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  1. Axl has rehearsed a few times with GnR during NITL and they usually play something new when he does. Examples being Ireland 2017 Black Hole Sun. Berlin 2018 Slither
  2. They've been rehearsing for a while now 👀
  3. Axl: "Right Fernando, it's time to release the new song" Fernando: "Sure thing boss" The next day.... official GNR Bong released Axl: "FERNANDOOOOO!!! I SAID SONG NOT BONG!"
  4. There could be a snippet of a new GNR song in Slash solo they posted in the selects Slash did that a few years ago for Anastasia so .... wishful thinking 😂
  5. Does anyone think after the selects, the band may go the Metallica route and post a song or two from gigs they've played from the new tour a few days later?
  6. Isn't that the one when Axl stops the song to ask the crowd to move back?
  7. I'm weirdly optimistic that something new will happen this tour. Reason being... 1. The promo of all new show 2. Playing stadiums again in the US 3. They've started rehearsing a few months earlier 4. We know Hardschool has been rehearsed, along with songs like Pretty tied up, think about you, which haven't been played since 92 and 06 5. They've had a year + break which they probably needed (especially Axl) who knows what they've done during that time, we know that at one point Slash went to Axls house to work on stuff
  8. Has anyone else watched this? I hope there's one like this with Guns one day, a cracking watch!🤘
  9. I won't post the link for obvious reasons But is this not one of axls finest displays,the vocal delivery is spot on. I really wish I was old enough to have seen the 06 line up. There was something quite magical about Jesus Finck and Axl at that time
  10. I think his last one was in Paris 2017 going absolutely nuts at a security guy "hey fuckhead" 😂
  11. This is what I meant by his voice being fucked, he really struggled especially with the high notes
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