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  1. Yeah that's why I say a bitch to sing haha, just like TWAT
  2. That song is a bitch to sing live for uncle ax but holy shit how awesome
  3. I'm checking some vids from the show and damn boy, the band looks so good they are doing great and Axl sounds really goooood on Paradise city!! Last song on the set and he delivers!!! Madagascar was beautiful as always. They really have their shit together and it's a rolling machine! A joy for all the people attending
  4. Great song, it Rocks!! And the intro man!! Gets you pumped right away, I'm very pleased with this
  5. Hey I'm just watching these, then I open the forum and see this topic, mind-reading anyone?
  6. They all three are just legends period. And I must say that I enjoy watching them more now than in 93 when none of them had any fun or interaction that much.. also they were too wasted to really be in the moment and Axl was way too emotional and a wreckage to actually enjoy doing what he was doing
  7. Yeah sad story about Ole. L.A. Guns did quite okay indeed, even made some nice songs! Haha nah I'd aim a little higher than Dokken and Warrant! Songs like Patience, Don't Cry and even November Rain would've been put out and probably be hits too, tho the guitar sound would be way different
  8. Anyone ever wondered if Rob and Tracii ever feel like they made a mistake by leaving?? I mean not that GN'R would've become as huge without Duff and Slash, but Axl and Izzy would've achieved succes in any band if only nationwide.. I just wonder if they feel any regrets? Hell Axl would be somewhere with that voice anyway
  9. Of course you want to you know you do😄, might be the last time ever before you know it! Remember the long no shows in Europe between 01 - 06 and in 06-010 012-017? I saw them first in 2010. But yeah they are getting older now and you never know when this thing ends.
  10. To answer your question in the title: because of the line: and when you're in need of someone my heart won't deny you, so many seem so lonely but there's no one left to cry to baby!!! And the emotion, burden drama and load he puts in it with his voice bringing it like he goes through it himself that's why
  11. Who's dick? Who's walking outside naked with a boner? Who's dick shadow did you check out? Do you spot them often?
  12. I hope slash's pants won't rip again tonight else he'll be sporting his dick real good..
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