen Field where the Seahawks play) and Duff and Susan were there to watch the show and were later backstage talking to Amy Poehler after the show. I also saw them a few years ago backstage at the Red Hot Chili Peppers show T-Mobile Park (where the Mariners play next door to Lumen Field) He, Susan, Chris Rock and Chris Rock's girlfriend were there to see RHCP backstage. I've been close to a lot of famous rockers in my work as a Local Union stage hand. Axl goes shopping posted 2024: https://old.reddit.com/r/GunsNRoses/comments/1chbqhu/saw_axl_in_malibu/ For all of you gnr fans, I saw the man today. I am not a big gnr fan so wasn't sure where to say this but decided this was the best place. I was doing some shopping at Vintage Grocers in Malibu and ended up in line behind Axl. (Who knew he did his own shopping???) did NOT speak to him, there was one person in between us in line.. Not sure what they were discussing but I heard his friend (male) say Sedona frequencies? I don't understand. Does that mean anything to anyone? Anyway I remember seeing some things he purchased: A case of Stella Artois beer, Pickled walnuts, Kombucha (cabbage flavored to be exact), cramped chicken, Sparkling water and super size zip lock bags Not any useful information but thought it was interesting to share. Duff goes shopping, Slash at the movies posted 2024: https://old.reddit.com/r/GunsNRoses/comments/1chbqhu/saw_axl_in_malibu/l21z6ml/ Awesome! I saw Duff at Whole Foods a couple years ago. He was wearing a mask because we were still coming out of COVID but it was definitely him. He was wearing a tank top, shorts, and a baseball cap. Was with his wife and asking her whether he should get Impossible or Beyond beef or something. I also saw Slash at the movie theater once around 2019. He was a couple people behind me in the concessions line. I remember he was wearing a leather jacket and backwards Fear hat and was with his girlfriend I assume. I didn’t want to bother him, so I didn’t say anything but someone gave him a fist bump. A bunch of Adler stories https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/sweet-brother-of-mine-guns-n-roses-steven-adler-kidnapping-heroin-addiction-jamie-appetite-for-destruction-234022783.html posted 2023: He came in the record store I worked at (Christiana Mall) not long after he got kicked out of G-N-R (his wife lived in Hockessin, DE). He was shaking like a leaf. Was a nice guy though. posted 2023: I have had random encounters in Las Vegas with Slash, Chuck Berry, Santana, Robert Plant, and the list goes on over the last couple of decades. I'm just a normal guy with a desk job but anyway, one time about 20 years ago I was at a small club and Steven Adler was there, and so was Kevin DuBrow (Quiet Riot singer RIP). They got on stage and joined the house band for a few tracks. Adler looked OK but I guess I didn't realize he had a problem still. Sad. posted 2023: steven grew up in our neighborhood. remember him setting up a drum kit at Chatsworth park and just drumming away. he was passionate about it and hit the stars aligned for him and he hit the big time. wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed by far. but for those calling out his mom, he was definitely liked by most everyone he knew. always a big smile even if there wasn't a lot behind it. posted 2023: I was lucky enough to get to jam with Adler at a Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp in CA, back in 2017. He was super cool and friendly. Huge smile and totally humble. I have it on film. Awesome time! posted 2023: I dealt with Steve for about 6 months right before he went on Celebrity Rehab - he was a trainwreck for sure. His 'handlers' - who shall remain nameless - kept him high on weed 24/7 so he wouldn't relapse on H. Geffen wants out https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/sweet-brother-of-mine-guns-n-roses-steven-adler-firing-slash-axl-rose-235859237.html posted 2023: I had a friend that worked with GNR as a "band liaison". Was told that Geffen was actively trying to get out of their contract because the band caused far too much trouble and it wasn't worth putting up with the destruction of property and extremely bad behavior.
  12. I found one potential method that may help determine if a song is in a database or not, but not yet released. (Shazam has its own database. I think it's connected to Apple Music since the app is owned by Apple, but I'm not entirely sure on what music goes in the Shazam database.) Not a completely certain method though, since there hasn't been a wide range of songs to test it on. So on a phone, there's an app called Shazam, that identifies music based on audio. I tried it on Taylor Swift's album that has now released, but had some leaks earlier.You can tell the app could identify the leaked songs, but refused to name them, because it returned the "No result" page a lot quicker. Usually, if the app truly can't identify a certain song, it goes through several steps. The text on the screen goes "searching", then "Expanding search", then "This is Tough, last try", then No Result. But when I tried it on the leaked Taylor Swift songs, several tries in several different spots of the song bring up the No Result page after "Searching" or "Expanding Search", but it doesn't hang long enough to go to "This is Tough, last try". The main exception of the leaked Taylor tracks that doesn't end early is one of the vinyl only exclusive tracks. That one has the song identifier hang until "This is Tough" before bringing up "No Result", possibly because Swift's team hasn't entered the audio of the vinyl exclusive tracks into whatever database Shazam gets its music from yet. It works best on the vocal sections. (Sometimes you have to give it several tries on different sections of the song, since it might misidentify a song, or some sections of a song work better than others.) https://www.shazam.com/privacy Please note that use of the app means, according to its privacy page: Information about your activity in Shazam to improve the app, such as the pages you view and buttons you select, device information such as make and model, operating system version, and IP address. We may also use this information to detect fraud or misuse of the service and may approximate your location to offer Shazam charts of trending songs. In order to comply with laws or valid legal requests for information such as a subpoena or search warrant. So only use this method if you're willing to rat yourself out to Apple that you've come across leaked music somewhere. Also if someone steals an unreleased song and posts it in a database/platform like Apple Music under their name, then the song identifying app brings up that person. edit: she just dropped the second half of what turned out to be a surprise double album, and it turns out one of the vinyl exclusive songs was on it. not sure why the app couldn't detect it earlier (or any of the other second half songs that were surprise dropped). maybe the database is slow, because even after the songs for the first half officially released, the app wouldn't name the songs it could identify, until a few hours later.
  13. Interestingly, someone noticed this site before us in late March, and tried (and failed, the archiving website couldn't get the page) at archiving it, just one day after the domain was registered. https://web.archive.org/web/20240000000000*/www.officialaxlrose.com/
  14. sorry, Taylor Swift's new album is coming out in a day (and has already leaked) and she comes FIRST I checked the Hell Rose Place trademark sometime in March to see if had lapsed or not. It was inconclusive at the time, because the trademark websites haven't updated, but now it says abandoned. https://www.trademarkelite.com/trademark/trademark-detail/90086562/HELL-ROSE-PLACE the whois lookup for the domain says https://who.is/whois/officialaxlrose.com domain Registered On 2024-03-25 The person who registered the domain is listed as "Registration Private" and not much info is given. There's not much I've found on the website yet that hasn't already been found by other people earlier in the thread Clear view of the video playing in the background (nothing special, just videos of Axl in concert) https://www.officialaxlrose.com/_astro/desktop.2P0YMcAc.mp4 The website is built with this Astro technology https://astro.build/
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