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  1. More time has passed since CD's release than the time between AFD and CD. NO NEW ALBUM IS COMING. EVER.
  2. You mean the Canceled North American tour thread? The thread that says "Canceled" and is about the canceled shows, while this is about a newly announced uncanceled show?
  3. Why does anyone really care about this? 35 years ago, a long gone era, never to be again. This shit is worthless and useless to anyone not stuck in the past.
  4. Bad Apples, Double Talkin' Jive and The Garden are all filler and can easily be removed. Replace those with Estranged.
  5. Axl's 5 minute long monologue about China and Kundun complete with random drunks yelling in the back is always a highlight. No one there gave a fuck about China.
  6. I'm probably the biggest Duff fan in the world but Tommy always had so much more energy.
  7. This is still on YT for anyone who hasn't seen it.
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