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  1. The response so far from media outlets have been mostly very positive regarding the video posted👍
  2. Credit where credit due, the audio on this stream has been fantastic
  3. Surprised they picked download, I was there and Axls voice broke alot, looking forward to seeing it though and reliving a great day/ night 🍻
  4. Hopefully they'll just drop them on the times they said with no preview
  5. I just thought how cool would it be for the band to do a live stream of a few songs in there rehearsal space? They could charge £10 or so and give the funds to a medical fund, I'd certainly pay to watch! Hope all the GNR family here are doing well 🤘
  6. Metallica toured constantly then released hardwired during a tour and carried on from there, hopefully Guns will go down the same route
  7. "Axl wears pet collars on his ankles from his previous pets" That's kinda cool! never knew that's what they were
  8. When Axl spoke about Kobe before Heaven's door, he said something about leaving rehearsal, so he was rehearsing before the Miami show, maybe just maybe, they are working on new songs for the upcoming tour and didn't feel ready to do it in Miami? Fingers crossed
  9. Didn't think he sounded that bad tbh, not as weak as Sweet Child can sound sometimes, this performance is 100 times better than the pro shot version we got from the Troubadour 2016
  10. To be fair to Axl, he's sounded worse at the start of tours, last night from what I've heard he sounded like he has since 2017, one minute he sounds like prime Axl (see the end of you're crazy, fucking brilliant) and then others he sounds horrific (Better) I honestly believe that stint with AC/DC has messed up his higher register, hence why his voice cracks at some point during the show Better needs to be dropped or slowed down, it's played too fast for Axl and he clearly struggles to keep up. Anyways apart from that, looked like a great show and I look forward to seeing them
  11. Looking well! Great to see!
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