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  1. As for Estranged, I may be wrong and definitely need to give some 2016 versions a listen again, but I don’t think there’s rasp there anyway. It’s that middle level, where he just doesn’t do it any more. In fact, the last time it was truly good was 1993, because later they didn’t play it when he could have nailed it – i.e. 2006 or 2010, and only started in 2011, when it was too late (same for the DVD – weren’t there some talks about a 2010 South America DVD? That could have been grand. Instead of that, we got a 2012 show which we’d already had from the London pro-shot and Axl was already mickey
  2. I don't really expect them to release a record now; I would much appreciate it though if they released a goddamn EP with one or two new songs (one brand new, one maybe a polished CD thing), one cover, one live song, a video in a digital version, and finally a proper DVD. The album itself could then wait for another year for all I care. But instead of that - radio silence...
  3. I definitely comprehend the financial aspect – I didn’t say they had been making the same money; it was nowhere near it, but it was a stable income nonetheless. Regardless of declining numbers or divorces, they would have been fine. A couple of new releases, a tour, and you’re off the hook. As for the unreleased catalogue, let’s not forget that the initial Village sessions are just a part of what probably exists, and I’m positive at least one other album – especially considering that Axl said so himself after the CD release – could have been out by ca 2011 or whatever. I do agree the ini
  4. Slash was making money prior to the reunion, and so was Axl. If the attendance numbers were getting smaller, that can only be credited to the fact that – like in the recent years – the tour was dragged out for years on without any significant changes in the playlist or otherwise (apart from Axl’s ever deteriorating form). They had “tons” of music – Axl could have released CD 2 around 2011 and attract new interest, larger audience. Instead, they didn’t even manage to release the Better video, for god’s sake. A new album, proper promotion, a music video, merchandize, another DVD… none of this ha
  5. Let's say the musicians cannot be completely unaware of how Axl sounds, ok?
  6. Fingers crossed. Maybe they're waiting for Axl to recuperate from a vocal cords surgery or something, eh?
  7. I’m with ya, but here’s the thing: even if Axl had a double – fuck it, triple – surgery on his vocal cords in order to sound like in AC/DC again, and even if Slash was shown how to stop being sloppy and start sounding like in the heydays again, and probably even if they hired Sorum again… it would never be the same. The reason being (obviously), it’s not the 80s or 90s any more. It could never be the same, look the same, sound the same, and have the same impact. The times have shifted, as we know – so it’s better to enjoy the old bootlegs (god knows we’ll get fuck all from the band) and try to
  8. Even though many things point towards that, I still refuse to believe it. I don’t believe it’s predominantly money. Never have, never will, don’t know why. I guess there’s just too much integrity in the guys, or at least in Axl. Through all the years we’ve been with him, if we learned anything, it was that the guy is not for sale. He’d said it before AfD was released and he kept saying it to all the money assholes throughout the 2000s… and I don’t feel he has or ever will change in this matter. Thankfully. The money thing being as the only – or even main – factor just doesn’t sit right with me
  9. Oh I agree. It baffles me why they haven’t just messed around with the set at that point, at least partially (doesn’t mean one new cover and one new t-shirt). Or what is it that really makes them do these lengthy inflexible tours, even though they’ve already made so much dough. Anyway, the purely musical side is very important to me, and I can therefore never stop asking why “they” (?) choose that which they choose… like this footage. Bizarre.
  10. Ok, I’ve gone through the whole thing (well, more or less), so here’s my two very brief cents: 1) Wichita L. is nice, although I’ve never paid too much attention to it. Will give it another listen, whether from this show or a different one. 2) Nightrain is the only one out of the 3 Guns songs that is watchable. However, Axl’s voice at this point (2019) was completely shot, and I would even think that the singing must hurt him at times. It surely sounds like it. Also, interesting and funny how he uses that fake rasp in verses (basically same as in the CD chorus, where it actually belongs).
  11. I've said it a hundred times, I'll say it again: he was great in 2016. Then AC/DC happened, where he sang like the devil, like he hadn't in 20 years. His decline started afterwards, being quite noticeable as early as in 2017. I wonder if the 2016 stint - straining and demolishing his throat - and the immediate decline could have anything in common... I think it's clear as day.
  12. So I've seen some bits at work. Let's say that the Houston recording still remains the only really watchable one...
  13. Absolutely. And like I said, fortunately, the good ole Axl basically returned in 2006 (both in terms of the looks and the voice).
  14. I mean… it would have been totally mental to have played yet another NITL leg in 2020, with just new lights or whatever, but can you imagine the same happening in 2021? Well, anything is possible with these guys, I guess. I know they’ve at least rehearsed HS, but the same was with Perfect Crime or OMG – and yet, nothing. I guess if nothing new appears at those summer gigs (provided they’ll happen at all), I think it’ll be safe to say that nothing new will emerge till the end of 2021 either, playlist-wise.
  15. Totally. I actually passed on this year regarding the ticket and was waiting it out – depending on what they would’ve played. Had the playlist been the same, I wouldn’t have bought one. I didn’t want to judge it by the two early shows though, I considered them mere openers, and the “brand new” schtick was only announced for the spring/summer gigs. But something is telling me it wouldn’t have been too different. Who knows – I guess we may see next year, with this extra time gap we’re having…
  16. Well, that's another +quarter of a year. But that's still very optimistic. No way March could happen here.
  17. Btw, some small documentation of what I’ve said before. Axl in 1995. Still him, yes? Axl in 98. Still him, right? (Somewhat proportionally weird picture to me, btw.) (This image may have been tuned up a bit colour-wise, not sure.) Axl in 2000. Hard to tell much, but it still looks quite like him. And then… BAM! 2001: Don’t tell me this is a normal shift that happens within a year. Whatever it was, it couldn’t have been quite natural.
  18. No, they definitely will not go ahead in March. I don't know where you live, but the situation regarding the measures here in central EU is still very harsh, new "waves" are expected (at least one or two), and there is no way in hell a 50 thousand crowds would be allowed in 3 or 4 months from now. Not to mention ticket sales, booking, and all the technical stuff around. It's not happening.
  19. Interesting, he definitely looked pissed off. It was the first show after St. Louis. Also, here's this: https://www.a-4-d.com/t4990-12-january-july-1991-touring-mayhem Oh and here is this! https://www.a-4-d.com/t1835-1991-07-08-starplex-amphitheatre-dallas-usa https://www.a-4-d.com/t1836-1991-07-09-starplex-amphitheatre-dallas-usa https://web.archive.org/web/20190801083318/http://www.gnrontour.com:80/
  20. Depends on what you mean by "online". I'd bet you could still find them on torrents. Just don't ask publicly here, it's frowned upon, to say the least.
  21. All they had to do was release CD2 instead of screwing around with the same playlist for years on.
  22. There is, however, one other aspect that maybe should be considered: Axl burying the hatchet with Slash was undoubtedly a huge and very delicate thing. It wouldn’t be completely unthinkable that the first discussions/meetings they had starting in spring were strictly personal, confidential. We know they only communicated via phone for the first couple of months. Hence I could imagine even the management being partially out of the loop still in summer. Which, on the other hand, doesn’t have to mean that DJ hadn’t been informed or at least hadn’t suspected anything. Remember, Slash gave an inter
  23. Don't expect the band to release anything today, as that wouldn't be fair to all the anniversaries happening in the world - like the Gazpacho Soup Day (see Red Dwarf), which happens to be today!
  24. Possible. It’s a mystery, as usual. Those years definitely couldn’t have been easy for him, and things may have shaken him up a lot – he’s always come across as quite a sensitive person with a deep inner world, hasn’t he. As for the casuals, I don’t blame them for not wanting to accept that the 2001 dude was Axl – after all, they hadn’t seen him or heard from him for many years back then, and the change was truly visible. Then again, some of these guys are the same ones who were surprised at 2002 shows that Slash isn’t in the band any longer or even that a band called “GN’R” actually still
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