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  1. Why is there a No Links, no asking for links caveat on this? It's over 35 years old, before they'd even released an album?
  2. Looks like South Park is the popular choice. You lot just want to see Axl getting ripped! sadistic MFs! An episode of South Park mocking Axl in the same way they did to Michael Jackson would be incredibly funny to be fair.
  3. We've got a decent sounding axl, a decent mix and shots of all band members. We can't expect the crowd too! This is a minor miracle from TB in itself
  4. The mix is good, axl sounds fantastic, delighted we got sorry. Only negative so far is slashes shit noodling on Sorry, but we knew that already. If only we got this axl forever. and a new album every 2 years for a decade!
  5. My exact thoughts. His voice, appearance and stage movement was falling off the wagon by 2018. Imagine 2022 aged 60. all those years between 95-2005... such a waste.
  6. Sadly that ship has long since sailed. Is there a clip of this? would love to see it!
  7. With Axl now a full time cartoon celebrity guest, part time touring musician and retired recording artist, what cartoon should he appear in next? Lots of rockstars have been in the Simpsons - Aerosmith, U2, Chilis, Smashing Pumpkins, Kid rock etc, the list goes on. Would he be mocked in South Park or family guy? Should he stick to Kids tv like Rugrats and pokemon? Apologies for this subject, but there is nothing else going on in GnR world!
  8. There Was A Time. That's up there with any vocal performance from Freddie Mercury or Robert Plant.
  9. Ahh fernando, I wondered when you'd slither back in here to chat crap!
  10. What is odd is Axl really liked DJ, that was obvious, that metal show, stage connection, Axl even went with Ashba to watch the rolling stones live. Everyone says Axl is incredibly loyal, yet ashba says they no longer talk? Ashba may have officially left, but in reality he was pushed out. When slash was coming back there was no room for Dj no matter what contract axl may or may not have sent. DJ knew that. So maybe Axl isn't this great loyal guy he used to be, or he simply doesn;t consider anyone in the band a real friend, and once they're out the band, they're our of his life. As for comp
  11. If this was even true it might be worth discussing. but it isn't. you're just very very low IQ.
  12. Don't get your news from trusted news sites, scientists an doctors, get it from tinfoil hat stoners on youtube, those guys are on the ball!
  13. https://www.nme.com/news/music/download-festival-2021-plan-go-ahead-glastonbury-cancel-march-news-2862850?fbclid=IwAR3FfLrrmBunc_XEBO-NNmfHsCRi_ES-LQsGeWif24lhlx6JrFQZoCuS9YY Festivals saying they feel they need 60% of their ticketholders to prove they have been vaccinated, with the rest passing an instant test that shows negative on arrival at the festival. Sadly june might be too soon for Download and isle of wight but reading and leeds is possible. GnR in europe no chance, mainland europe is well behind the UK and the UK wont be ready to have gigs for 7/8 more months at least. s
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