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  1. I understand, but the main question is, why should she "accept" that "the album isn’t coming"? Why push your opinion on everyone else repeatedly? Besides, look, they’re gonna release something at some point, whatever the content will be. Even if to just put out Axl’s CD II material (I hope it won’t be just that, but that’s my opinion). It may be in summer '22, it may be in winter '25, but you’re not gonna win anyone new over with repeating the same. There’s this phrase a certain agent used that I like: "I want to believe". Don’t be bitter, it ruins one’s body (not to mention mind).
  2. I think it’s sad. I mean, I totally respect – and to a large degree understand – your point of view; god knows GN'R isn’t an easy band to be a fan of. One gets fucking frustrated and all. On the other hand, I find your overall conduct here sad and ridiculous at the same time – and above all, useless. You clearly despise current GN'R/Axl and there doesn’t seem to be anything that would change this any time soon. But what is the point in being here and doing this all the time, poisoning every thread, repeatedly, over and over, ad nauseam? It’s clear you’re just trolling here – is that what gets you off? When I peruse your posts, I feel sorry and think you could use some psychotherapy. Seriously. Cause I don’t think anyone enjoying this type of stuff can truly be happy in their life. Sorry for my English (plus a hangover), I probably could express this better under different circumstances (and it may be I need therapy myself). The mere fact that you constantly keep calling him "Rose" is... peculiar, to say the least. Have you thought about following a different band? For example, I discovered Ghost about three years ago (!) and find them (I mean the singer) fascinating. There’s also Dead Daisies, which I don’t know too much yet, but they definitely rock. Etc. So my last – and unsolicited again – advice would be lay off the net (and GN'R), go for a walk in the woods but don’t take the phone with you, smoke a joint, get laid, and have a very long, hot bath or shower, whatever the order will be. Otherwise, why waste time like this? If you don’t wanna let others have fun while you yourself obviously can’t, you’re in a very sad and troublesome situation indeed, wouldn’t you say? I know this post was a waste of time... but just wanted to give my 2 bitcoins. Peace... and have a nice day, troubled fella.
  3. First listen: I like it. The fast parts are surprising!
  4. All cautions made All things consideeeeered You know, that was the original lyrics, which Slash wrote, but then Axl changed it, they bickered about it, and that's why they finally broke up. More info in Dizzy's upcoming autobiography.
  5. True, the only rule is: with GNR, one never knows. If somebody asked a few years ago, guess what their first single will be? How many would have said Silkworms? Plus, how many would have said Silkworms without getting laughed at severely...
  6. The black-and-whiteness again. How about a mixture? Half and half, more or less, or at least some proportion? Don't expect all new songs / all new vocals as that's crazy and nothing suggests that; don't expect, however, a solely reworked CD either - cause Slash didn't return to his super famous mother band to just noodle over fucking 20-year old demos recorded by some replacements. Clearly, it needs to be an approach that combines both of these components.
  7. Hey @Dexter, how about some chat again? Didn't you say something like same time, same bat channel some thirteen years ago? Looks like a dead season ahead of us. Come on man, don't be like that.
  8. Here’s some inspiration as to how to do things: Ghost’s Tobias Forge says "The idea is for the album to be recorded in January. The actual recording will last around six weeks and then there’s two to three weeks of mixing and mastering. So sometime in March the record should be finished, but it won’t be released until after the summer." Btw #1: He's also said "I was always a big fan of Slash and Keith Richards. I wanted to be the cool guitar player rather than the singer. It’s so ludicrous because I know nothing about telephones or computers. I just mastered the art of bullshitting. I was sitting there just wishing for another life. Towards the end of 2009, I felt I needed to take the little time I had and focus all of it on one thing. And Ghost was the best thing I’d ever done." Btw #2: This guy is so fucking cool I can’t even fathom it. Long live Papa!
  9. These are cornrows, you can undo them and end up with still having your hair, if a bit messed up for a while.
  10. Ha, I’d say the other way round, but ok. Come on dude, it sounds like the good ole "the band doesn’t owe you anything". I mean, you don’t have to always defend them like we’re at htgth. Look at it from those casuals’ p. o. v. They’d been put off by whatever Axl was doing during all those "Nu" years, which – as far as they're concerned – were years when GN’R didn’t exist; then they heard the wonderful news, finally saw those two or three together on one stage, nicely standing next to each other; and having expected some first good rocker, some indicator this is the real deal, they got slapped in the face with Silkworms (I don’t literally hate the tune, the lyrics are quirky, I just think this would be the last song to go for out of all the shelf stuff) – and not only as the first single, but also as the heavily expected, prayed for reunion/comeback album opener? I’m telling you, they’d be quite annoyed. And from the musical point of view, Absurd would be a terrible opener anyway. Good on you! To each their own, after all.
  11. Putting Silkworms as an opener would be the biggest FY to all these so-called casual fans that made them multi-millionaires by repeatedly buying tickets (and merch) to hear SCOM and the likes.
  12. Seriously, how hard is it to make a DVD? https://www.facebook.com/gunsnroses/videos/1493253241029775/
  13. None afaik. You might be interested in this thread though.
  14. I know, that's a valid point. Man, we coulda had tons of releases etc. with other bands, yet we chose GNR. Or rather, GNR chose us!
  15. To me, none of these albums are really comparable with any of the others, since each of them depict the band in a specific development stage, lineup, sound, and era. AfD is the way it was supposed to be in the 80s, UYI is the way it was supposed to be in the 90s etc. So, Appetite is not better or worse than UYI. And to compare these things with a cover album or with Axl's solo from 2000s is downright nonsensical. Each of them is unique, as was each year, and even tour leg.
  16. Well, we know these dudes have recently perfected the art of answering a question without actually saying anything of substance or giving away basically any details whatsoever. That's one of the first grade seminars one has to attend when working with Mr. Rose! Some perfect it (Slash, "figuring out how to release music"), others not so much ("yes, yes, maybe"). It's basically NDA in music PR practice.
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