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  1. Norwegian government is recommended more use of face masks in Norway. More specifically, they are suggesting health personnel should use them more consistently when in contact with patients. Heh. It is like I live in an inverse world.
  2. downzy's pointing out that the heart isn't the only organ that is indispensable for human life after you have for some reason made it out to be the King of Organs, does imply he know at the very least more than you about human anatomy. I would argue that any organ that is essential to keep us alive, is, well, essential to keep us alive. And there are quite a few. What is astounding, though, is new revelations indicating that you can live and type without a brain.
  3. Took a tumble on my bike yesterday after my fucking dog saw a fucking squirrel race across the fucking path while moronic me was holding it on a fucking leash while biking.
  4. I really hope I am correct, cause I'd hate to get to heaven and there'd be a shitload of fucking fetuses and embryos all over.
  5. Uhm, not all animals have hearts. That's an actual fact for you. Fun, isn't it? I am claiming that a fetus is a fetus. It is you who are claiming a fetus is somehow a baby. And we simply disagree on when a fetus is deserving of being sacrosanct. That is a discussion that has been going on for quite a while and I doubt it will end pretty soon
  6. No, it isn't. Maybe ease up on the use of "that IS a fact" until you learn some more facts and are able to realize what is a fact and what isn't? Lots of living things don't have hearts: amoebas (which I know you have heard about before!), bacteria, Maria from 2. grade, sperm cells, human embryos....
  7. A baby is defined as being born. It is the actual definition. Insisting on referring to a fetus as a baby is playing semantics, not the other way around. And the reason why people who are against abortion insist on referring to fetuses as "unborn babies" is because it is an efficient appeal to emotions. Hmm, I think we used the Norwegian word "foster" which translates to "fetus". You see, we aren't so confused about these things in Norway as you are. We know what a baby is and "foster" probably has a more positive connotation than "fetus" in English; we bestow it with some of th
  8. In fact, the study doesn't say our striking handsomeness was only beaten by our rugged manliness, it simply says people were so entranced by us they joined our forces resulting in the ranks of the vikingr soon containing smaller, browner and weaker men, too. It also says that while the Swedish vikings tended to become diluted, the Norse and Danes have remained more pure and that our appearance is closer to how the vikings must have looked. And I believe we have a thread dedicated to the awesomeness if the Norse already, no need to put this in a thread for our vanquished thrells.
  9. Absolutely. I don't see that happening re: BLM, though. But what do I know?
  10. I don't know. I never hear that expression really. Isn't that just something white people say to belittle other white people who fight for racial equality? No one is "saving" anyone, people just stand up for what is right. The whole idea that whites should only care about whites and their own problems and blacks about blacks and their problem, is kind of a segregation of empathy and concern. An apartheid of the empathic mind.
  11. I must also comment on this statement that science supports a particular stance on abortion. It doesn't. Science tells us what happens, it is descriptive, not what we should do about it. Science tells us when a heart starts beating, when the lungs fill with air for the first time, what genes are expressed first in the fertilized egg, when the fetus develops arms, how the body form develops, when the brain starts forming, etc. But it doesn't tell us when a fetus has become so much like a human being that it should be granted human rights (i.e when abortion turns to murder). That is a question m
  12. But it doesn't. If I order some human DNA synthesized to me from Genscript, as we do, that Eppendorf tube is not a human being. And if I clone the DNA into an E. coli cell, and I am likely to, that bacterium is not now partly human. Because a human being is more than its genetics, more than its DNA and genes. It is the concerted expression of thousands of genes resulting in the amazingly complex interplay of millions of proteins, sugars, lipids and other molecules that constitutes the differentiated tissues of a developed fetus, that is a human being. And this isn't the case for DNA in a tube,
  13. What forms of logic do you dispute, formal, informal, mathematical? All of them?
  14. I personally don't think Biden is a good candidate, but he is still many fold better than Trump. What this really says, though, is how far the Americans have fallen. Trump or Biden. Jeez.
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