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  1. The general public could care less about the former lineup. How well did the Vegas HOB show sell with the 2014 lineup? The money is with Axl and Slash. That’s all the band cares about. That’s all “management” cares about as well.
  2. Wasn’t that terrible. I’m glad we have something. Never going to happen. Ever.
  3. Well, we finally got a full NITL concert release, we just need to spend 9-12 grand to watch it.
  4. I’m going to be honest here (and I’ve always been). I don’t have “connections.” I’m in the fashion business. I run in the same circles as all of the designers who help Guns with their stage and everyday wear. I’ve been with every current member except Axl. You’d be surprised just how connected everyone is to Guns directly. People talk. I take notes. It’s a close community. I’m not here to disrespect the progress the band has made. It’s a known fact that Guns is a business. Releasing new music and pleasing fans has been second to distant third regards to the business entity. I was talking to s
  5. Exactly. “Stranded in Seattle” The all new Guns album featuring sex sounds from Meg Ryan.
  6. Meh, I’m going to again comment and say the “album” is already “finished.” This is business as usual. There were numerous hints that the intention was to drop it this year. Slash is never going to publicly state it finished until they have an actual plan in place to release it. Remember the whole reunion denial saga? Guns does whatever they want to. It’s not about the fans. It never has been and everybody needs to come to terms with that.
  7. Anyone notice the live footage? Proves they have a shitload of better recorded live videos than the Selects we have been getting, with actual up close shots of Axl.
  8. Man you are all REALLY starved for news! Next the delirium sets in....
  9. Yes I did. “Pretty cool” is an understatement. I could write a book about what he meant to me personally and everyone else who had the pleasure of calling him a friend or even being around him for a short time. Jimmy was THE most authentic person I have ever met. I know his other friends agree. Had you met him only one time you would have understood exactly what I mean. I wonder what Gambit’s impression was after he interviewed him
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