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  1. I hope they don’t do bad apples….that’s one of the worst songs in their catalog IMO.
  2. Prince has been dead for 5 years and he has a new album coming out….
  3. Red hand was easily the best cover IMO. The bike and grenade suck.
  4. Fenway finally had pit tickets as non platinum. I wish the MLB shows showed you what seats were open/sold. I think it’s the ugly in Boston.
  5. There will not be a new album. There’s not even chatter about it. 13 years since CD. They’re done. They probably don’t even talk. Show up, play, collect a check. They’re not a band….they’re an act.
  6. Fenway is showing a four pack offer now but isn’t showing available seats - this is a new option though so seats will come
  7. I had pit tickets for Fenway and got a refund when covid hit. I have not bothered to get tickets again and probably won’t - I’ve said it before though….real easy……lose the effects, pyro, etc….play songs in random order and just have screens show the band members playing….would go a long way with fans
  8. The thing that makes the setlist worse is that they play the same songs in the same order. At least hit shuffle!!! And if people argue they can’t hit shuffle due to the graphics or pyro…lose that shit. No one cares about it.
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