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  1. Worst I have seen. Total collapse. This wasn't so much Liverpool being good as United falling apart defensively.
  2. I will contiue to believe that Axl didn't lie when he said he recorded vocals to Soul Monster the very moment when there is good evidence he didn't
  3. @PeleYou still hasn't answered this. So was he lying if he said he was planning to release a trilogy? Are you saying he said that while knowing he was just going to release one record? Do you even know what a lie is?
  4. Okay, so you admit he didn't lie about a trilogy. Cool. Since he talked about adding vocals to parts of the song it is likely he recorded vocals for the entire song, and since Axl's vocals are always the last thing to add, them yes, I am convinced a complete version of the song exists in the vault. It is just logical. I have absolutely no idea when I might hear it. No idea. Maybe it is one that Slash and Duff has worked on and will be released perhaps in 2022. Maybe not.
  5. You tell me. You said Axl lies about a trilogy. What was the lie? You didn't answer how you can be so sure Axl hasn't recorded anything post 1999 that we haven't heard (of). That we happen to have heard everything he has recorded after this date. What a remarkable coincidence!
  6. Can you provide me with the quote where Axl says he has three finished albums? Here are quotes from his saying he is working on two records: (2) 22. NOVEMBER 1999-JANUARY 2001: LINEUP TURMOIL BUT A TRIUMPHAL RETURN (a-4-d.com)
  7. Why not? An abortion only affects a woman (and her fetus), not being vaccinated affects the rest of society.
  8. He was actually sober at the time, or trying to avoid smack, and staying in LA waiting for Axl was dangerous to him. He first tried to get them back on the road to tour Spaghetti, but Axl didn't want to do that. He then did Blues Balls and Snakepit ver 1 just to keep moving and get aeay, and gradually realized he didn't need GN'R.
  9. Could be. But the fact that they haven't managed to write anything together over these last 5 years suggests otherwise. As you know, I have written about this, and as far as Slash leaving it came down to frustrations with Axl and a need to do something and not just wait.
  10. So you believe they have grown out of their personality and power clashes? If so, why do you believe this? It's not like they were in their teens when they broke up. They were grown men who couldn't work together for a myriad of reasons. I am not saying these reasons can't have disappeared, I am saying that no one should be surprised if they haven't. When the "reunion" was announced people let their hopes run away with them. People expected the live shows to be a lot better and that the band would release great music again as if it was 1987 all over.
  11. There was a reason the AFD/UYI lineup weren't able to make new music together and fell apart. That reason still existing shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. The passing of a large amount of time doesn't necessarily change anything.
  12. Yes, it is unfortunate the various lineups weren't able to keep it together. No doubt this is mostly Axl's fault. And for each new lineup iteration I assume it gets harder to release material that was written with a previous lineup - both because Axl wants the current band members to be part of a release and because writing credits (and compensation) becomes so complicated. Which is why I didn't want the pseudo-reunion; I don't care for nostalgia and I considered the likelihood of seeing CD2 less, or at least that it would be delayed until the cashgrab, nostalgia tour had run its course. The fact that the three have decided to work on unreleased CD songs surprised me, and I will absolutely take it - better than this music not getting released at all. Still, my pipe dream would have been for Axl to release this music with as little tinkering as possible, with the original artists, regardless of whether it would never be toured by them. As for Axl having quit being a recording artist. Who knows? I am not saying it isn't at all unlikely but we can't rule it out entirely, I think. don't find it very surprising the triumvirate won't write music together. Except for back in the 80s, they have never really been good at that. They tried hard in the 90s and it failed spectacularly. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they all agreed not to try that again, lest they risk ruining the ongoing profitable tour from fights stemming from writing sessions. So maybe it was an understanding they would never attempt writing original music together, but that Slash and Duff were willing to add tracks to existing songs. Minimal effort and Axl wouldn't really have to get involved - so no fights and hassle. But again, this doesn't mean Axl aren't interested in writing and recording music, he probably just wants to be in control of it entirely now, and be able to create exactly the music he wants to create. Unfortunately for us, that's a glacial process and we might never hear anything new and original from him that was written after 2016 (2010?, 2006?). But again, who knows? Axl changes a lot and surprises me even more often. Maybe he finds a muse, a collaborator, a direction, and something might come out of it. So what do I hope for? Well, I look forward to hearing the rest of the music they have worked on. I think there are some absolute gems in the Village sessions and I find it likely there are quite a few additional songs we have never heard of that was made after 1999, and which Slash and Duff may have added onto. I also agree with Blackstar that the most likely candidates are songs that Axl mainly wrote himself, to avoid royalties. Still, I am sure there are quite a few really good songs there and I look forward to hearing Slash and Duff's additions. Then I hope Axl will revisit the best of the remaining material and get it out and compensate those who helped make that music - Tommy, Josh, Robin, Bucket, Chris, etc. They deserve to get more out of the years spent recording and writing. They believed in Axl and his vision and they loyalty and dedication should be rewarded. It is the decent thing to do. And then I hope Axl finds the inspiration to make new music, whether as part of GN'R or from some other outlet. Do I find this all likely? Not really - but Axl and GN'R always surprise me in so many ways. I stopped expecting stuff from this band decades ago, now I just take what I get with happiness and enjoy the crazy ride its been.
  13. Quite extraordinary. Did someone just bring their personal gun and forgot to remove the live round? There supposed to be an arms expert who handles this and live rounds should be nowhere near the set.
  14. - I have never seen the media say the survival rate is far away from 99%. Maybe we are watching different media? - The government has the right to say we should get vaccinated. It is their job. Just like it is their right to say we shouldn't drink alcohol until we are 18 or that we should wear seat belts. If you don't like your government, vote for someone else. I assume you live in a democracy. - The analogy with abortion breaks apart as soon as you realize that while abortion only affects the woman (and the fetus), the choice to not get vaccinated means the pandemic rages on which affects everybody through disease and restrictions. - I haven't given up any rights. What rights are you talking about? And the restrictions that were imposed (and which I were in favor of), have now been lifted. So what on earth are you talking about?
  15. Yeah, and why "remove"? Everything doesn't have to be some sinister conspiracy.
  16. Ah, you gave the impression Axl didn't do any correspondence himself. Of course he has his own phone and handles his own email, but he is wary about giving out details of these to people so many old contacts have been forced to try to reach Axl through his management. And they often stonewall it.
  17. How do you know? We know for a fact Axl has reached out directly to people at various occasions. Sebastian Bach springs to mind.
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