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  1. I know everyone is assuming Axl and is going to dictate a new album and only ask Slash and Duff to rerecord parts or rewrite parts or songs he already has but I honestly think it will be much more of a collaborative effort. I think Axl doing Slither at the shows is evidence that he isn't the same as he was years ago, and he actually cares about the other guys and their input and work. Just my two cents.
  2. I definitely feel like Contraband didn't age all that well. It's a good album, definitely felt better at the time. I still enjoy both VR albums though.
  3. I think some of Slash's solo stuff has been great but for the most part I would agree.
  4. I actually think there is a lot of really good alt rock out there right now. Not so much hard rock though. But bands like Glass Animals, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Sir Sly, Black Pumas, Alice Merton, Portugal. The Man and Cage the Elephant are killing it today. I know alt rock isn't for everyone but I feel like there is a lot of great music to listen to right now
  5. I have never actually been able to get into any of Izzy's solo stuff. Slash's solo stuff and CD are waayyy better IMO
  6. Last week's episode is currently on the Sirius XM app but it looks like it's 5 hours long? So I'm not going to bother lol Sirius XM is satellite radio.
  7. Man I really wish I wasn't going to be in Atlanta that weekend. Those shows are going to be so cool.
  8. This was a really fun night. I live about an hour from Philly in the Lehigh Valley and I've seen so many concerts at the BB&T pavilion, honestly almost all my favorite artists. So seeing Axl on that stage just felt very right and special. He also sounded great that night and they had a good set. I'm really missing that place. Last time I was there was for Beck and Cage the Elephant August of 2019
  9. Oh yeah it was brutally hot. I remember walking around the city before the show and having to change my shirt at the concert from sweating so much lol
  10. Whoops I thought I posted this in the other thread lol it was late lol
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