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  1. What on earth is this video Nothing in a long time made me laugh so hard lol This whole song just feels like a 4 min intro. Or a slight misunderstanding.
  2. never thought i'll be able to drag Axl's photos on his own website. Iconic. EDIT: Jokes aside, I never knew he had an official TikTok account
  3. Did he really get asked if Duff plays with AC/DC in their summer US tour ? lol some people really cannot do their research
  4. 1. OTGM 2. PTU 3. Hair of The Dog/Black Leather (cant decide lol) 4. Patience
  5. Personally, Ain't Life Grand is a non-skip album. Probably got some of the best songs to jam along to, too.
  6. So will I. To do 9 or so shows in Germany alone is strange for me. I know the market is open for them there, but why not exchange 3 German shows for a Scandinavian date and other ones in Europe?? No Poland, no Czech Republic, Portugal.... Guess I'll never understand. My student's wallet is also going to pass on going abroad for a single show, this one i'm sure about.
  7. from what I saw Duff was out already at the point of announcing that Cliff's not in. Chris Chaney is the latest rumor.
  8. 27 shows in Europe as stated by insiders on ACDC forum. please give me one show in Poland. please please please.
  9. I hope the lineup gets announced at parallel time with the dates. I can see many fans holding up with buying the tickets if the lineup is left unknown for later.
  10. wonder when the announcement's coming. Tomorrow? Friday?
  11. My uncle works at ACDC. Get ready for that 500 dates Sphere residency.
  12. Also all the info that have surfaced about Cliff not partaking is interesting. it seems probable that despite ACDC's legacy just Brian, Angus and Stevie on rhythm + others would be enough for most of the 'casuals' to go see them live. Laug showed on PT that great music can be made with great fresh faces and legacy can be kept respectfully - I'm genuinely curious for the lineup announcement. Totally understand why many big fans got disappointed and concerned about the choice of the drummer and a legendary bassists absence tho. But hey - many people still think 4tus is Izzy, right? I guess many people wont even notice, provided the new members deliver. Fresh energy is often good energy. Waiting.
  13. So, is all the hype dead already? It really seems like it is. I hope that with all the rumours about pushing it into the 1st week of February, Friday is the day.
  14. It seems that there will be no news today either. Bummer.
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