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  1. I think the sub forum should remove "news" from the heading. There hasn't really been any since 2016.
  2. Who cares about them? If the people who take the vaccine are almost 100% protected from potential death and over 99% protected from severe illness, who really cares if anti-vax nutjobs get infected and end up with serious issues. It's their choice. The latest evidence is that they are very effective at stopping infections (around 90% for Pfizer and Moderna) and reducing spread. But again, as above, if you are vaccinated you are protected more than you are against the flu in a normal year (even if you take the flu shot). I ran some number and even for a 75 year old, being vaccinated
  3. Biden's teleprompter told us that there would be enough vaccine doses for every adult that wants to be vaccinated by the end of May. If that is true, why wouldn't there be a summer tour in the US? No dates are planned until the middle of July.
  4. You've obviously never lived in a rural area. What are you going to do if somebody enters your property or home and the sheriff is a half hour or more away? It's unlikely for police to respond fast enough in a situation like that in an urban area. There is no chance in a rural area.
  5. Would you pay the extra $200 for a distancing circle if Izzy and Steven replaced Richard and Frank for the AFD songs? I'd have to think about it!
  6. What do you mean? Wouldn't it be fun for everybody to have a 6' circle to stand in the middle of. The energy of the crowd would be mindblowing! To your point, even if they can do shows with distanced seating like football games in some states, that would be a terrible experience for a concert. Either there are enough vaccinations to do a somewhat normal concert or they should cancel/postpone.
  7. It's highly unlikely but if the vaccine rollout goes as planned (which is not what I really expect) and they are effective against all these new variants there is a small possibly that the US could have concerts in July. Very small possibility but not completely impossible. There is supposed to be enough vaccine supply to vaccinate 300 million people in the US by June. I don't really think the logistics will get good enough to inject all those doses in that time frame even if the supply is there but maybe there will be enough play money in the next relief bill to accelerate it. You never
  8. If the shows don't get cancelled (which will mean a high percentage of US population vaccinated before summer), I think ticket sales might be better than you expect. There is going to be pent up demand from a lot of people just wanting to do "something" that they couldn't do since last March. The flip side is the economy will have fewer people who can afford the high prices so the prices may need to come down a bit.
  9. I haven't read through this whole topic but: #1, the NA dates are still on the website #2, there is no chance they would play the earlier European dates and then not the later NA dates. Either both go on or both get cancelled Although the vaccine rollout hasn't started perfectly, there is still a chance that all in the US who wish to be vaccinated can be vaccinated before June assuming the Johnson and Johnson vaccine gets approved soon and starts rolling out in March. Whoever said early in the thread that nobody under 60 will be vaccinated this year is wrong. Leaving out
  10. Even if they had new music ready to be released (which they don't), it makes no sense to put it out now. The money is all in touring and new music can't sell tickets when they can't have concerts.
  11. For the Missoula show the email said you have 30 days to request a refund once the new date is announced. If no new date has been announced by July 20th, a 30 day window opens to request a refund.
  12. Doesn't the slow sales of NA stadiums lead to a perfect solution of socially distanced seating? I'm only half kidding. Mark off squares in the pit 6 feet apart with room for 2 people each square. Stagger the regular seats like they do in the white House briefing room. I'd guess around 40% capacity is possible to do. Combined with being outdoors it should be fine as far as risk (with socially distanced lines and capacity controlled bathrooms). Might not be the most exciting atmosphere but after the lockdowns people might be happy just to get to go to a concert.
  13. Forget about the banned large gatherings, the band won't be allowed to travel to Europe (at least not back home). The international travel restrictions aren't getting lifted any time soon.
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