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  1. Well apparently, it (SOYL) was only pretty obvious to some. What actually made it quite obvious was that Frank's weird comment. If it wasn't the case, he would have just said "no, I didn't touch it", wouldn't he. It's just lame how they communicate...
  2. It will go down like this: 1. There will be a new single consisting in an old unreleased demo with a polished sound. Rumbo Tapes and the likes. 2. We'll be suspicious as to who recorded let's say the drum track for this. 3. Wel'll ask Frank. He'll say "That's a question for the management". 4. We'll ask the official band manager (i.e. on Reddit). 5. He'll reply after a few months, saying "Move on". End of story. But I don't think such a thing could happen, right?
  3. This I Love - as in the so-called Brain remix. Unbelievable, incredible, mind-blowing, etc.
  4. The Perfect Crime documentary itself would be the biggest treat, as long as there was as much material as possible. Plus those old demos, like Don’t Damn Me, YCBM with Steven on drums etc. No need for locked & loaded box sets.
  5. https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/duff-mckagan-pre-guns-n-roses-band-the-living-to-release-lost-1982-album/ Anything, anything but a new GN'R album!
  6. He's living his life, I don't blame him. Sad that as for the fans, we're stuck between cartoons and "never say never", that's all we have.
  7. First off, the list would have to be divided at least into older vs. newer stuff. I can’t compare Duke Nukem 3D with recent games, can I. Secondly, I’ve always been behind with buying state-of-the-art equipment (because of money), so I can’t assess and include the newest games that my machine just won’t run (i.e. Death Stranding, RDR2, CP2077, etc.). Thirdly, I’m skipping the oldest gems, like the original Prince of Persia, later Blood, Sanitarium, and others; that would need a special list. Let’s say this is post-2000, more or less. So in no particular order (and knowing I’ll definit
  8. Or ANY video of it, as there’s none so far. They only played it once in 92 and four times in 91.
  9. Rule No. 1: Nothing is ever "confirmed" in the world of GN'R unless one of the main musicians themselves says something concrete, ideally with a date.
  10. Of course, to each their own. But I can do without the noodling, 20-minute KOHD, "improvs", etc. My back is killing me as it is!
  11. I disagree, other bands do it, so can Guns. Or it may be a bit cheaper, we don’t need the huge NITL production anymore, do we. His voice doesn’t get better at the end of a tour – his voice gets better after a few shows at the beginning, but it obviously starts getting worse towards the end. Ever since 2006 (I think '07 was a bit weaker), but definitely since 2010. This would help a lot. Thinking the current version is the only way it could be done is deluded. Anything can be changed, it’s just that we’ve been used to certain routines for so long that we think that’s the only option.
  12. Axl definitely can surprise us. He sounded bad in 2002 and then came back full-on in 06. He sounded bad since 2011 and then came back in 2016 and sounded like a god with AC/DC – which is where he subsequently wrecked his throat. He can sound like he did with GN’R in 2016 again. But the key would be less touring. Just do 4 to 6 shows a month and only tour for a year. Release a recording. Release old footage. Make pauses, take it easy, work on new stuff. You don’t have to tour the whole fucking world for 3 years, playing the same songs at 3+ hour shows. Make shows 1.5 hour long and shuffle the p
  13. I can't be surprised any more than I was when seeing the recent bit with Angus - not only did they pick that particular gig, but they also picked the bit where they fucked up. It can't get any worse - and considering it could hardly be sabotage on TB's part, it's gotta be sheer ignorance, incompetence, and overall idiocy. Doing this otherwise defies any logic whatsoever. Shame, such a great band - and such a worthless "management team". I wish Slash and Duff stepped in...
  14. If he had anything else, what better time would there be to publish anything than 2020/21, when otherwise fuck all is happening?
  15. Well, however, "Former member Duff McKagan as well as former employee Matt Sorum failed to see its potential and showed no interest in exploring, let alone recording the piece. When the demos were played for the new band, Josh, Tommy and Robin were as they say 'all over it.'" I've always liked the song. Still hope to hear it in some newer version again.
  16. I like this one. https://www.reddit.com/r/GunsNRoses/comments/led0cb/happy_birthday_axl_rose_fanart/
  17. That’s what you get from someone who, instead of building everything up from the scratch, gradually learning and going through all the essential mistakes and rough patches to eventually get to the top, is in reality a spoon-fed spoiled brat who was handed everything, probably didn’t have to toil away to get all the necessary business contacts and learn valuable lessons, and never starved or had to labour his way through, just feeding off of other people’s skills… Of course, I’m just riffin’ here, making stuff up.
  18. And we do know they've been conferring on this, throwing ideas around and looking very seriously at what can be done in this regard...
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