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  1. HERE IS THE REAL DEAL: people are asking for refunds due to the coronavius and the postponement of all tours. They are not filling up stadiums anymore in 2019/2020, they are afraid of people asking for refunds and some shows being permamently cancelled because of a lack of audience. So, here they come with "working on new music" again: so people still get putting some attention to the band! Just forget it! They are lying since 2012. There was plenty of time to release something, a single song for what is worth. They rerecorded Shadow of Your Love for God's sake. There was never
  2. Well, it is GNR selects, they are selecting it! It takes time! hahahaha What he's going through? Maybe he is dealing with different stances of approval, different people wanting different things. Do you guys really think that Duff or Slash don't have a saying on their image and sound? They do have their own managers, they also need to approve their "presentation" soundwise and imagewise. Axl has the final saying, but then again, there is edition, overdubbs, copyright, media plan, and all that because they are treating it as an income source. "Oh! But Metallica made availabl
  3. Well, the guy up there is learning fast and well with GNR, here's Sunday and no end of the world! What have cause the end of the world to be delayed? The pandemic? The protests? Maybe God will release a 30 minute lifeless video on YouTube with his "best moments" of Earth. I'm ready to give up on this band. I know, I know, live my life, don't ask or wait for nothing in return, but why do they keep on giving us hope? It's better to do nothing than this "neither here nor there" they are doing for years! "Well, the band doesn't owe you anything!" Well, fuck you! (not you, you l
  4. So, you're telling me that on Sunday all this shit is going to end? Thank God!
  6. I think it was just a safe excuse! he was never on GNR for the money! He thought the reunion would never work, he thought Axl woulb hell before the 10th show and surprise! The "equal loot" was just a saving face excuse. If not, why did he rehearsed for the Nashville concert, to play together with Adler and bailed out at the last minute? He just doesn't want to commit. Also, he sold his share to the big 3, so why should he derserved to be compensated, for something that he already sold before?
  7. Also, and just to make a point here, Izzy would never ever ever agree to do a 4 year NITL tour. He doesn't want to commit, he was never in GNR to just cash a check anyway, he actually though it would never work and that they would kill each other before the 10th show and know he may painfully regret it. But that ship has sailed. Remember, Izzy wanted to play at max Arenas and with the audience as the size of Ramones' concerts. I think the tour is too long, the setlist is pretty much the same, but then again this has been GNR since 2001. A copy of a copy of a copy. That's wa
  8. I think people gave too much credit for Matt Sorum's book, the guy is envious about all that and now has been badmouthing Duff and Slash, which is insane! People think he's telling the truth, but compared to all the books writen by all GNR members, Sorum's book is the wrost, he comes out as ungratefull, douchy, egomaniac that wanted power and fame, childish, immature. Yeah, he can play "better" than Steven, Frank, Brain, but he lacks charisma. He forces it too much. All macho and stuff, but sounds fake. I'm team Steven as one of the best, most gracious, talented, charismatic, gr
  9. Well! If Guns N' Roses can tour without a new album in 91, 2002, 2006, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, I don't see why they can't release an album without a tour. Also remember that they toured Chinese Democracy in 2010, 2 years after the album was released. If they released Lies without a tour, The Spaghetti Incident without a tour, Live Era without a tour, I don't get it. If they released Chinese Democracy without any promotion I don't see why not release an album with tons of promotion now. Anyway, at least the UYI 30th Anniversary boxset could be something. But no...
  10. Tell me how COVID is preventing any artist to release any music? THEY DON"T HAVE NEW MUSIC
  11. I think this cat / mouse game is getting old! They say it to keep people interested even though we know nothing is comming but a NITL compilation on YouTube and a Kid's illustration book (not that they are bad, but since nothing is done right with this band it would tarnish even further the band's reputation). Soon people will grow tired of this "we believe", "in six months", "maybe", "soon". To me it was better for them to keep it shut and quiet untill they actually release something than to keep teasing fans for years! It doesn't bother me that theu actually don't release anything
  12. Apollo Theater 2017 Winnipeg 2017 São Paulo Trip 2017
  13. Rock didn't went downhill after 91, but the generation that used to listen to it changed! If you listen to it closely Rock is just stagnant, that's what really happend, it never changed, but their audience did.
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