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  1. They could be holding off until they are sure the tour is going to happen next summer. With the COVID policies in some countries, it could be years until large gatherings are allowed with no risk of last minute cancellations due to "the numbers."
  2. So I guess based on your comment that you didn't ask him what he thought of HS?
  3. So I did a google search to try and figure out where Axl came up with the "maggots" line. Let's just say there are things you can't unsee and I don't recommend searching the lyrics! I do wonder if somebody sent Axl a link and that's where he came up with it from.
  4. I doubt any bands that have been around for decades hang out like they did when they first formed. Does anyone think Aerosmith regularly goes to dinner together? I'm 13 years younger than Axl and the friends I still have from the 80s and 90s I don't spend nearly the time with or talk to them nearly as much as back then. I have a business with two friends from 20 years ago and we basically only see each other or talk for business purposes.
  5. I have to admit this song is growing on me. Not to the level of the classics but a solid second tier song. I'd say a 6/10 rating. Definitely above average.
  6. Forgot to mention in my show review that Coma as the first encore song is awesome. It works really well in that slot.
  7. At the last show, before the band intros he was thanking the fans and the crew. At first he kept saying "I" want to thank you. Then he corrected himself and said, "we" not "I." Then he made a joke about except Richard doesn't thank you.
  8. Something was delaying Duff from being ready for IWBYD so Axl just started that to kill time before introducing him. He said "I don't know what's going on back there" or something like that first. Then after said something about an ad lib.
  9. Didn't seem that way to me from 15 feet away from him but if he was and that's what it takes to give that PC performance then he should keep doing it!
  10. Exactly. When Aerosmith did it they were in their 40s, not 60s.
  11. On which song, Absurd or My World? Walk this way was a rap song with a rock chorus from the get go. The remake was a rap artist's take on the rap verses.
  12. Never in a million years did I think I'd hear an audience shouting "pussy full of maggots" along with Axl! Great show. Glad I was there. The crowd at least in the pit was into the whole show and singing along with everything (except Wichita). Axl was really playful and so was Slash. There was one time Slash was (I think pretending) to use Axl's mic stand as a giant slide. Axl and Slash seemed to be joking around with each other and really seemed to be enjoying playing together. From what I could hear Axl sounded good. Between the mix and the singing along it's hard to hear him that well. He seemed really appreciative of the fans for the whole tour, thanking us during band intros and then again before the bow. I've never seen him bring a mic out for the bow. Slash did a handstand on the way off.
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