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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNNPNweSbp8
  2. Ghosting their fans and then pissing on them with useless merch and those half assed and horribly mixed NITL selects on YT - while artists who could be their grandparents and grandchildren rendered this band absolutely irrelevant and meaningless on all possible levels. I've followed this band since 1989 through all ups and downs and in betweens but 2020 was the year I truly lost a lot of passion and respect for them. A stupid little YouTube clip saying hang in there we know it's all shit right now but we're here with you and here's a new song to make your day a little better would no
  3. Never met Axl, but I met Richard, Ron and Tommy, they were all very nice. Didn't ask either for pictures or autographs, shaking their hands and talking for a bit meant more to me than that. Also met Beta and Fernando and even though I'm not a fan of their management, I have to say they were actually really nice people in person. Would love to do an interview with Axl, he could even have all the questions in advance, just a real no bullshit interview letting him talk as much as he wants without interrupting him or constantly asking about the past, but with a chance to ask a follow up quest
  4. If he wants to retire, fair enough, I'd respect that. But continue GNR without Axl is like The Doors without Jim Morrison. They continued for two more albums without him but it was a totally different vibe and they basically became a jazz band before ulitmately calling it a day. GNR without Axl would end up as one sad cover act, even worse than the worst Chinese Democracy lineup or concert. Axl is too strong of a singer, too connected with the material and the lyrics, too strong of a frontman and personality. The thought of replacing him is absurd. I can only think of two times replacing
  5. I have another option for Axl: Workout daily, eat healthy, get enough sleep, practise singing and when down rather do the right weed strain instead of booze or anti-depressants = problem solved, greatest singer ever back at 100% in no time. Well maybe it might take up to six weeks and some discipline but ya catch my drift. Only thing left to do is kick the click drums and let the rhythm section follow the lead instruments instead of the lead instruments chasing the drums. It's GNR - I want to hear Axl Rose. Frank Ferrer is just a bonus. Also on stage Axl doesnt have to move all the t
  6. Depends on the music and the integrity of the artist behind it. Until recently, GNR was successfully touring behind albums that have been released decades ago. Your point is totally valid for Justin Bieber but not for acts like GNR. If they release an album during the pandemic while people have nothing to do, do home office, lose their jobs or just be bored to exhaustion in quarantine, they will come to appreciate the music even more as it may grow on them beyond the flavour of the day and agressive marketing shoves down their throats, Actually, now is the perfect time to release music of subs
  7. I like Eyes Wide Shut in particular and 2001 was quite a tip too. I've also seen The Shining and Full Metal Jacket but they are just too eerie and brutal for me, though technically genius film making no question. I better stay away from Clockwork Orange, I hear it's quite violent too? Should I watch the others?
  8. Pre-production: You write a song, arrange and practise it. (If you count songwriting as part of pre-production) Then you choose the gear and settings to shape the desired sound, perhaps with an eye on the acoustics of the room it's supposed to be recorded in. Then you check the lines and levels or make an appointment with an assistant to do that for you in a studio or other recording environment. That's basically it. Production: Now you record the instruments, either along with the vocals or as most prefer in the studio you do vocals after. Post production: After that you might exper
  9. Checked in and almost immediately turned it off after watching the first minute of Estranged. I love this song, one of the best songs ever imo, surely one of the best GNR songs and Axl's absolute masterpiece. But aside from a totally dull performance of all musicians lacking the most important thing this songs needs (= soul) - if THAT SOUND is what they consider presentable they have an even bigger problem with their hearing than Brian Johnson had. There's musicians putting out recordings on a shoestring that sound better than this multi million dollar band that seems to give ab
  10. Good lesson, Slash should watch it! Robin created such a beautiful solo for this song and Slash could easily play it, but he just doesn't seem to care. Whenever I hear him noodle, improvise and pseudo-shred over this I just wanna slap him in the face. It's a shame we never got to hear it with Robin in concert and Axl might never sing it as good as in 2010 again either.
  11. I think the full scope of Axl insanity will be revealed when one day the vaults be opened and the backups of everything he recorded but didnt release or whatever he erased come to light. The whole world will be like OMG thats amazing, not knowing its nowhere near the even better original tracks he worked on himself, but then the public will just hear stuff that has been tinkered with by whoever is in charge of releasing it. I wish him nothing but the best but one day he will be dead like all of us and everyone left be eager to slaughter everything he worked so hard to create and held so p
  12. vip is around 650 us dollars, cheapest is about 160 usd. to them its pocket change, for many fans two mid level tickets plus travelling and maybe some merch is more than half a month of hard work. disgusting.
  13. What would you call Led Zeppelin IV? Would it be just that or rather Zoso, Four Symbols, Untitled or something else? Hint: That's a rhetorical question.
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