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  1. How could you not? He was the white elephant in the room who also held permanent real estate in the minds of Slash, Duff and Matt.
  2. If the money is there (and it is) of course they can. Many bands who couldn’t sell 5 tickets in the States have made a living for decades touring SA and other overseas places playing the same songs to sold out arenas/stadiums. Sad but true.
  3. Don’t know if it’s been discussed already but there’s been a considerable drop in ticket prices for most of the venues. Just grabbed a bunch for MetLife next week.
  4. Right....always blame the alcohol. People tend to forget that it actually brings out the truth when they speak while intoxicated.
  5. It’s all about how the song was recorded specifically for the record. Hence the reason why many singers sounds different live. It’s nearly impossible for a singer to recreate live, song for song, the exact style it was sung on the album. Check out vocal coach Ken Tamplin on YouTube, specifically his videos where he dissects isolated vocal tracks. Really an eye opener.
  6. Axl is loyal. Dizzy has always been loyal to Axl. Same reason why we still have Frank and Richard. We got Melissa because Pitman was no longer loyal to Axl.
  7. Team Brazil is, was and always will be the absolute worst thing about Guns N’ Roses.
  8. Most certainly. I was one of the first 5-10 people in line that day.
  9. Agree with OP. I was at the first night and last night. I vividly remember being up against the rail when Axl screamed “You’re Gonna Dieeeee!” at the start of Jungle and the place became unglued that I literally thought I was going to die.
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