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  1. Will this thread get to 500 pages before Susan mentions new music again?
  2. I actually think this BHS is ok....but I agree with they person who said he should just sing in his low voice for the entire song.
  3. Agreed with whoever said the guitar solo doesn’t fit the song. Great song...bad solo
  4. Agreed. Good stuff....back when they were a real band
  5. I’m not a fan of Wichita but I like his voice. He actually sounds like Axl on this one. Just sing the gnr songs with this tone and it would be a huge improvement even though it would change the spirit of the way he did them historically.
  6. Ahhh gotcha. I think that if, and that’s basically a HUGE if, they had material to release, now would be good since they can’t tour. Drop an album, assume it’s good, increase demand for touring when covid is over.
  7. Why would an AC/DC release make it a bad time for a GNR release? I don’t get the logic on this one...
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