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  1. Black hole sun, won't you come and wash away.... Why why won't Axl just sing the song in that register cause it sounds spot on. 😤
  2. One thing I don't get with BHS is why Axl doesn't just sing it in his normal register and then just sing the black hole sun, black hole sun parts with the higher register. Instead of doing this weird mix voice
  3. And I'm a huge fan of Fortus But someone please take that Tremelo off his guitar
  4. Thing is All said he used the clean voice in 2002 as that's what he wanted Chinese to sound like vocal wise So if there not gonna release anything, then surely it would make sense to arrange a tour schedule that would help Axl push the rasp more, once or twice a week? Or they can release an album
  5. I think Axl did 3 different voices in 5 seconds on nightrain then 😂
  6. I hope Axl uses this voice I reckon he could sing like that for the next 10 years without damaging his voice
  7. The response so far from media outlets have been mostly very positive regarding the video posted👍
  8. Credit where credit due, the audio on this stream has been fantastic
  9. Surprised they picked download, I was there and Axls voice broke alot, looking forward to seeing it though and reliving a great day/ night 🍻
  10. Hopefully they'll just drop them on the times they said with no preview
  11. I just thought how cool would it be for the band to do a live stream of a few songs in there rehearsal space? They could charge £10 or so and give the funds to a medical fund, I'd certainly pay to watch! Hope all the GNR family here are doing well 🤘
  12. Metallica toured constantly then released hardwired during a tour and carried on from there, hopefully Guns will go down the same route
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