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  1. It was new to me and I figured it worth discussing with other fans and finding out if there's a second part more than the ever same no news but whatever...nevermind.
  2. No fake and no trolling from me (I barely even visit this forum anymore), got the video from another fan who knows I'm a big fan of the CD lineup. Would love to share it but it's not allowed and I don't want any trouble so yeah :/ There was a short clip of this whole thing on Youtube some time ago with Izzy waiting backstage with the band and then Axl comes and goes straight from the van on stage with them, that part is also in the documentary. Maybe documentary isn't the right word, it's basically just clips of the tour and backstage and travelling scenes combined, rough editing, no voice ove
  3. Love the scenes with Izzy and that guitar solo from Robin, some great shots from from Download 06 and some music clips I haven't heard yet, maybe there's more in the vault? Seems like they stopped recording before DJ joined or is there a second part of it? Ends at around 40 minutes with no credits, looks like a rough cut or something, but some really cool material, Axl sounds great and band is tight in all of these clips.
  4. You're right, Axl isn't really the sweetheart in the public eye but the way Brian conducts these interviews is very different and it's not about him and all about his guests, so who knows? As for burning bridges, I believe AC/DC and also Brian might have their opinion of Axl based on actually knowing him and having worked with him and Axl seemed very respectful towards Brian when he was filling in for him. If there's any chance we might ever get that one really cool Axl interview it's right there now with Brian Johnson. What I like about his show is he tavels to peoples comfort zones and
  5. Not much to promote right now, but I was thinking of Brian Johnson doing his "on the road" show where he's doing interviews with other famous musicians and it's really good. He recently had bi names like Robert Plant, Dave Grohl, Lars Ulrich and even the great Dolly Parton, totallly well done and relaxed interivews off the beaten media track, something like that would be nice with Axl, especially given the connection with Axl helping out AC/DC. I'm sure Brian would be up for it in no time, it's just one phone call away. But if Axl doesn't feel like leaving the house there's not much anyon
  6. I wasn't there and it dont really concern me, just wanna say no one ever talks about the violence coming from women, mostly psychological violence edging torture towards men. A man should not beat a woman. Period. But that's not all there is to it. A woman should be good to their men and not abuse them with mindgames and betrayal. A woman gets her face slapped you see it, a man gets his soul destroyed no one ever sees it or talks about it. Not to excuse any type of violence, just saying there is two sides to it and the male side is ignored in public. A violent asshole is a violent as
  7. You could try and ease out, having a little less everyday until you don't need it anymore. Cold turkey probably isn't an option when you are basically self medicating to make depression and anxiety somewhat more bareable without the side effects of usual medication. However, both ways to quit require a lot of strength and discipline. Have you tried other ways to to ease your soul - like changing your diet, connecting with nature, animals, walking the dog, riding a horse, working on a farm, working out, playing an instrument, writing a poem or a novel, making love all night long...whatever
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNNPNweSbp8
  9. Ghosting their fans and then pissing on them with useless merch and those half assed and horribly mixed NITL selects on YT - while artists who could be their grandparents and grandchildren rendered this band absolutely irrelevant and meaningless on all possible levels. I've followed this band since 1989 through all ups and downs and in betweens but 2020 was the year I truly lost a lot of passion and respect for them. A stupid little YouTube clip saying hang in there we know it's all shit right now but we're here with you and here's a new song to make your day a little better would no
  10. Never met Axl, but I met Richard, Ron and Tommy, they were all very nice. Didn't ask either for pictures or autographs, shaking their hands and talking for a bit meant more to me than that. Also met Beta and Fernando and even though I'm not a fan of their management, I have to say they were actually really nice people in person. Would love to do an interview with Axl, he could even have all the questions in advance, just a real no bullshit interview letting him talk as much as he wants without interrupting him or constantly asking about the past, but with a chance to ask a follow up quest
  11. If he wants to retire, fair enough, I'd respect that. But continue GNR without Axl is like The Doors without Jim Morrison. They continued for two more albums without him but it was a totally different vibe and they basically became a jazz band before ulitmately calling it a day. GNR without Axl would end up as one sad cover act, even worse than the worst Chinese Democracy lineup or concert. Axl is too strong of a singer, too connected with the material and the lyrics, too strong of a frontman and personality. The thought of replacing him is absurd. I can only think of two times replacing
  12. I have another option for Axl: Workout daily, eat healthy, get enough sleep, practise singing and when down rather do the right weed strain instead of booze or anti-depressants = problem solved, greatest singer ever back at 100% in no time. Well maybe it might take up to six weeks and some discipline but ya catch my drift. Only thing left to do is kick the click drums and let the rhythm section follow the lead instruments instead of the lead instruments chasing the drums. It's GNR - I want to hear Axl Rose. Frank Ferrer is just a bonus. Also on stage Axl doesnt have to move all the t
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