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  1. When the Dublin show originally got announced I spoke to a friend of a friend working in PR for either Live Nation or MCD (can't remember which). He'd been told that the tour was going to coincide with the reissue of the Use Your Illusion albums and that the setlist would draw more heavily from those albums. I don't think there's a new album, and I think the best you can hope for are "lost tracks" from the UYI sessions that would inevitably appear on the reissue like Ain't Going Down. Hardschool could theoretically fall into that category, which could also explain why it was re
  2. Some pretty iconic bits and pieces up for grabs: https://www.musicradar.com/news/slashs-sanchez-custom-s-style-plus-amps-and-guitars-owned-and-played-by-gilby-clarke-and-richard-fortus-are-up-for-sale-at-denmark-street-guitars
  3. He looked after them briefly for a three month period in early '95 as a try out when they did a US promotional run (radio and press interviews) and filmed the US Love Spreads video. During that time they sacked off a UK tour and Reni left.
  4. Goldstein's track record with seminal bands isn't great. The Stone Roses - the epitome of a "last gang in town group", imploded while under his wing.
  5. I entirely disagree with this. Listened to it for the first time in a while the other day and it genuinely got me excited again. I think it would make a great calling card for the band's return. Has balls and energy and actually feels like it has a bit of Guns 'n' Roses lineage, unlike a lot of the Chinese era. It also offers a bit of a breath of fresh air compared to everything thats about right now.
  6. Why do people bother doing this stuff? Its so cringey. Can't believe anyone is taken in by this.
  7. This may need moving to the AXl/DC section - apologies if so mods. Anyways, AC/DC are on the promotion trail and doing a few interviews to support their new album. They're not answering question about Phil Rudd, but they are about Axl's time with the band which will likely throw up a few nuggets and insights. This Guardian piece mentions that they didn't know Axl before if was drafted in as cover - I was under the impression that they had a long held relationship. Also has a nice line about Axl's propensity to throw in random songs to a setlist at a moment's notice: https:/
  8. One for the guitar heads. https://www.musicradar.com/news/guns-n-roses-guitarist-richard-fortus-shows-us-his-vintage-gear Unsurprisingly no real G'n'R news, apart from it doesn't sound like they've had any get togethers since the wheels fell off the tour. Real look of terror at 13.06 when he's asked about what Guns are up to.
  9. Cant find any trace online, but when Primal Scream played in a big top on Victoria Park in London back in 1997, I remember Melody Maker's review saying Axl was on the guest list. This would have been around the time of Vanishing Point.
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