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  1. Yeah, and why "remove"? Everything doesn't have to be some sinister conspiracy.
  2. Ah, you gave the impression Axl didn't do any correspondence himself. Of course he has his own phone and handles his own email, but he is wary about giving out details of these to people so many old contacts have been forced to try to reach Axl through his management. And they often stonewall it.
  3. How do you know? We know for a fact Axl has reached out directly to people at various occasions. Sebastian Bach springs to mind.
  4. I have never heard anyone claim that Guns N' Roses in 2021 is the biggest band in the world.
  5. The main hypothesis for less deaths in Africa is lower average age. It makes a lot of sense when you look at the numbers.
  6. Don't feed the troll. If he gets no attention he will skulk back to the incel forum.
  7. A person so old he has been dead and buried is better than Trump.
  8. Just to follow-up on this: The trend is very clear: countries with low vaccination coverage is struggling with Covid while those with high vaccination coverage is returning to normal. I find is slightly absurd that people will complain about having to get vaccinated and also complain about restrictions. Vaccines are the way OUT OF the restrictions. Whining about vaccines instead of just manning up and getting the shot makes no sense. Unless you happen to enjoy the restrictions, though.
  9. Have I given up any civil rights? Don't think so. And we don't wear masks here in Norway anymore or have any other restrictions...because the vaccination program worked. And if we need booster shots to keep not having restrictions, then I am all for it.
  10. That's adorable. I don't know you guys are doing, but the chimp seems confident and capable while you seem not.
  11. 8/10 for upper chest. 1/10 for credibility. And I am not talking about the girls on the cover, but your pathetic attempt to show of your body underneath your camera to the right.
  12. Yesterday he was terrible. Involved in all the goals against. Just terrible. It is time to test out Varan-Lindelof. Maybe a period on the bench will sharpen Maguire.
  13. I agree. I would give him a bit more than 2 more games, but not much more Maybe he can still be in United in some capacity, we just need someone else to organize the team, set up playing strategies, and be responsible for match management.
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