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  1. Slash is my guitar hero, but I don't think I've liked one track that he's put out outside of GnR, including collaborations. His guitar work on a lot that stuff is exemplary, but the songs just leave me cold, and so much of it has been straight up uncool. Much of that has been down to his choice of collaborators. Axl has aimed higher since the split, and while nine times out of ten he's missed the mark, musically the scant amount he has put out has at least hit some highs and has to my ear been more interesting and more expansive. The old adage rings true with GnR - they're very much a sum of their parts. They all needed each other more than they realised.
  2. The fact that Glastonbury goes out live on the BBC and they have full rebroadcast rights for some time afterwards probably puts paid to GNR playing - that and the fact that they don't pay big fees. Would open them up to a huge audience though and its a right of passage for any band looking to ensure classic act status - Macca, Springsteen, U2, Radiohead, The Who, Neil Young, Dylan et all have all done it - very few top tier acts have not - Prince, Stone Roses, Nirvana are notable exceptions but all had been due to play at one point. Slash has played it solo though. I got told once by the Stereophonics' manager that they got to headline Glastonbury in 2002 because Guns pulled out - they were all but confirmed (and were also due to do Jools Holland at the same time apparently), but got cold feet and opted to do Leeds (but weirdly not Reading) later that year.
  3. I think the issue for me is less about who is drumming and their style, but that the finished version has a noticeably chopped and fabricated drum track. It no longer sounds cohesive and sounds a bit jarring to me - it's a real pity as the original Freese drums are really, really good. I think the issue distills my problem with Chinese Democracy - those early demos actually have a bit of a groove to them - they sound band-like and organic, whereas the final versions sound patchwork and jerky.
  4. I think a bit of the energy of the Village sessions versions isn't there because the drums have been redone - its missing some of Josh's rolls that really helped drive the track. Still think it sounds great though and this does feel like a huge positive step for the band.
  5. * New bass intro with school bell * Fairly modern sounding mix * More prominent sounding organ throughout * Drums and obviously the guitars are completely redone but main vocal lines appear to be from the Village session * Guitar lines during the soundcheck recordings are pretty faithful to this recording * There's cowbell in the first part of the solo! * There's some weird Axl vocals under the layers plus a hard-flanged vocal into the final chorus. * Modern punk false drum stop before the final chorus. It's going to go down a storm, and no fan is likely to be disappointed, but I do prefer Josh Freese's original drums and the original solo breakdown. Chuffed to bits its finally out there though.
  6. Sounds great with some nice touches (the person who though they heard a school bell in the intro from the sound check was right), and sounds about as traditional GNR as you're ever likely to get. I do have a hankering for the original Village sessions version though...
  7. I know seven people who all have long covid - all under the age of 35, all but one were in prime health. One of them is six years old. If you're inferring that long covid doesn't exist, I can assure you it absolutely does and its fucking grim.
  8. And there's the rub - its not me I'm concerned about - I'm vaxed - its about other people who aren't. Kids, people who can't for medical reasons, or older folk where the vaccine can only do so much. I say this as someone that knows a previously healthy six year old who now has long covid four months on and can't walk to the other end of their garden without getting out of breath.
  9. I don't want to bring it home to my kids who can't get vaccinated.
  10. It's on the BMI and PRS database in the UK. Also now showing up on a few sites like Genius: https://genius.com/Guns-n-roses-absud-lyrics
  11. The confirmed writing credits are Axl Rose, Chris Pitman and Dizzy Reed (in that order).
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