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  1. I’m legitimately curious as to how Axl feels about Slash performing with Matt and Gilby, even on a virtual level.
  2. If the other side of the coin presents itself, I think that’s the one that’s going to win out. There’s still a lot that I want to accomplish on the radio side of things, though. It’s really a toss-up. I wouldn’t say no to either. Neither would really be terrible options. I feel like doing a music oriented podcast would just make it get lost in the shuffle. I see it as being more of an audio journal than a podcast, really. At least that’s the form that I see it taking in my mind. Don’t get me wrong - there’s good and bad days while dealing with all of this, and I’ve certainly been man
  3. The job that’s 40 minutes away wouldn’t be too different from what I was already doing, but it would be a step away from the “decision making” side of the industry. Not ideal, but certainly something completely solid that would let me keep my foot in the door while looking for something more in line with the decision making side of the industry without having to be unemployed. The other would be taking things to the “other side” of the coin in the industry - that’s about all that I want to divulge about that for the time being. It’s something that would be exciting and different, but sti
  4. It’s possible. I moved to my current location three years ago, so it’s not like I just got here, but I was certainly ready to plant my roots here. The two job options that I’m looking at would let me stay here: one would be a 40 minute or so commute, the other I’d be able to work remotely for the time being. I’ll relocate if I need to (and I very well may), but two of the main pluses about where I am now is how close I am to the beach/ocean, and the fact that I’m only three hours away from my family. I’m not ruling it out if I absolutely need to, but it’s a last resort. Radio is struggli
  5. Like the saying goes: “if you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans.” it’s been a bit of culture shock for sure. I went from literally having my life going in the right direction: heading towards marriage, had the right job, and then, boom - gone in the matter of a week. I haven’t been unemployed since 2009 - I’ve literally been working for 11 years straight since the last time that I was laid off, and I’m going stir crazy because I don’t know what to do with my time. It’s not like radio gigs grow on trees these days. I have a few possible options that I’m waiting to hear back
  6. I was engaged from March until the end of June. The now ex fiancé broke it off with no real warning or reason. Then I was laid off from my job thanks to the Rona exactly a week later. It’s been...an interesting few months.
  7. 9/25 https://therollingstonesshop.com/collections/steel-wheels?vvsa_consumer_id=14192354&vvsa_tracking=_vvsa_dg0G5Vn2353285&utm_source=email&utm_campaign=TheRollingStones20200731&utm_medium=email&utm_content=UMGUK14913-736858&utm_umguk=
  8. It’s definitely edited out. I have the disc. It’s not the cleanest edit in the world, but if you never knew that it was there in the first place, you wouldn’t notice.
  9. The early mixes of Civil War and KOHD (Nobody’s Child Benefit Album and Days of Thunder soundtrack) Don’t Cry demo Yesterdays live Vegas ‘92 KOHD from the Freddie benefit Coma from Live Era Shadow Of Your Love from the Live and Let Die single. (Not the LLAS version) LALD live Wembley ‘91 I think that’s all that’s out there as far as b-sides from UYI 1 and 2, right? Not counting the Slash interview from the Civil War EP. There’s also the weird version of KOHD from the one disc version of UYI that has the phone call section completely edited out.
  10. Incorrect. Two different versions were officially released b-sides. The LLAS version was used on b-sides in the late 80s. I have an import CD single of “Live and Let Die” (from Germany, I believe), and even thought it’s listed as “live”, it’s a completely different studio demo than what was released in the 80s.
  11. There’s two different versions that were released as b-sides. The version that was meant for “Live Like a Suicide” (with fake crowd overdubs), and a different studio demo with no overdubs (this was the international b-side for “Live and Let Die.”)
  12. I used to have a reprint of it - not sure if I still do or not.
  13. It was a UYI tour t-shirt on one of the last legs as well. I’d welcome Gilby back in a heartbeat. Always liked him.
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