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  1. Yep it's true madness. What's sad is, the GnR fanbase are not only one of the most mistreated, they're probably one of the least demanding. Yet TB and Axl have made the fans feel like they ask for too much, simply for asking for a music video to accompany a single. A meet and greet at a gig. A new album more often than once in 30 years. And some fans even have stockholm syndrome, they think GnR don't need to release new music, or videos or do anything that any other band does, simply because 34 years ago they released a great album. No fan base is more suffering, and sadly this has warped some
  2. They're a band! Musicians! musicians release music. By this logic, why did they even bother releasing the illusions? Why did ACDC release anything after back in black? Release new music, tour it. that's the deal.
  3. I'd counter this by saying those casuals only know 5/6 songs anyway, so a 25 song set with 5 new songs or 5 illusion/lies songs makes no difference
  4. Being in the UK and London, it is highly unlikely there will be gigs in May/June. I think 2021 is possible, but september/october seems more likely. Vaccine should be in over 2/3rds of population by then, meaning chances of transmission are incredibly low. Remember, it's not the deaths they're particularly bothered about stopping in the UK, it's making sure that the health services are not overrun because of mass infection and hospitalisation, and that businesses can be open and run as normal. Besides, when GnR toured in 2017 everyone I knew who had a slight interest in the band (14/15 pe
  5. Yes, because that's what every other band in history does. You release an album, then tour that album live, with a selection of your greatest hits for 1-2 years. then go back into the studio write a new one and repeat. It's a tried and trusted system! GnR are just lazy amateurs.
  6. I think muse have 2 great albums (black holes and drones), then 2-3 great songs per album but i completely agree. Most bands (aside from the beatles) will have 2-3 wall to wall fantastic albums, and then after that 2-3 good songs per album, and a few more songs hardcore fans will adore and occasionally be rolled out live as a 'deep cut'. It's annoying that GnR could have released an album in 95 with the original band and 3 more albums with the new band. Even 3 good songs on each album would have equalled 12 more 'classic' GnR songs. But instead the live show is made up of 80% of appetite.
  7. What we've heard from the cellphone recording, the evader mix and what bach said about it makes me think this is the best song gnr never released. whilst a lot of songs on CHiDem were 5/6 mins and kinda progressive in style, they weren't evolving epics like estranged and NR coma etc. The general sounds like black Sabbath trying to write november rain and of all the songs, that's the one i crave
  8. I think you may need to get your hearing tested. Not that you can't hear, just that you are hearing things no one else can. Shadow of your love didn't sound too bad by recent standards. And I loathe to compare axl now to 86-93 era. But I think comparisons can be made to 2006 when KOHDs sounded like the greatest live vocal ever recorded. 2010 when LALD sounded like a monster or 2016 when most of these songs sounded ok. I wouldn't show these selects to anyone out of sheer embarrassment for axl.
  9. Possibly, but I doubt slash actually manages his social media pages. There were rumours of a relapse before. Hope not, but no smoke without fire.
  10. Just started the selects. First line sounds like a shy out of tune 10 year girl. ffs. What on earth are they thinking. Do you think they're hoping Axl hears this and says 'Shit..... is that what I sound like. Oh no' Have we been underestimating Tb all this time? They're trying to publicly shame Axl into getting into vocal shape? I doubt it too
  11. I genuinely believe it's because they'd heard his stuff, and he'd never met fernando. Now he knows they're all incompetent scumbags, he's gone.
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