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  1. It's better than The General, I give you that. However, I wasn't trashing the entire album/project, just sharing my view on that particular cover of Papa Was A Rolling Stone, which, all things considered (no pun), in my honest opinion is uninspired crap compared to the original. I believe if you do a cover, you should bring something unique to the table, give it a spin, a twist, something, anything. George Michael did a better cover of this song back in the day, merging it with another cover, which was kinda unexpected, fresh and fucking beautiful at that moment in time. Slash's cover is none of that. Fun fact Slash was actually performing at the same concert where George Michael performed his cover. Check it out, it's amazing:
  2. When in doubt blame Axl - always works. I actually love blues, but I don't enjoy super clean pop blues like this. I like blues the way Howlin' Wolf, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Healey and others did it. Slash merely quoting blues is different from what those guys did. It doesn't speak to me the way other stuff does but I can totally see how younger folks and Slash fans might like it.
  3. I like his music in/with GNR. His other stuff not so much.
  4. Boring, no soul, just professional music by professional musicians. The original is miles above this cover in vibe and atmosphere. Hopefully Slash gets his boring old fart type of blues fix now before putting uninspired crap like that on a possible new GNR album. Gimme Axl’s Wichita Lineman over this any day.
  5. No, this ain’t no weird „fan letter“ or me being drunk or stoned or anything. I’ve just come to the realization, that GNR has been, for the majority of my life, is in the here and now and probably will be a somewhat crucial part of my life. Strange enough, don’t feel any actual „connection“ to the musicians, not at all. I can't picture myself having a beer with Axl or Slash or anyone. But boy do I love their music. For some reason, and no particular reason at all, I just feel a very powerful urge right now to scream out THANK YOU. Thank you for the music. Thank you for the magic. The communication (though the music), the connection, the spirit, the vibe, the soul. And thank you for reaching my soul. Thank you for resonating with my soul. Regardless of how much I want to beat some new music out of you guys - thank you for everything. It's good knowing you are out there while I am out here, all of you, past and present. And I wish you nothing but the best. Same goes for fans sharing my sentiment. That’s all. Just had to get this off my chest. Probably not worth its own thread, so mods feel free to move it as you please or others feel free to chime in if you want. One band to sum it up for me, at the end of the day? One band to speak in my name, the things I can’t express but feel? Guns N’ Fuckin’ Roses.
  6. Robin sold some of his GNR gear years ago too. Richard also sold some stuff not too long ago. Sometimes you just need a little room. Unless you are a collector, why keep guitars you never play or memorabilia when there's plenty of other stuff worth holding on. If I had the money I'd buy the black Telecaster from him. Awesome guitar and the fact it was played by Gilby only makes it better for me. I remember the red Tele he played on the Illusion tour, always thought it looked totally awesome and it sounded pretty cool too.
  7. Some crazy people out there for sure. If you meet your favourite rock star at the gas station or something, I think it's ok to feel the vibe and maybe say hi asking for an autograph or something, but stalking their private home is way over the top and totally disrespectful. Even those selfies are pushing it in my opinion. I sure don't want to have my pic taken as I usually look like shit when I'm just out to quickly fetch a pack cigarettes. I have even more respect for the artists who understand it's special for the fan though and take a minute regardless of their day or schedule. Axl and the other guys are usually super friendly to fans, hard to come by yes, but if you do not behave like an idiot neither do they. So in public or at a concert yes ok be a (decent) fan but otherwise just leave them the fuck alone and do not stalk them and do not invade their privacy.
  8. If GNR ever tours again and Steven is not available I wouldn't mind having this guy on drums. I doubt he's gonna do it for a tip though, this is world class drumming right there. Steven remains first choice though, no one plays GNR drums like him. Nothing against Frank, but I always felt he'd be a better fit (and more appreciated) in another band.
  9. As a European, I used to look up to America. Not anymore. You don't have to hate one thing to love another, but it's all just mere divide and conquer - and you embrace that with a passion without even thinking. Just look at this discussion here, it's a perfect example of that. Your votes don't mean shit as your POTUS is selected by the MIC, you are just cattle and cannon fodder to them. It's gonna be Michelle or Kamala next time. It's all they will offer you. And you gonna be good sheep and select whoever looks nicer on TV or caters most to your own bubble - only to end up with the same shit, just worse. "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss." You're all getting fooled, over and over again. Take a look around, read up on history and make up your mind. That being said, it's not any better in Europe.
  10. This I Love Catcher In The Rye There Was A Time Street Of Dreams Prostitute Better Hard Skool Oh My God If The World Sorry Chinese Democracy Riad Madagascar IRS Perhaps Shackler's Revenge Monsters Scraped The General Absurd
  11. Pre-sale started 90 minutes ago as I'm typing this. They are already selling tickets for previously unannounced additional concerts in Hannover and Dresden, one hour after pre-sale began. And even those are almost sold out already.
  12. Tried to get one ticket for a friend. That pre-sale is absolutely laughable, iinsane, sad, twisted and just outright mean and evil. Eventim should be forever banned from selling tickets to such concerts.
  13. Brian is 76 years old. I cut him all the slack in the world showing up putting his heart into it and he always does. I think the best approach is like you said to treat it like a sendoff or celebration more than expecting a technically perfect performance. Power Trip was the first AC/DC show for Brian after a while and those hearing issues would pull the rug under any musicians carpet for a bit. I'm sure he'll be alright on this tour once the venues will be bursting with energy from the audiences. As for residencies I'm glad they do not do that and instead give fans around the world a chance to say goodbye and see them one last time. Even though I have decided to not go because of the lineup changes, I hope the tour is gonna be great for the band and the fans.
  14. How do you feel? I hope everyone is doing alright. If you read this, I wish you health, love, luck, prosperity, hope, faith, time and happiness.
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