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  1. No, it's that there is a big telecommunications event every year in LA and I've been doing the coverage for the last two editions (I mean, 2018 and 2019).
  2. Yeah and I understand they felt I was doing something wrong when I posted Perhaps and HS rehearsal, but fuck, this one got released. There's tons of guitar covers of this song already.
  3. He said they wanted to play it earlier on the set, but there were some issues with his sound piece.
  4. And that one got blocked too. I just lost my account because of them. It was my 3rd strike.
  5. I'm bummed that only a couple of people spammed the thread with "Hard Skool" as @downzyonce asked for. But I'm glad the band wanted to give me a birthday present (its tomorrow, but I take it).
  6. Yep, that's me. Thanks! Haha, that would be nice. Maybe when I get to LA in November, if everything goes with the plan.
  7. Yeah, that's exactly how I feel about Perhaps. IMO, one of the best GNR solos, and I'm not joking.
  8. Thank you! Yeah, I'll edit the description there. I thought it was him because of how the little fills sounded. Didn't know it would be a Firebird sound, tho.
  9. But the "hey, HAAAAAyyyyyyy" part is actually a pre-record backing track also from Eye on you.
  10. Possibly. And Robin Finck is actually a pretty good choice to realize the potential of those weird sound ideas Axl had. IRS comes to my mind, especially considering the 1999 arrangement, but mostly those 'calm' parts where Robin slides some notes with a clean guitar over acoustics and very very bright electric guitar (which I assumed it was Paul Tobias). Maybe that lead guitar in the introduction was also Axl (both in IRS and Hard School from 1999/2000)?
  11. There's also a cell phone recording from back in 2011, I guess. Impossible to hear much, but Evader fan mix was pretty accurate to what we can hear there.
  12. Just like Eye on You is The General which was also released with Hard Skool and nobody noticed.
  13. So yeah, this could all lineup as one of Axl's songs that transited between original lineup and CD era tracks. Like @RONIN just said, seems more likely that Hard Skool could be from 1996, even though it was only a instrumental. I'm curious about this: Rose's sound is a lot more synthetic than anything I would get anywhere close to. That's about all I can say. Makes me think Axl was already trying those overdistorted industrial guitars.
  14. They will say an EP would be released with Absurd and Hard Skool and a bunch of covers. But... .. we now have Don't Cry and You're Crazy instead of The Seeker.
  15. Press releases like that are the reason I avoid working as PR hahaha. Almost no information at all. If Axl is indeed the sole writer (which means he also wrote the instrumental), we can also assume it could be one of his ideas when he was playing guitar with Duff and Matt. I guess around 1997 or even '96? I know you would have a quote for that, Blackstar.
  16. Not sure which one is better, but I think this one is going on for a while. https://www.facebook.com/dorihanjurado/videos/925562041639668/
  17. Robin said it that all Axl had were instrumental in 1999, before even Oh My God got released. I'm not even quoting anymore because the guy likes to get all this attention.
  18. I think that's Richard, sounds like his tone. But not 100% sure.
  19. To me sounds like a real drummer but quantisized on Pro Tools (which removes a lot of the soul and groove from the performance, obviously). To me it sounds like Frank's kit. But I'm no drummer. I'm fairly sure there's no Buckethead in this one. But Absurd had it in the intro, even though it seems like they were treating that as a sample.
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