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  1. I wish Duff and anyone else could let this fucking thing go already. I mean it's 2024 here, the AI is basically taking over, and we're still at this. Come on.
  2. Oh thanks, I will. I'm hereby promising not to say stupid shit like "new album in six months"!
  3. Matt Sorum not only would be a great drummer for the current band, but he might also be a breath of fresh wind, because should there be someone unhappy with any current situation while having the balls to tell it to Axl’s face, it might be him. Which is why he probably wouldn’t keep his tenure for long. It's not gonna happen anyway.
  4. Which is really sad, but I still nourish the hope that this is all about that Axl’s unwillingness to publicly share anything concrete until he’s ready to put out. As stupid as it is, because it's done to an extreme. Hence the evasive answers and vague statements. I mean, even if the interviewer agrees not to ask too many direct GNR questions, Slash is aware that people expect to hear at least something, so he throws around these bits and pieces. But it does sound disconnected, and maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part.
  5. Yeah. The question is, what were GNR doing in the meantime.
  6. What happened in the first half of 2018, the first half of 2019, the entire 2020, first half of 2021, first half of 2022, and first half of 2023?
  7. Knowing Axl, he will sound great on this (haven’t heard the original yet, btw), but all we’ll get later from GNR is another mediocre revamped old demo with weird effects...
  8. True, but not physically at the same time, and I think unbeknownst to each other to boot. Not the same... but similar.
  9. Prague 2006. Been a fan since 1992 and had to wait fourteen years of silence and pain to see the big man in the flesh for the fist time, and then another eleven years to see the bickering couple finally standing next to each other on one stage. Was it worth it? I think so. Yes, of course... Although it was so long overdue that the joy was basically hardly half the size it coulda woulda shoulda... been. I know ya all know what I mean.
  10. After all these years, they’ve mastered the art of talking and not saying anything. Hopefully Probably We all want to do it But I... don’t want to do it
  11. To me, there’s no such thing as 2001–2006 era or 2006–2014 era etc. I distinctly separate the NuGuns era into several episodes, and I think it’s only logical. 2001/02: although these could actually be two separate eras as well (Axl’s voice and the band line-up – different within these two years). 2006/07: probably the best one, for several reasons. Bumble fits more in the band than Bucket, the expectations are wild, the band is back, Axl is on fire, they play new songs for the first time, etc. 2009/10: I know some people prefer saying 2009–14, but I’d distinguish here as well. The first part (i.e. the few 09 shows + entire 2010) were the first post-release shows, stuff was fresh, and Axl could still sing. 2011–14: aka the wasted years. Everything going downwards, touring just for... well, I’ll leave that up to each reader. Kinda like 2018–2023 (or at least 2021–23).
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