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  1. Strictly from a business perspective, I find it hard to criticize the band. I mean, yes, there are all these little things they could definitely do better (and people here are really talented at pointing them out), but most of those things don't matter much to the average fan who make up the bread and butter for the band, and when we look at the bottom line, the earnings, the band has been doing spectacularly well since the "reunion". And that's what businesses are about. As a band, though, they are odd in that they do few of the things fans want and expect out of their bands. Still, whet
  2. Based on reviews, they could probably benefit from trimming the setlists with 4-5 songs. But yeah, the way they have slowly changed the setlist over the years by replacing some deeper cuts and covers, is decent. If it was up to me they would get rid of most of the solo spots, covers and changed up the deep cuts even more (and add more songs from the back catalogues to the rooster of songs they change up for every gig). But all in all the setlists are great.
  3. If you require more than one new song to be debuted on Saturday, then I am afraid you will not be happy
  4. You rule out the possibility that a new song will be debuted later in the tour? Why?
  5. I don't think Axl's mindset was other than that he wanted to release a great GN'R record. But he realized that with the changes occurring in music at the time that, that they couldn't just release a simply rock record and expect it to be a success or stand the test of time as innovative and an example of GN'R as a band that could adapt to different styles and remain cool. It needed something more. He was acutely aware of the trends and that GN'R was about to become passé - probably much more aware of this than Slash was. Axl had always wanted for GN'R to be a band that could release different
  6. If I remember correctly, from my own work on the history of the band I came across a quote suggesting they recorded a second T-Rex cover during the UYI touring. The quote was a bit ambiguous on whether it actually was a second cover of this band, and that such a possible cover existed was possible not a common fact among fans. I concluded that it was a mistake, no second cover was ever recorded. I believe the rumours started spreading after I wrote about it on A4D and I concluded that someone used the info to make up a semi-plausible rumor as part of some scheme. But I can remember this entir
  7. I get that I am in the minority but I have never been a fan of Axl's heavy use of rasp during the UYI touring. I find it grating. To me he was better in the 80s and in 2006 and later.
  8. His tummy is also quite something.
  9. Excellent! I got Pfizer too, so now we can be PFFs! And yes, much smarter of you to consult with your doctor over YT and rock forums. Especially when you are a bit CC (="conspiracy-curious"). As for me being confused, I don't feel confused... but maybe that's part of the confusion! But I certainly never called you insane nor thought you were. A bit sensitive perhaps, yes, and not handling criticism very well, definitely, but not insane. Anyway, good on you to overcome your fears and seek expert advice.
  10. I don't know - he certainly wasn't mentioned in any Axl interview before May 2010.
  11. Hi guys, Just finished adding another section, covering February 2009 to April 2010: FEBRUARY 2009-APRIL 2010: DJ JOINS THE BAND; TOURING CHINESE DEMOCRACY (a-4-d.com) This period after the release of Chinese Democracy was dominated by rumours about the band touring to support the album, followed by the actual touring which covered selected shows in Asia (2009) and then legs in Canada and Latin America (2010) - a tour we fans tend to look back at with fond memories. But the period wasn't entirely without controversies: Axl knocked down a paparazzi at LAX and there were rumours about
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