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  1. Especially LALD. At least KOHD has the audience participation.
  2. Not that I know of. Since it would be innovative, I doubt the current band/management would even consider it.
  3. Just changing the order of the set list would help. It takes away excitement when you know what song is up next like you're playing an album. Actually freshening the set list might be too much to ask. They should reserve 3 or 4 slots where the fans in attendance can vote for the song to play from a list of choices via an app that is location fenced.
  4. Part of the move back to stadiums might very well have been to have the venues be outdoors to hedge ag ainst any possible COVID restrictions being brought back. From a business perspective, we (at least I) don't know what Livenation pays for facility rental. Maybe their deals are a mostly a percentage of ticket sales which makes a stadium not cost much more, if any, than an arena for the same crowd size. All I know is that Livenation is a business and they make guarantees to the band. They also have a lot of data at their disposal and must believe that the shows will be worth the inves
  5. It may also take some time for COVID fear to wear off and for some percentage to feel comfortable going to a show. I mean, there are fully vaccinated people walking around with masks on for no apparent reason where there are no mandates or policies that require them to but they are, for lack of a better word, afraid to take them off.
  6. I'd imagine that in some jurisdictions, they want to have the shows outdoors to avoid potential issues with continued indoor COVID measures. Worst comes to worst they can just move everybody down from the upper deck and have the lower levels filled in.
  7. I know Axl doesn't sound too good on it, but I'd hate for them to drop RQ. I just wish they'd cut down the extended instrumental middle. It's not it's lets Axl rest his voice so he can kill it on the ending! Same on Civil War. The song is awesome and doesn't need a great vocal. Definitely agree with some of those replacements that fit Axl's current vocal condition much better.
  8. Last time I saw them in Miami in 2018, I was in the pit and standing in front of one of the subwoofer cabinets. That location drowned out a lot of the vocal issues. Give it a try!
  9. I guess you could argue they are performing artists since they do perform.
  10. I guess we can assume that Livenation sees a path to profitability for these shows despite the ticket sales so far or they would have used COVID as an excuse to cancel all of them instead of rescheduling. On another note, since new music is likely out of the question, does anybody think they will at least change up the order of the set list for this "new" tour?
  11. I'm starting to think that I have a better chance to win the Powerball without buying a ticket than ever hearing a new GNR album.
  12. At Axl's age and older, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry had six packs that they showed off wearing open shirts during shows. I don't think they have six packs anymore but they are still slim (at least the last time I saw pictures or video).
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