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  1. I don't consider 2 years "suddenly". Also, the soundcheck voice sucks balls.
  2. Awesome. Could you cut yourself out of the photo and post just the Axl part then? I mean, we're talking a rare picture here. Thx.
  3. I’ve said it here about 150 times, and I’ll say it again: the whole comparison thing is pointless, since each of the drummers (an ex-drummer talking here) belonged to a specific era with specific, different records (sound, style...). Therefore, Adler was great where he was, and Sorum wouldn’t have been better there. Sorum was great where he was, and - like it or not - Adler wouldn’t have been better there, sound- or style-wise. I know he was on the UYI demos, but still. The records would have been different with him behind the kit. Can’t really assess Freese from just some demos. Brain was gre
  4. I agree, and this could be similar with Matt. Not that it would necessarily be a bad thing - stirring shit around the staleness and poor management would only help IMO. But still, you never know when some backache hits Steven again, plus can you imagine him playing stuff like Shackler's Revenge? (I know they haven't done this one in particular, but you know what I mean). Alternating musicians can be a one-gig thing, not a routine. It's not happening.
  5. I think they could handle that even with a new singer; however, I don't see VR coming back to existence, given that when Slash doesn't tour with GN'R, he always has his solo stuff to pursue, and reforming VR would mean involving Duff and having to resolve the drummer issue, since we can't expect Matt being there, not after the book (which I'm sure the guys already know the content thereof). There's no reason for VR to be resurrected. And Guns will start touring again as soon as it's possible, no doubts.
  6. Izzy and Steven happening could be a one-off thing, and that's it. No way these guys would tour the world for years, playing Chinese Democracy songs. And firing Frank, taking a risk with unpredictable Steven, plus firing 4tus, because 3 guitars would be a mess, is just nonsense, as well as any perpetuated alternating would be. Deal with it.
  7. I mean strictly in terms of the creative/influential balance within the band; nothing to do with Matt.
  8. Frank (+ 4tus) is Axl's leverage to the Velvet Revolver portion.
  9. A little advice: Any time you guys bump into this “casual fans won’t wanna hear that / videos cost too much” type of bullshit scheme in your head, just use one particular rule of thumb which goes like this: How the hell have all those heaps and loads of other bands and artists managed then!? There, you’re welcome.
  10. No, and let's not start this discussion again really. He got audibly worse between 2016 and 2019/20. I blame AC/DC. He can barely sing in the 2019 videos; it's not rasp, just gargling - he definitely doesn't choose that. As for the videos, well, again - if others can do it, so should they. After all, they made half a billion in some 2 years...
  11. When all is said and done (…), all they can/should do is release a new record, incorporate the new tracks into the live playlist (+ Axl to heal his throat), release some videos etc., and hope for the best. Yes, they’ve pissed many opportunities away with their timing and secrecy and bad management and all that shit. But they need to release and play new music plus cater to the older fans as well. And since it wasn’t a problem at the UYI Tour and neither during the CD era, it shouldn’t be a problem now either. We just overthink it.
  12. Right, and I believe that Slash + Duff being back in GN'R is exactly the main factor that differs this situation from the CD era. There was a huge pressure on Axl back then as well, but he was the sole boss, with just hired Guns around. The power/influence distribution in the band is changed now. Well, hopefully.
  13. The moment this place becomes HTGTH and we'll have to pretend the leaks don't exist (i.e. any threads/mentions of them will get deleted immediately) will be the moment of my departure, I can tell you that. I don't expect any such nonsense to happen here, though!
  14. We already know new music is coming. The boys said they'd been working on it, Duff's wife said so etc. That's not the point. Besides, it would be utterly ridiculous to think that in spite of them having worked on the album and having told us so (Slash etc.), they'd eventually say "it's just not happening" for some reason. No, that's never been the point. The real and only point is: when. So when someone outside the band says "new music is coming", it's not really doing anything for me. I know this much. The only relevant thing would be someone from the band (actual band, not the manage
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