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  1. Religions change to accommodate societal progress so as to not being irrelevant? What else is new.
  2. Just found a coding error in Excel. Fucking proud of myself.
  3. Pence likes milk and Jesus. What else is there to say?
  4. In a few months it might be illegal (in marketing) to refer to anything meatless as "hamburgers" here in Europe. True story.
  5. In a world where you are a Manchester United supporter.
  6. What? Hopefully it will be just as safe as any other vaccine. And no, new vaccines (or old vaccines) are not the actual virus; they are inactive parts of viruses.
  7. Is it really surprising that someone studying climate travels more than most other scientists?
  8. Started swing trading but realized it takes too much effort and the likely return is too low unless you start off with much more money than I was willing to do.
  9. He unfortunately does know where Norway is - or that there is a country named Norway - and that one of our politicians nominated him for Noble Peace Prize AND that the leader of Nato, Trump's "best buddy" is from Norway. Shiiiiit.
  10. I don't agree with the notion that you have to be "super woke" to be accepting to transgender people. It follows directly form just being a decent human being. Just like I don't have a problem with anyone else who just want to go on with their lives and don't hurt me or anyone else, I have no problems with transgender people. I see no rational reason why I would draw the line with transgenderism. And keep in mind this started with kids wanting to cross-dress, or something. It takes a particular kind of bigoted asshole to have a problem with that.
  11. What a strange season it's been so far. Everton and Aston Villa on top. Dramatic stuff.
  12. I feared that a reunion would torpedo any possibility of getting new music from the CD sessions. I never really though a reunion would result in a new album with Slash and Duff, I considered the whole reunion thing a pure cash-grab touring event. Now it seems like a new album is on its way, with Slash and Duff, and that is cool and I am happy to have been wrong on that. I do fear that music from the CD sessions, with Bucket, Robin, etc's contributions intact, will not see the light of day in the foreseeable future, though, and that bums me up. Whether it is worth it really depends on the
  13. No, I think you are a bigot because you refer to children who want to identify as a different gender as "bat shit crazy" and when challenged on this presents the flimsy explanation that if you were to be supportive of such kids it would result in the probability that your kids would be raped by transgender men who are really pedophiles at toilets. As I stated before, there is no causal link between you being supportive of kids who identify as a different gender than their biological sex and your kids being raped by fake transgender men at toilets. You go from dismissing the whole concept of tr
  14. I don't really like them. But if they came as a natural result of being kind to kids who explore transgenderism -- and they won't because there is absolutely no causal link there! -- then so be it. Jeez, grown-up men attacking kids because they just want to be another gender. Not that long ago we had men attacking gays because they just wanted to be themselves. Men attacking women because they dared to break out of the confines of patriarchal society. Whites attacking blacks because they asked to be treated equally. And now grown-ass men attacking kids because they are afraid of having to
  15. So you call kids who want to dress as a different gender "bat shit crazy" because you are uncomfortable with the thought of unisex toilets? I think I am starting to get where you are coming from now. Thank you. Could it be Loonietown? Or Bigotville? City of White Males so Unsure of their Own Masculinity They Can't Cope with the Thought of Boys Dressing as Girls?
  16. Seems like it? And the thing is, if no one had any problem with it, but let that kid dress the way he wanted, then everything would be okay. There would be no victims and the kid would be happy. But apparently that is too much to ask for. So again, why is it a problem to you?
  17. Thanks! I have wondered about that for a while. And you aren't really allowed to wonder about things these days with Google at your fingertips - so thanks for indulging an ignorant fool. 15K is looong! Have you tried it before? A good idea would be to find a level course without too many hills, it makes a huge difference. It happens to me every time I try to increase my running, my right calf gets pulled. I just have to be patient and go slowly. I also weigh too much now, and that doesn't help. But no, it is only weeks. Just a few muscles fibres that have been torn. I will be good in
  18. What I would have liked to know is why do they care if kids want to be another gender? I want to challenge them to try to investigate why that bothers them so much. How does it matter to them if an 8-year old crossdresses or insists on having another name? Who are the victims here? I don't care what the outcome of the discussion in terms of who posts the funniest reply or makes the most sense or gets the last word, I just want them to think and go, "why does it matter to me?".
  19. Another weekend. What is the good people of mygnrforum up to for the next couple of days? I am drinking red wine and planning to actually do some gaming with friends (never done it before). Tomorrow is Premier League and work-around-the-house. Sunday is busy standing guard at ice hockey games. Would have loved to do some long walks in the forest but I am injured again so no-no.
  20. Stupidity, ignorance and hate is always personal to me
  21. With K you are referring to kilometers or...uhm, kfeet? I am seriously confused what K refers to. Anyways, after my surgery earlier this year I have started getting back in shape and had just started running 10 km when I pulled a muscle, again. It kind of snapped when I was at 4 km. So now I am hobbling around waiting for it to pass.
  22. Boys who feel like girls are batshit crazy. Swampfox have spoken. Pandering? He is being given a question and of course he answers against discrimination.
  23. ?? The discussion was about identifying as another gender, not going through sex reassignment surgery. No responsible parent, nor responsible surgeon, would change the sex of a kid! We are talking about kids being transgender, i.e. identifying as a different gender, i.e likely crossdressing, not transsexualism! Understanding the situation of people who identify as a different gender than their biological sex is only positive, Yet you use it as an insult. Shame on you.
  24. Switch their gender? These are kids we are talking about, who decides to dress and behave as a different gender. We are not talking about surgery to change genders
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