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  1. You don't know that. You don't know what started as something turned into something turned into something else.
  2. Cock-a-roach Soup, Zip It, Friend or Foe, Something Always, Zodiac
  3. Ohhhh yeah. My brain construed his response into him not knowing that Hard School ever even existed.
  4. Izzy and Steven are still considered songwriters. I'm sure they'll get checks. Who knows, though.
  5. I went back a few pages and didn't see this mentioned. If anyone still cares about the band, they'll be playing as part of Super Bowl festivities. Not the actual halftime show, just some kind of festival gig.
  6. Well, considering Freese is one of the best drummers of all-time (imo), I'll say Josh.
  7. Is this show still a go? Marilyn Manson postponed his show in SLC tonight due to "severe weather and road closures". NVM: he's stuck in Denver. Weather in SLC is alright.
  8. Just posting to post. Should Motley Crue be in Rock n Roll Hall of Fame? They're up for induction, even after Nikki Sixx claimed they were blackballed by the Hall, due to previous behaviours. Probably just using that as an excuse as to why they weren't inducted. They've been eligible since 2006, I believe. Any thoughts?
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