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  1. Imitation is one thing, keeping that voice and particular singing style up for 3+hours on schedule in front of thousands of people and with Franky Speedclick on drums is another.
  2. AC/DC tour with GNR opening would be cool, a shorter GNR set can only benefit their performance and impact at this point. I think many AC/DC fans have come to appreciate Axl from the last tour with AC/DC and most Guns fan sure enjoy AC/DC as well - perfect match.
  3. Axl isn't even the official spokesperson for his own ass, not to mention his own band.
  4. The guitarist of GNR doing yet another interview about his gear, with zero content about his main gig whatsoever. Great. Dude's got more guitars and amps than actual songs to talk about. As a GNR fan I might as well watch a Madonna interview.
  5. Will they do yet another round? Likely. Will it sell? Sure thing. Will I attend? Fuck no. People in general might just be a little more selective about what acts they spend their money on for tickets, merch, travelling and commodation. Like many artists, lots of "normal" people now are facing financial to existential struggles, lots of self employed and small business edging ruin due to political imcompetence and lack of a strong social and cultural foundation and safety nets. The pandemic is one thing, the steady move towards a different system that is being implemented behind the p
  6. No and I'm not even a big fan of Ron, but I respect him and have to give him credit where it is due, actually I enjoy Buckethead a lot more than Ron.
  7. I didn't want to post here anymore, but that interview is just pissing me off. The "spirit of 2006" (due to lack of a better term for the peak of "Nu" GNR at least in concert) was a thousand times more valuable than this ass kissing and backstabbing interview from Richard. I haven't heard him say anything among those lines when he had the honor of performing alongside Izzy back in 2006. I can see him being frustrated with Ashba having personal chemistry with Axl, but taking Richard taking a piss on Buckethead or Ron is Richard pissing WAY upstairs, both musicially and personally. For
  8. Can someone please enlighten me what's the actual use of re-recording a 30 year b-side that was perfectly fine in the first place note by note (more or less) with different equipment and (somewhat) different musicians? That situation is like a novelist having a classic novel and then re-writing the whole thing word by word just because Apple released a new macbook to type on and the writer got back with his ex wife. That's not even rock and roll style insanity and decadence anymore, that's absolute batshit crazy mental asylum level right there. Looks like the Terminator was right - waste of am
  9. So a musician is asked hey did you play on that recording and he...cant answer? WTF?
  10. - smaller production with no pyro/videos and please no click drums, just good light and really good sound (a bit louder and more ooomph would be nice) - smaller venues (rather some nice arenas for better atmosphere and better sound than these multi-million dollar soccer fields in daylight) - no longer than 150 minutes (= 5 new songs, 5 deep cuts, 5 covers, 10 classics/hits and at least 3 of these done in acoustic/alternate arrangements, switch deep cuts and covers, switch order of songs, start with Jungle for fucks sake its the best opener in the world and shouldn't be buried in the
  11. I think most people are stupid as fuck and fmaous people for better or worse have way too much influence on too many of those stupid people, it's a huge power and responsibility so yes they have all the right to speak their mind like anyone, but please make it worthwhile and not just bitch around without substance like Axl. I mean fuck even Kanye has more substance on Twitter than Axl and that is saying something. Look at Michael Jackson for example, he wasn't doing stupid twitter one liners, he wrote actual songs about the environment, poverty, child abuse, racism, war and then some. Look at
  12. Call me old fashioned but a man pushing 60 inviting women who could be his grand daughter only to hear himself talk is depressing to me.
  13. The only thing Rose and Wilson have in common is that they're both overrated and at the same time underappreciated...if that makes any sense? Until 2006-ish Axl often seemed like a somewhat motivated, driven, unconventional, unique, daring if not radical musical genius, then came a depressing phase of burning out and selling out from 2010 on and his actions contradicted that reputation more and more - could have been age, health, personal stuff or whatever, but the results are pretty obvious. There could have been grace in the "reunion" but he passed on that to feed his ego with money and
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