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Axl has his own Website now

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7 minutes ago, janrichmond said:

seem legit then. If this leads to him putting out the CD leftovers as solo tracks @Sweersa head will explode. I don't expect this site to be updated often but wouldn't be surprised if we get an interview with him from Del James at some point like on the old site.

interesting that it's launched now as the band are all doing there own things.

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Interesting. But why? Why now? Why like this? Is Fernando going somewhere, hmm? And why are there only 2023 images? Weird, unexpected, but ok, I guess we shall see what it's all about. Maybe they should put "stay tuned" there, like back then. 

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never thought i'll be able to drag Axl's photos on his own website.

EDIT: Jokes aside, I never knew he had an official TikTok account :wow:

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Didn’t have this on my 2024 bingo card, but cool!

Maybe with the off year, he’s gonna be releasing stuff solo or further tease new GNR drops. It is very interesting for him to finally do this NOW…

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Extreme wishful thinking here, but as Slash and Duff reworked some of his stuff and have expressed an interest in doing next stuff from scratch, maybe he has a plan to drop some of it as solo stuff.

Hey I can dream

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