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  1. Red River is powerful, maybe the best movie from director Howard Hawks, along with Rio Bravo. Hawks is the reason I can't take Tarantino seriously. And that big action scene in Stagecoach? They couldn't even do that with CGI nowadays, John Ford was one hell of a great director. John Wayne was amazing, love his voice, timing and delivery, an icon but also a fine actor, especially in those the darker films like Red River, Liberty Valance or The Searchers. I also enjoyed his more lighthearted stuff like The Quiet Man. Funny how he got academy award for True Grit of all things, that one isn't even in my top 10 of his best performances, even though it's a much better film than the remake. Just recently I saw She Wore A Yellow Ribbon, such a great performance from him, even though that movie was a bit too meandering for my liking, John Wayne's performance (and the scenery/photography) made me enjoy it. Thanks for pointing me towards Ox-Bow Incident and My Darling Clementine, haven't seen those yet but I'll check them out!
  2. Been here for years, never knew you had a podcast. Anyways, congrats on the 100th episode!
  3. Since the band treats their music like a military operation, I'd say our best bet is to check Spotify etc. for new titles. Hard School was in the Spotify database some time before the release, it's the usual procedure. As soon as we see a new album on Spotify, even though it might not be available just then, chances are it might be out within the next 2-4 weeks from there on.
  4. First impression live: I like it - potentially - better than the studio version, but it needs to be played more. Might help if Axl had rehearsed it a bit more with the band, perhaps just singing in a lower register. Tempo is a little too fast imo, rhythm section really needs to get their shit together. Other than that, not too shabby for the first time ever in concert. Keep it in the setlist, it's better live than studio.
  5. It was between Lonsome Dove or Yellowstone for binge watching, but due the Beth and Rip characters in Yellowstone, the Costner show won me over. Guess I'll have to check out Lonesome Dove too, I suppose it's more of a real/old school western and it looks like it has very good actors too.
  6. The Cowboys is great, loved it. Red River and Stagecoach are amazing too. So many gems in that genre, I feel stupid for having waited so long to watch these, but also like a kid in a candy store discovering one treasure after another. They don't make em like these anymore.
  7. I learn something new every day Have fun when you're going!
  8. They might give it a try at one of the Hollywood shows at the end of this farewell tour.
  9. Them boys got balls putting that garbage out as a physical release. May it sell a ton and be a huge success, so they have enough money to hire a decent sound engineer when they get to produce actual music again.
  10. It's 2021. In most cases, hits and views for current music are bought. The bigger the budget, the wider the reach, the more likely a "hit", especially with clever marketing. Quality of music has nothing to do with that, just marketing and enough budget. Most people will just stream, download, buy or attend whatever music they are being spoonfed. Some will even listen to a band or genre out of habit. I can sell anyone an album of you singing in the shower and make them love it. You don't need talent for that, just enough money to sell it properly and the rest will fall into place. In short, no the song is not going to be a hit, too small a budget, too amateurish to non existent the marketing, too detached the artists.
  11. It's called midlife crisis. and who knows what was going on in his life at the time? Some folks drown it in alcohol, others buy a Porsche and get a younger girlfriend and yet others lean towards the spiritual or religious route, getting a tarot reading or listening to some guru. Who am I to judge that? If anything, I feel sad for anyone with no friends or family close and real enough so that he has to seek outside help and inspiration to cope with the madness going on inside and around him. What makes me question Axl's sanity is not his private life that I know nothing about, it's his artistic and business decisions.
  12. Hard Skool is basically the Dead Horse intro with some Buckethead that has now been replaced with Slash emulating a bit of "Layla" and then some Mozart thrown in for good measure. After having 200 "producers" tinker with it, they gave whatever was left of it to a 12-year old to do the final mix and mastering on Windows 95. The song is the definition of creative and artistic bankuptcy.
  13. So they did play Coma, a 30 year old ten minutes long deep cut from UYI I and perhaps one of the most challenging songs for Axl to sing. But they did not play their new 3-minute single released on the same day. I wouldn't be surprised if they drop a triple album next week and announce their retirement from touring the same day.
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