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  1. I have been listening to this a lot lately and decided there is no way anybody created this individually from hearing a phone recording. You expect me to believe you can take words from rock band, that axl sings, then retune and key them into completely different lyrics to fit a new song, whilst being able to play guitar like buckethead and finck in their exact tone, (not to mention the countless synths, piano, bass, backing vocals, acoustic guitars, rhythm guitars, layered vocals, drums, percussion) and then produce to professional quality standard? Just listen to the song. There must be 30 i
  2. The aenima album is fantastic start to finish, i'd just listen to that several times. Though lateralus is my fav song. If you like your riffs in D, and progressive, then there's no greater band ha
  3. Agree but with the caveat only if there are no plans to release a new album imminently and regualry into the future. IF and I know this seems silly, if axl was gonna release 3 new albums over the next 5 years with this incarnation plus the UYI and CD reissues, then tour away GnR. However we know that's not gonna happen. So I'd take an original 5 summer reunion world tour. 30/40 shows. And done. Then I just have to outlive Axl and wait for TB to release the vault to capitalise on every penny they can. Sad but true.
  4. Tool are great live but i totally get people who wouldn't enjoy it. It's an immersive experience with the screen displays matching the music. Maynard stands behind the drum kit and the band do not interact with the audience or each other at all. It's one of those, if you don't like the music, you're gonna hate the live show. I took a mate to see kiss live having only ever heard one song and not being a fan at all. he said it was the greatest show he'd ever seen and he didn't know a song. If you go to a tool song without knowing a song, you'll struggle
  5. 'The new chapter' ONE new original (that wasn't even played) and 3 Illusion songs from 29 years ago, plus the exact same songs from NITL. £100 a standing ticket and £170 golden circle. Having seen the reunion shows twice in london in 17 and at download festival 2018, there is no way that's enough to justify seeing them again. Minimum 4 new unreleased songs and 4 different illusion songs, I have no problem with them playing a core 14/15 hits at every show, but it's the same 25 sadly. They've looked bored since 2018 too.
  6. Get Fn Weird - on facebook. It's like fernando is just trolling us now.
  7. I am at this stage too. But as you say, they were such a big part of my upbringing. They shaped my musical influences, my personality and how I made decisions. I don't feel that's wasted, but I feel sad that I'll never replicate that feeling. Axl has managed to destroy the soul of his biggest fans. That is his current legacy. I just wanted too feel that excitement of seeing them for the first time in 06, the chinese democracy release. but I'd say it started to die around 2012 when new music didn't come, the setlist didnt change and no originals rejoined. 2016 gave hope but somehow the big
  8. He didn't even mention the best show opener in the world 'welcome to the jungle' although rock n roll train is a banger
  9. Kiss, but they have about 15 albums in their back catalogue and they're 70 so it's ok. Plus whether you like them or not, there live stage show is amazing and you probably could watch it every 2 years and have a great time. GnR released 3 and 1/2 albums over 35 years and toured the same setlist since 2009 with less and less enthusiasm or persona/charisma since 2017. But aside from that there aren't many other bands that just go through the motions like Axl. After all, it is him that is stopping this.
  10. It's over for us Kev. As you have, As I have, we have given so much, but I think the ride is over. The band now is a sham. Between 96-2010 it was an exciting sham, there was still hope. Now, we've lived it. Time to let go.
  11. Sadly it's purely in relation to the fact there is nothing released. I'd rather have a bad album and be able to say, at least we heard it, it wasn't up to scratch, let's move on and celebrate what we had before. But having heard hardschool, atlas, state of grace, the general, perhaps etc we know there is some at least semi decent stuff just sitting there gathering dust. That's almost worse. They might not release a song as good as jungle or NR, but who cares. Songs half as good as those would still be great songs!
  12. The saddest thing is I've seen slash's son play live at the whiskey opening for adlers appetite in 2018. He wasn't bad
  13. It's embarrassing that Slash is going to release his second solo album, duff has a solo album, dizzy has a solo album, even ferrer has a fucking album ALL since this version of GnR reunited. And still there is no new album, no sniff of an update about where it's at and no release date. Creatively GnR are a spent force. It's a shame, coz I was listening to state of grace today and thinking, wow a slash solo between the final verse and the screamed outro would be incredible. Instead we're going to get generic cock rock from smkc and radio silence from GnR. It's at the point now, where even
  14. You like generic, I like exciting
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