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  1. Buckethead. having seen them live in 06 and 2010 he is the only one I didn't get to see (paul huge aside..) But sadly can't see this ever happening
  2. I am going to hope and pray they were not part of the 32 Axl mentioned. and I wouldn't count them as 'new' songs even though they were most likely concieved in 09/10 with ashba.
  3. I think though this comes under the 2006 32 songs, so i don't doubt that ideas came and were recorded between 00-06, but once we got to 06, the 32 were the final picks, and using all quotes from band members, they didn't write 'New' songs after this period. I hope it's closer to the 7/8 remaining completely unheard tracks, but it's most likely in between the lowest (1 or 2) and the highest.
  4. We know how many songs they had. It came from the only source worth listening to. Axl said in 2006 they had narrowed it down to 32 songs, 26 of which were done. Just subtract what we have from 32 and that's how many are left. bumble/dj all said they did nothing new after this period. 32 minus CD (14) = 18 18 minus OMG and 4 NITL singles = 13 13 minus leaks (atlas, monsters, SOG, Going Down) = 9 9 songs we aren't certain about, though they could very well be from instrumentals (quick song oklahoma etc) we have heard or semi completed songs like nothing and eye on you. So in reality i would agree there are probably likely to be 3/4 songs we have not heard a single note of. that could be as low as 1, or it could be as high as 7/8 if none of those semi finished songs were carried on. 14 studios were not used for 14 different sets of songs, it is most likely the same 60/70 instrumental songs using different amps, different environments and engineers etc with axl then picking 40 to finish with vocals and lyrics which by 2006 was the final 32.
  5. Loads of people here said it was corny and cringey to have a school bell in hardskool. releasing monsters on halloween would be even cringier. Just release it tomorrow.
  6. well, yes actually. if that is the case, just say it. don't lie and string your fanbase along. Even though i do not think axl has explicitly said 'No new music' - i think they should be honest and just say 'we want to but it's up to axl, if he doesnt so be it' rather than the BS we had for 7 years in nugnr and 8 years in the threeunion
  7. its embarrassing these type of interviews still happen. How can you not know how to release it? Why havent you if there are these new songs? Duff has just become the new ashba. it's 2024 and we're still getting these shitty interview quotes and no new album.
  8. Think of all the different uses! is there anything those shoes can't do?
  9. Another failed unfinished venture. That should be the new albums name.
  10. TB seem to be the only management that are constantly on the tours at every event etc. Duff an Slash have their own individual management but TB still 'manage' as loosely as i can possibly say that word, GnR and Axl.
  11. I also dont think axl would do that intentionally, i think he is happy to keep the peace. but assuming there is a miscommunication (which is more than likely in gnr and tb land), gnr have a tour booked at the same time slash has something else planned and one has to make way, i can't see any way slash would say no to axl and TB. Let's just hope the new album comes before the miscommunications start...
  12. I guess the question would be, do duff and slash have the power to say 'no'. When Axl or TB decide its time to tour, and start booking dates, would slash say no and it be accepted? I think it's different Axl saying 'what do you think of this slash?' and slash going along with it, but would he say 'no axl you are wrong we are not doing that' - i dont think he would, so really any power or control he has is for show.
  13. Didnt axl and matt make up in 2006? They had that night out together in new york and matt said they had a great time and cleared the air. So i dont think axl hates matt, as much as he's loyal to frank
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