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  1. SMKC are an OK standard rock act. The Slash album was great. Apocalyptic love and World on fire were generally very good. Living the dream was average at best and generic crap at worst. But most importantly...... FUCK YOU AXL ROSE, FUCK YOU TB for ending all hope of new GnR. No way I'm buying any tickets for shows now.
  2. Looking forward to the cocaine mini hoover next.
  3. download can hold about 110/120k, the 3 biggest crowds I have seen there were acdc 2010, iron maiden 2016 and GnR 2018, all bursting so at least 100k. They also increased the day ticket prices for GnR day, they're about £75 for a day ticket, but for the saturday GnR played it was £100. But there were lots of rumours of the festivals budget going mainly to GnR that year, £5m + to GnR alone. They came on early and finished early. then made us walk a different way back to the festival village and exits so Axl could get his helicopter out straight after the show. Plus they built a separate backsta
  4. The rest were OK, but There was a time... wow. That song has to be a staple in every setlist, if the band can play it with that much energy, slash that solo and actually, whilst obviously not sounding like the incredibleness of the record, sounding brilliant nonetheless. Play TWAT every damn show ffs!!
  5. TWAT is my fav song off CD. It's the only CD song that Slash hasn't butchered. Slash actually sounds really good on that solo, and after how he destroyed This I love in particular, I am pleasantly surprised. What a solo
  6. I think the best case scenario, if they are using songs writing during the 96-06 era, that this band record all the music from scratch, and if the best vocal is the one from 20 years ago, so be it. The vocal will make or break the success of this record. And in that period axl sounded unbelievable. Theoretically, if the album comes out this year (LOL) then perhaps in 25 years I'll still be listening to it, I'll want to hear the best axl vocal. I personally thought Rock the Rock was weak vocally. You could tell he was trying and forcing but there was no power behind it. Even that was about 3 ye
  7. The Best product will stand the test of time. If Axl can't pull off the vocals in 2020, but he could in 2006, that will sound better. I agree the music needs to be recorded by the current members, but the best vocal has to be the on the record, whether it's recorded today or 25 years ago!
  8. Why do people care when vocals are recorded? The best vocal goes on the track. You think Axl spends 25 years perfecting a song to say nah, I can't sound like the record does live, so I'll scrap it. Like live play is even a consideration as to what goes on a record! In 25 years do they think people will say 'Yeah that album was great, but the vocals were recorded 17 years before release and when they played it live in Baku, Azerbaijan, Axl didn't sound much like the studio version' I find that when discussing George Harrisons 'All things Must pass' People often complain that it was writt
  9. The first two Sixx AM albums were great. The next 3 albums are cheesy generic crap with 1/2 good moments max.
  10. The band sound better and the singer sound better than real GnR. Maybe fernando will start using these videos to promote the F'n tour.
  11. Axl is probably still banging 23 year old supermodels 40lbs overweight and with a terrible haircut. So I guess it's all about motivation. The man is pushing 60, he's allowed to be fat - if it doesn't affect his performance negatively. But he has to grow the hair long again, that doo is inexcusable in current form.
  12. it's a terrible song. It sounds like something 3 nerds trying to be punks made for a Nintendo game.
  13. Agree, Chillis were boring live at reading festival, they play barely 85-90 minutes and leave out 5/6 classics. I have nothing against mixing set lists up, but if you are one of the elite or heritage bands, then playing the bare minimum is unacceptable. you dont have to go full gnr foo fighters or springsteen and hit 3 hours, but 2 hours is about right. your main hits, 2/3 deep cuts 2/3 new songs. I'll even allow a band jam or a cover.
  14. Hardwired is probably my 3rd or 4th favourite Metallica album. Their best since the black album. They're a great example of a band who interact with the fans, tour regularly and release new music They're hardly prolific these last 17 years or so, but still released 3 albums. GnR are a bit of a joke in comparison. People who defend GnRs lack of new music, with the relevance or popularity argument, eurgh, morons. Bands release music. End of.
  15. I think kiss is slightly different though. They are all 70+, not 56-59 like GnR, and they released 20 studio albums, plus another 20 live/compilation albums. I'd also say their style of rock is very dated for todays audience, even though I love them, whereas slash is still popular and Axl probably has songs covering 20 genres in the locker. Their two main reasons were, no one would listen, and they wouldn't make any money. GnR would 100% sell records and make money, and their are lots of people who definitely would still listen. I hate the argument that new music wouldn't be as popu
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