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  1. You do know it's bound to happen though, right? I mean, if no one else, the King. A thing that's gone this far doesn't just go away, I guess. But yeah, out of the original ones that are left, i.e. Carol, Daryl, Maggie, plus Michonne & Rick obviously, plus the main folks added along the way, like Eugene etc., all these people should survive; there's no need to kill them off now that they've made it this far (in that world as well as in the series).
  2. My stance is quite logical: if the Selects were done thoroughly, i.e. a) with proper audio and video + cam mix, b) chosen sensitively, meaning some 2016 footage, where the whole thing was new, the band was on fire, and Axl could sing… then I’d be all for it, obviously. What we’ve actually gotten only showed us once again the incompetence of the PR team. I doubt the musicians themselves have even seen it. Any management that repeatedly releases something like this clearly don’t know what they’re doing. And they’re definitely not doing the band any favour – quite the contrary. And I refuse
  3. To me, it's always been the real deal with Gillan only, same as Sabbath with Ozzy and Uriah Heep with Byron, but to each their own, and otherwise I agree.
  4. Damn, it will already be the last episode next week? Well, looking forward to Negan, it's bound to be good.
  5. I know Led Zep are great and all that, but have you guys ever heard Made in Japan by Deep Purple? Now that is some music.
  6. Throwing ideas around. (TM) They all want to do it. (TM) It's just about sitting down and going "right, let's do it". (TM)
  7. Looks like TB have sent some money to the editorial team. So much for their 2021 promotional work.
  8. I would change this “one thing at a time” policy that Axl seems to have. Now we’re touring, cannot give you anything else. Now we’re releasing an old remaster. Now we’re touring again. Now we have a break, so let’s go with NITL Selects, here you are. Like, back in the 90s, they were touring AND releasing shit, goddamn it!
  9. But skipping drains the battery. And I don't always have a pencil either.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=277535157321255 The video quality is... you know what? I'm not gonna comment on that. Nice tune, though. The drums (particularly the snare) sound horrible.
  11. Because you're crazy, hey hey You're fucking crazy, oh my You know you're crazy, oh child I said you're crazy, ay, ay, yeah
  12. Right, but it's not just about the new music. Take all the time you want, but give us some other material and keep us up to date at least at some bare minimum. Like I said, just the amount of 90s videos we could have had by now... Etc.
  13. Well I agree, but on the other hand, one would expect that with the return of Slash and Duff, the rigid constancy of the Axl/TB stale sovereignty would get at least partially disturbed in this regard. Alas, nothing really seems to suggest anything of the sort...
  14. Speaking from Europe in March 2021, I couldn’t give a shit about gig dates for now, scheduled or not. What I would appreciate a lot, though, is any info regarding the band and its activity. Maybe someone relevant will read this, probably not. Look, we understand the bad experience with stuff leaking before it was due, and the consequential reluctance to give anything away. But what you’ve been doing is at the opposite extreme. Keeping everything under the lid to this extent is just lame, and god knows GN’R fans have been patient like no one else, and they deserve much better. At least relea
  15. It's a beautiful song, but this is one of those that are better in the original album version. Especially that acoustic guitar in the chorus. Same with SOYL and that howling - you can't quite get that live.
  16. Yeah, the key is not to pay these people any attention, because that's what they seem to crave.
  17. I think there’s already been a thread but can’t find it. Anyway, the dreams I’ve had weren’t too much scenic, there were like fragments of something happening, but it was mostly about some weird environment. I basically never remember anyone else from the band (any version thereof) vividly apart from Axl. One time it was the 90s Axl in shorts just walking with some people and me following him; other time it was perhaps the 2006 Axl playing with the band in some school auditorium for a very small crowd and me being there etc. It’s hard to put it on the paper, you know how it is with dreams. Las
  18. https://www.a-4-d.com/t4997p30-14-november-1991-april-1992-the-biggest-band-in-the-world#19662
  19. Man, so many dreams - sometimes quite weird - I've had about GN'R, or more precisely, about Axl...!
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