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  1. You can't receive messages - need to delete some of the old ones... Otherwise, contact the admins.
  2. So like I suspected. The original 2007 documentray (Axl arriving in a Lambo, amirite?) plus the Chairman stuff, all copypasted together. Cool stuff but nothing new.
  3. Dude, what? Looks like you're talking about the vids leaked with the Village sessions, only linked in a single longer video.
  4. It’s so easy to be hoping It’s so easy to be fooled It’s so easy to be angry When you ain’t got tunes to choose
  5. Never heard of the guy, and any purported accurate info in 2005 is irrelevant now. Hoping? Same shit, different day.
  6. An obvious off-night for Axl, but overall good, I mean sort of 2016 good. Or as someone said, the 2017 is already there. Nightrain has been generally ruined with the over-accelerated tempo. Sorry has nothing to offer if not done with rasp, but Slash is always there to save the show… Otherwise, I don’t really know what to say. Thanks for another bit after 5 years, instead of a DVD that we should have gotten years ago? I’m definitely grateful for a 2016 footage, but overall, it still sucks. The quality, the mix, everything. However, this has been the GN’R standard for years, so I guess I sh
  7. Here's a bit: Tbh I loved this particular 2002 look of his.
  8. This is the best critical review of the latest GN'R I've heard or seen. Better than a thousand words. I also love one of the comments under the video: "Thank you by take care us. The new Singer is better than old one. We now believe even more." Evergreen!
  9. It surely is there as an option, and I definitely don't wanna delude myself. Only saying there are other possibilities, and just because the stuff isn't being vented, we shouldn't claim to know that absolutely nothing has been happening. After all, anything is possible with these guys. Normally, I’m one of the folks constantly making fun of the never-ending lack of new releases.
  10. But those were rehearsals at publicly known places (the Vancouver studio etc.), that was different. They even recorded their own rehearsals. If they really wanted to keep it under the lid, and given how many studios Axl could use, I think it would be doable for GNR. And people don’t want to get dragged through the courts and pay loads of money (especially in the Covid poverty years), considering everything is traceable these days, considering all those wrecked youtube channels, and considering the Kevin Cogill story for example. I may be grasping at straws here, but I really think this w
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