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  1. Tell me about it, big Izzy fan here. But the more I see from this NITL tour, the more I understand him not wanting to be part of it.
  2. With a sports team there is people who celebrate the team when they are on top but they be gone as soon as there is no success or popularity. That would be "casual fans", the SCOM and NR portion. Others remain, even if the team plays like shit and wins nothing. It's still their team. And no one will complain more about it than those fans. That would be the message boards. Stupid analogy, but I think that's all there really is to it. Difference is any good team needs to put the focus on the casual to sell merch and make millions, but also value their "message board" fans and sure not have their
  3. No amount of money ever bought a second of time. Artistically, they've all been bankrupt for at least a decade. I get wanting to provide for family too but seriously how much money is ever enough? Buy everyone some land and a nice house, put 10 million dollars in their accounts each and rest assured they can live happily everafter and provide for their own children and even their childrens children with all that money unless they fuck it up themselves. I don't get why people keep touring once they reach those numbers when they have nothing new to say and like Axl don't even seem to enjoy
  4. My expectations are so low, I'd be totally satisfied with Axl and Slash hitting at least some of the right notes. They must have some weird bet going on about who manages to sound more horrible and get away with it.
  5. He sounds like he thinks like that about himself and that is exactly what turns me off about him these days. This whole icon thing somehow seems to clog his ears and those of many fans too. What Slash does on TWAT is basically DJ Ashba level, faking his way through the song because why bother learning the damn thing as long as it looks cool. Buckethead understood Nightrain is a great song and how much fans love it, so he treated it and in that the fans with respect, making it a highlight in the GNR setlist to this day. Slash could easily do as good or better with just about any CD tune, b
  6. Come to think of it, if they drop all covers they might as well play just play their entire catalogue in about five hours - everybody happy. Next stop anything but the major hits. Third show greatest hits only. Next one Chinese Democracy in its entireness only and then just one single fucking encore being Oh My God. Now that'd be a tour I would celebrate and make sure I attend as many shows as possible, even without a single new song.
  7. If I was in GNR and reading this board I would either not stop laughing or become totally depressed.
  8. It could be, but we will never know unless Axl speaks about it. Has he ever? I sure haven't read all his interviews. I could see the connection though, given how his comments about Slash during the CD tour clearly reflected how hurt he was by him and the picture the public painted of him.
  9. Unlike Slash on CD songs at least they were playing the right notes, The biggest difference was their individual guitar sounds. Bucket with that massive oomph (using Mesa heads in 2002 I think) and Ron's tone drowning in compression sounded absolutely nothing like vintage GNR, but that wasn't the point of that particular time anyway, at least to the small minority who got it. I enjoyed every show I attended, people who only know vintage and current GNR have no idea what they were missing out on. The only guitarist that did absolutely nothing for me was DJ Ashba.
  10. I don't know what the song is about, it could be about Slash - or just about any person and/or idea he felt deeply for and ended up being hurt and dissapointed, certainly reflecting on his own expectations also. And who knows what people or experiences might have inspired the lyrics we have no knowledge of? Sometimes you just fall out with people you actually love and admire, had high hopes and great ideas connected with them but then you gotta move on an reflect to survive and that's what this song is about to me, like most of the album actually, survival. For all I know the lyrics might
  11. Out of likes for today but you are spot on. Slash is a great blues player no question, but either he really ain't got a fucking clue about anything beyond pentatonics or he is intentionally taking the piss at Axl and all fans who love these songs. I'm not music expert but from what I can tell TWAT is in B minor and the Buckethead portion of the solo uses chromatic scales, yet Slash keeps noodling pentatonics around E and it just hurts my ears, a total mess both technically and harmonically. People saying Axl sounds like Mickey Mouse just because he sings clean and is not in baritone
  12. They should just no longer play any songs from Chinese Democracy. Having heard most these songs from the CD lineups in person anything Slash has come up with so far regarding CD material is an insult to my ears, emotions and intelligence. He doesn't even play the right notes. Why they don't let Richard do the CD solos now remains a mystery to me, he is much more connected to that material and could do it just fine, probably much better than Slash.
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