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  1. Exactly when did Hardschool/Hard School become Hard Skool. Hard Skool just looks dumb. A band of 60-year olds has no business spelling "school" as "skool". It's ridiculous.
  2. It's 2021. People drop music whenever they choose. It's not 1987 anymore. You can drop music on YT or Soundcloud or Spotify any time of day or night.
  3. Yeah, I'm bringing this back to life. I just read on reddit that The General wasn't even a real song but was made from snippets of other GNR songs, copied and pasted together. This was definitely a real song, right?
  4. There absolutely is video. It even made it's way around this forum.
  5. It's 2021. This is how singles work now. This is definitely an official single.
  6. UYI-era GNR had the Dust n' Bones tour featuring acoustic sets.
  7. That's the definition of a peak, it has to come down.
  8. You really think anyone in the band really cares or remembers what happened 30 years ago?
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