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  1. A good point plus an absolute nonsense. - The good point: the excuses – Covid, or that "can’t release an album with what’s happening in the world right now", "would be unfair" and similar bullshit. Considering other artists have been very productive. - The nonsense: the years you state it’s been in the making. The fact that Axl may and probably will use some of his older ideas from the CD sessions or something post 2008, that does not mean we could say in this unique situation that the waiting started in 2008. This band has gone through a complete refurbishment, remember? And since Slash
  2. Hm, I've always thought it was the other way round (not sure about The Blues though, but I didn't reckon it was about Slash). After all, Axl did mention in the chat he was told to "shut up and sing" by the guys, hence the lyrics. I thought there was a consensus on this, Idk.
  3. Ha, for a second there, I thought Axl actually did some sort of promotion. But this looks like a 2018 or earlier (longish hair) pic from a show, modified by colour-blind Kat. (See a better resolution on FB.)
  4. Surprisingly, Locomotive – despite being much harder ("a loooot of notes") – was quite fine. Dead Horse, on the other hand, got fucked up several times, as if they played it mostly by heart as they remembered it from the final shows in '93.
  5. 1. No more covers ffs. 2. As for old songs, only those that would fit Axl’s current form, whatever it will be. And overall, not the songs with middle rasp, which he doesn’t do any more. Therefore, songs like Breakdown or Think About You are off the table. Let’s go with something with the lower register, like Bad Obsession or Down on the Farm (also cover, but that’s different). Or the high stuff he can do (see SOYL), therefore You’re Crazy – AfD version, Nice Boys, Shackler (although Idk if Slash would want to play that), or Prostitute (clean voice – no problem). As for the suggested RNDT
  6. This rehearsing thing... Axl definitely needs to practice his voice, but he can do so at home / in his studio, he doesn’t need to physically attend the band’s rehearsals, unless they’re playing something new. I mean, he already knows the songs, right? It’s not like with AC/DC, where everything was new (and Angus wouldn’t tolerate Axl not showing up anyway). So yeah, good that he participates, if that’s true, but it’s not like his vocal form depends entirely on him actually being there with the other guys, is it...
  7. What this means is they apparently have such material at their disposal. Why they don't just put entire shows on Youtube "as is", that's... a question for the management.
  8. Would it be a crime to take a picture of an actual live person participating in the rehearsal, like playing an instrument? Maybe even two or more people, or god forbid, the band playing? Jeez. Keep everything veiled and don't give the fans anything as usual. As if Elvis is making a surprise appearance.
  9. He did say in the China interview that he worked with him (cause of AC/DC if I'm not mistaken); the question is whether he continued working with him post 2016...
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