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  1. I wish it would track more actually. I recently got in a dispute with a landowner who said I had walked across his field using my metal detector - which of course I hadn't. But then I remembered I have turned on everything on my phone and that Android tracks movement so I excitedly opened the app to prove I hadn't done anything wrong, only to realize the tracking is not detailed enough. The only thing it could tell was that I had been in the general area, it couldn't help resolve on what side of a fence I had walked. So thanks for that, Android! Please monitor me more! But yeah, it is str
  2. Perfectly translated but a much more shocking thing to say.
  3. I really never say cunt. But then I usually talk Norwegian.
  4. I don't think it is necessarily bad to want to microchip people. I mean, if the chip only does good, then wanting it is good, right? And if the chip does bad, then wanting it, is bad. In this case we are talking about a chip that detects the corona virus. That in itself sounds like a pretty good think. I mean, who wouldn't want to know when they are infected so they can isolate themselves before they infect others? The problem is of course if the chip does more than this, and who it sends information to, etc. Then it can become bad. And it will likely never be enacted, in the foreseeable
  5. Alright. Yeah, we don't know the long-term effects, and we can't really until a long time has passed. That being said, when a new medicine is being approved, we do know the biological mechanism behind its function and based on that, we can conclude on whether any long-term effects are likely or not. So it's not like we have no clue. But we can't say for certain what the long-term effects of a new drug is, until a sufficient time has passed. And we know from history we have been wrong before, tragically so. That being said, we know a LOT about how mRNA vaccines work and how they affect our
  6. It concerns me, too. I just don't see it being possible to add microchips into vaccines without this getting out. So I wouldn't worry. And I haven't said I trust big pharma. I mean, I don't distrust them more than any other large organization. I just find the possibility of some large alliance between Pentagon and numerous companies all over the world, very plausible. And I don't find it plausible that even if such a sinister alliance were to happen, that microchips in vaccines wouldn't be found by any of the thousands of people working with the vaccines as part of controlling production
  7. These medicines have gone through the same process of testing and studies like any other medicines, so I would have to agree with what you are implying. That being said, very few new medicines are intended to be used on as many people as these Covid-19 vaccines, and some side effects that are very rare, like affecting just 1 in 100,000 or even rarer, couldn't have been discovered during clinical trials. This unfortunately means that when a new medicine is approved, we never know about the very rare side effects.
  8. I disagree. The new vaccines were shown in clinical trials to work, and as soon as they became approved by FDA/EMA etc they stopped being "experimental". All our countries are infested with Covid-19 because, unfortunately, the pandemic came before the medicine.
  9. I know what global companies - from small biotechs to large pharma - are involved in vaccine development and production. I know they come from different countries, including countries not considered strong allies to USA, like Russia and China, and that their ownership structure includes both private and publicly traded. I know how far-fetched it is that the US military should somehow be able to control these to the extent that dozens of different vaccines in-development and already approved, now contain microchips. It suggests a conspiracy on a scale unprecedented and it is really inconceivabl
  10. mRNA vaccines are not experimental any more, they have been shown to work and are being administered as we speak. And any vaccine affects your DNA. In fact, conventional vaccines (based on pathogenic epitopes) probably affects your DNA more than mRNA vaccines since they trigger the genetic expression of antibodies from your own genome whereas mRNA vaccines cause direct translation of antibodies from the mRNA. Pardon my bluntness, but you speak of things you do not understand and this incomprehension makes you susceptible to moronic conspiracies. It is not "years" from the P
  11. Some of the Covid-19 vaccines are based on a new mRNA technology, some are not. We are still just talking about vaccines. And why does it matter if the vaccines are based on RNAs or not? Why would that make it more likely that they also contain microchips? What context and mystery has suddenly made you into a conspiracy theorist re: Covid-19 vaccines? I happen to know many of the companies involved in Covid-19 vaccine and development - and no, they are not part of some US' conspiracy to inject microchips into the global population. Jeez. Oh no, now you probably believe I am part of
  12. This isn't a medical first - it is just another vaccine. As a citizen of New Zealand I am sure you have already received many different vaccines in your life. Why is the Covid-19 vaccine any different? As for whether vaccines can contain microchips. Firs off, the syringes are too small, I am sure. These are not the same type of syringes used to chip your dog. These are small-tipped syringes used to inject liquid. Very different. Secondly, it is unclear how the Pentagon could somehow get the hundreds of companies involved in Covid-19 development and manufacture in on this huge conspiracy.
  13. No, I wouldn't want the Pentagon to microchip me or my loved ones (they are the US military and has no business doing anything to us); no, I don't trust the Pentagon (they are the US military); and no, I don't think it is crazy to criticize the Pentagon (they are the US military) - but I do find it crazy to think that the current Covid-19 vaccines contain microchips.
  14. I am sure the research programs at Pentagon also need funding. Microchips can fit into some syringes, but not the type used for vaccines, as far as I know. No one is fucking round with your DNA, they are giving you a vaccine.
  15. Probably a media story because the scientists want continued funding Get vaccinated, don't be a tinfoil guy. There is no microchips in the vaccines, they won't even fit there.
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