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  1. It's so good. I really like the fast version but you can't beat the slow version
  2. Axl sounds like he is having a seizure during the Better bridge
  3. There was a shitload of hype behind this song. I still think it's great but I think the reason a lot of others don't is because of how much hype was behind it. I think people expeded Estranged pt2. But it's a great song regardless imho.
  4. I used to lean towards 1, but now I think I lean towards 2. I think 1 is overall more consistent where 2 has more filler but 2 might also have the best of the best song wise. It's so hard to pick, so I refuse to
  5. Axl went from being a washed up joke in the eyes of the rock world playing las vegas residences with DJ Ashba to competey redeeming himself to the rock world and being an absolute professional. He's come a long way and it's awesome to see the band doing these successful tours again. I was too young when GnR was in their prime but during some of the CD years it was embarrassing to tell people they were my favorite band. Everyone was quick to make fun of Axl.
  6. I'm was 7 so I wasn't really into music yet but when I was 16 I picked them up at the same time. I already had appetite but was blown away by the Illusions and how many great songs were on them. It was at this point I knew GnR was my favorite band. I think if you take the best 10/12 songs off of them and make one record (not that PA version from Walmart) it's truly better than Appetite. I don't listen to them often as they are pretty long records and there are some skips on them but for real they have the best songs the band ever wrote. Love those albums
  7. Can anybody link me to the YouTube video of them playing hard school tonight???
  8. I think Shackler's would sound great with Melissa doing the high parts and Axl doing the low growl.
  9. I hope Mammoth beats GnR to the punch and plays hard skool tonight
  10. Glad I got to see them this year. It's unfortunate but I don't think any of the tour dates after the US tour will be happening this year.
  11. Sadly I just do not see how these shows will happen this year I'm sure they will be rescheduled and not cancelled tho, if it helps...
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