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  1. this has more energy and groove. and I wrote it, so it must be good
  2. I like more of SMKC than I dislike but i do understand the generic thing. the songs especially the last album can be bland. The lyrics as well aren't relatable. The river is rising... it's just such a meh unrelatable lyric. The call of the wild. these irk me as lyrics. they mean nothing and seem like attempts to try to say something that sounds cool when bereft of ideas. The 2 verse 2 chorus bridge solo outro that 99% of the songs follow, sung in the same key with the same guitar tone can be grating. Maybe it's not even that the newer songs are worse than the first 2 albums, it might just be once you have heard one SMKC album, you've heard everything they have to offer. You know what it coming. That's not always a bad thing, but it's just a bit meh. i think that's why Axl is more exciting. I mean ffs, Eye on you? The General? Scraped? Madagascar? Those songs are so diverse and interesting. They may not all be good, but it's never generic or bland. But myles is a proper workhorse, he's great live and he's a great guy. Maybe we've just heard enough of him the past 11 years!
  3. Jeez that new slash song sucks. Myles is whiny and slash is noodley. no hook. Slash, AL and WOF were great. LTD was dreadful and this is off to a bad start sadly. Maybe it's time to accept, we've heard the best of everything slash, axl, duff etc can produce. Still think the General will be absolutely epic. But everyone here should move on and listen to my band. Our new single is here. It's pop rock really, but the new EP is heavier and bluesier.
  4. Getting slammed here https://metalwani.com/2021/09/fans-on-axl-roses-poor-vocal-performance-in-chicago-he-has-joined-vince-neil-don-dokken-club.html?fbclid=IwAR1IAxmVq1NUicmHEeiWpEwJ3E3E4Zb7RBPfWNtrmZt-4yyVWcCskdkOIUM#comment-14384
  5. I agree and understand to ax extent. I get to hear the music so sod the rest is fine on a personal level. But I think GnR means a bit more to us than that. Maybe because they were so huge and they probably all represent a certain period in all our lives. When you see douches like MGK farting in a can and getting 500x more views and exposure, and GnR and Axl not even trying it's just a bit sad. GnR will never be like they were in 87-93. that's cool. But they should be competing with metallica, maiden, foo fighters etc when it comes to releases. topping charts, mainstream radio play, being seen to care even if they don't throw themselves at every promotional opportunity personally.
  6. Yep. every time a new foo fighters single is out, Dave grohl is on every radio station, every tv talk show, guest appearances with other bands, interviews in every magazine going. Hell you can't escape him. And he's probably the most popular current rock artist in the world.
  7. Agreed, really good video and probably didn't take a whole load of effort, but really hit the mark. GnRs is a locker with graffiti on it. not even a lyric video, or a live video, just a locker. It's so hard to love this band, when they don't care about themselves or their audience.
  8. I'm skeptical to this, i hope it's true but even those figures aren't great. break it down to how many radio stations and how many minutes in a week and how many people there are in the USA and a brand new GnR single got played 584 times in a week? If this was a national chart across all genres and/or new releases only I'd say great. But number 1 on that list is probably bohemian rhapsody or wonderwall. New songs should get heavy rotation. In the UK planet rock and absolute classic rock are playing it 1/2x per day. The mainstream stations haven't touched it.
  9. Precisely! I just don't understand the method behind what they are doing. Proper promotion would give this track such a platform to do well, yet they've given it nothing. I can't fathom why. Unless they just don't care that much and want to keep every cent in their pockets.
  10. Hardskool is sinking without a trace already. limited radio push, zero advertising, zero interviews, 1-2 social media posts, absurd is almost completely forgotten. I can't give TB or the band any credit for this, it's been a clusterfuck and doing the bare minimum and achieving the bare minimum in results. I'm delighted we got new music, i like both, but the release has been an embarrassment. Hardskool should be on the radio, on the tv. it's nothing already outside of this forum. How a band of this supposed magnitude can be this shoddy. it is baffling. we'll hear nothing now till next year. disaster.
  11. the new ACDC video has 1.53m views in 4 days, gnr has 1.35m in 11 days. Such a shit promotional campaign, or lack thereof. we're so starved, people have been saying how happy they are just to hear new songs in the set and to be released which yes is fantastic, but 1-2 posts on their own social media channels, limited radio push, zero paid ad push, zero interviews. This band is a fucking balls up. Hardskool has radio appeal and would go down great with the fanbase. If GnR want to learn how to promote, look at iron maiden, look at metallica, a new GnR album would do fuck all purely coz of TB and Axl. people here genuinely praising TB n Axl. Mental that this is already sinking without a trace. such a shame, it's a good song. its also a shame the standard we have for the band are not the ones they set for themselves.
  12. On resale sites - they have a ticket printer at the O2, but you can use QR codes or e tickets too and download to your phone. People normally get quite desperate to sell in the hours before the show
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