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  1. Sure, but then you need to together laws that curb what such large, powerful platforms can do and not do. And there doesn't seem to be political will for that in USA. As of right now, Twitter, Facebook, et al, are companies who only have accountability to their owners , as long as they operate under US law. This idea of having a social accountability will only work when put into law. Until then it becomes nothing but a hope and a dream.
  2. We definitely have a problem if some groups are excluded from all major platforms of expression. That would lead to a society where some voices are silenced, and in democracies it is better to engage than to silence. We meet disagreements with arguments, not with exclusion. BUT, I don't think that is what is happening here. Trump isn't being de-platformed because he holds a specific political ideology, I believe, but because he keeps spreading dangerous misinformation. Parler isn't running into problems because they are a right-leaning platform, but because they fail to moderate blatantly
  3. They still have the right to believe and say what they like. But they can't expect to be allowed to say whatever they like everywhere. Freedom to speech has never been total in that sense. And as a private company, Twitter is free to kick out anyone they want. Don't confuse this with their freedom to speech being violated.
  4. Sure, I am just not sure whether any financial compensation and apology can fully compensate for potentially decades lost. So in that sense, no matter what we choose (imprisonment or capital punishment), we risk causing grave errors to other human beings that we can't correct. But yeah, in most cases it is worse to kill someone wrongly than imprison them. Still, we cannot argue as only one of these options comes with a possibility of irretrievable wrongs inflicted on the innocent.
  5. The purpose of imprisonment is at least fourfold: rehabilitation, deterrence, prevention of new crimes, and revenge. You are correct that rehabilitation has been shown to not work efficiently (studies report only a 10% reduced chance of new crimes), but this is likely to vary from country to country as a consequence of the resources allocated to rehabilitation programs. Simply imprisoning criminals in itself will likely not result in rehabilitation, it must be couples to rehabilitation programs that work on each inmate to help that person change (education, therapy, etc). And yes,
  6. Dies? I assume he is out fishing. Politics? Nah, it is dying down now. The big orange blob is finally setting and we can go back to discussing Guns N' Roses again.
  7. There you are! I feared the anti terror police had finally caught you. What's up?
  8. Maybe he got corona, for real. Or spending all his time on Parler, or whatever equivalent has popped up. I miss @Len Cnut, though. We can call it "the pasty white death with bad teeth".
  9. I don't care what it is called as long as @DieselDaisy pays punitive damages for lives lost from it.
  10. Things don't change because someone has an opinion ;). Things change when someone figurs out the structure of the virus, someone develops a vaccine based on this information, someone tests this novel vaccines for efficacy and side effects, someone approves this vaccine for use, and it is being used on people. And this process is happening. Just relax for once. It will still get darker before it starts getting lighter - but we will see the sun again. And I am not only talking about winter season in Norway.
  11. Some random Covid-19 observations. Schools here have been open since May or so. Quite often classes have to g in quarantine with home schooling when someone in their age group might have corona, or some teacher at school. That's okay for us, home schooling works really well with the school being set up for remote learning very well and my wife being home and able to help them get going. A couple of days ago my youngest was sent in quarantine when someone in her class tested positive, She took the test herself this morning (and was so scared), and a few minutes ago I got informed that the
  12. Quite a feeling, isn’t it? I don't think it's going to last all the way, but I am pleased with the playing and results.
  13. To some, tribalism is more important than rationalism.
  14. I know why it happened. It happened because a fraction of Americans believe in nonsensical conspiracy theories that include a belief that the election was rigged and that if Democrats got in control USA would be ruined, and because they had a president who nurtured such nonsense and egged them on.
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